HordeGaining the Upper Hand
Start Thomas Zelling
End Thomas Zelling
Level 120 (Requires 120)
Category Horde War Campaign
Experience 22,300
Reputation +150 The Honorbound
Rewards 46g 80s
Previous H [120] Relics of Ritual, H [120] Forfeit Souls, H [120] Tidesage Teachings
Next H [120] Return to the Harbor


Aid Zelling in retrieving the Abyssal Scepter from Stormsong Monastery.


We need to retrieve the Abyssal Scepter and get out of here before the Kul Tirans break our line in Plunder Harbor.

I did some research while you were gone. I believe I uncovered the location where the ritual must take place.

When you are ready to go, we can make our way over.


You will receive:


Nathanos and I believe scepter will help us gain the upper hand on the Kul Tiran fleet. If you wish to win this war, the Abyssal Scepter is key.


We've got the scepter... for better or for worse.


On accept
Thomas Zelling says: Let me know when you're ready to progress to the ritual site, <name>.

Gossip I'm ready to go.

Thomas Zelling says: The basement in question should be nearby. Let's not waste any time.
Entering the building
Thomas Zelling says: This is the place. Let's get down to the basement.
Thomas Zelling says: When you are ready to start the ritual, place the key of the sea in the bowl.
During the ritual
Thomas Zelling says: I will need you to watch my back while I perform this ritual. It should only take a few moments.
Thomas Zelling says: Tides that churn and ties that bind...
Thomas Zelling says: The oceans will remain long after mankind.
Thomas Zelling says: Yet your power permit us to harness, to use...
Thomas Zelling says: Though punish us whilst against your will we abuse.
Thomas Zelling says: Grant me your might to put down our foes...
Thomas Zelling says: Then your boon I shall restore to the powers below!
Thomas Zelling says: It is done. Grab the scepter and let's get out of here!


  1. H [120] Operation: Hook and Line
  2. H [120] When a Plan Comes Together
  3. H [120] Old Colleagues & H [120] The Bulk of the Guard
  4. H [120] A Well Placed Portal
  5. H [120] Relics of Ritual, H [120] Forfeit Souls, H [120] Tidesage Teachings
  6. H [120] Gaining the Upper Hand
  7. H [120] Return to the Harbor
  8. H [120] Life Held Hostage
  9. H [120] The Aid of the Tides
  10. H [50] Champion: Lilian Voss & H [120] A Cycle of Hatred

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