Gal'darah Must Pay (Tol'mar)

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NeutralGal'darah Must Pay
Start Tol'mar
End Tol'mar
Level 20-30 (Requires 20)
Type Dungeon
Category Gundrak
Experience 27000
Rewards Choose one of:
 [Sly Mojo Sash]
 [Strange Voodoo Belt]
 [Ranger's Belt of the Fallen Empire]
 [Clasp of the Fallen Demi-God]
6g 80s


Tol'mar wants you to slay Slad'ran, Moorabi, and Gal'darah in Gundrak.


It musta been da most awful thing I ever seen. Da great Akali - slain right before my eyes. Horrible...

My job be to observe only. But dis cannot stand! Gal'darah and his followers must pay!

Avenge Akali's death, mon. It be da right thing ta do.


Has Akali's death been avenged, <race>?


Ya done it?! Dey be no more?

Here ya go, mon. Take dis gift for bringin' justice to da frozen wastes.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv belt 11.png [Sly Mojo Sash] Inv belt 17.png [Strange Voodoo Belt]
Inv belt 30.png [Ranger's Belt of the Fallen Empire] Inv belt 35.png [Clasp of the Fallen Demi-God]

You will also receive: 6g 80s


Chronicler Bah'Kini in the Cave of Mam'toth also offers a version of this quest.

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