Galakrond's Rest.

Galakrond's Rest is a massive boneyard, located in the Dragonblight, where flesh giants are trying to raise Galakrond into a frost wyrm.


Being the place where Galakrond last dropped from the sky, it is near here where the Great Aspects were born.[1]

In 823 BDP, the Guardian Aegwynn and several dragonflights fought against the demons of the Burning Legion and the Avatar of Sargeras near here.[2]


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By the time the Alliance and Horde arrived in Northrend to strike at the Lich King, a taunka woman named Buniq, seeking a relic, arrived here. She tried to climb a giant skeleton but was killed by a magnataur who impaled her on a giant arrow. Seeking her love, Akiak, with the help of Trag Highmountain, came here and found her body as well as the skeleton of Galakrond. A nearby bone fragment from the proto-dragon's skull drew Trag's attention and felt its power.[3]

Wrath of the Lich King

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The Scourge later came to this massive boneyard and tried to raise Galakrond into undeath. However, the Scourge were eventually driven away before they could dig too deep.[4]

Hour of Twilight

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Seemingly abandoned by the undead since the Wyrmrest Accord's efforts to halt the operation, the graveyard served as a rendezvous point with red drakes from Wyrmrest during the final events of the war against Deathwing. Twilight agents appeared, trying to stop Thrall and his companions from reaching the temple. The ambushers are led by Asira Dawnslayer.

Dawn of the Aspects

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After a rather pointless meeting between the former Dragon Aspects, Kalecgos found himself drawn to Galakrond's Rest. He found an artifact of an octagon shape, which was made of a metal he didn't recognize and surrounded by a lavender aura. Afraid that Galakrond would suddenly spring to life, Kalecgos returned to the Nexus with the artifact.

Later, he would return to get rid of the item, as it had tormented him with visions of prehistoric Azeroth and Galakrond. Kalecgos met Buniq, who said that some things should not remain buried. As she left, Kalecgos found a severed hand in the snow beneath Galakrond. It was grey and too large to be a human's, covered in the remains of a glove. An object which looked to be glass was held in the palm of the hand, and it fit into the artifact Kalecgos had found earlier perfectly.

Eventually, Jaina Proudmoore was drawn into this location, after she thought she sensed Kalec calling her. At the bones, she found traces of the artifact's aura and the place where Kalec had dug the artifact. Soon, Buniq appeared and told Jaina about Kalec and a mysterious person arriving at the location. With newfound knowledge, Buniq departed, soon followed by Jaina returning to Dalaran.

Once Kalec finished reliving the history of proto-dragons and Galakrond, the blue dragon met with the Aspects one more time at Wyrmrest, after which he flew away and believed that he saw Tyr standing at Galakrond's Rest.[5]


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During the third invasion of the Burning Legion, Galford made a camp just above the resting place, seeking clues for help.[6]


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