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Galson's Lode

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AllianceGalson's Lode
Galson's Lode.jpg
Type Mine
Leader(s) IconSmall Human Female.gif Foreman Tully
  Formerly IconSmall Kobold.gif Overseer Krix
Race(s) HumanHuman Human
  Formerly Kobold Kobold
Affiliation(s) Stromgarde, Alliance (lore)
  Formerly Drywhisker kobolds
Location Western Arathi Highlands
Status Active

Galson's Lode is a mine located not far from Stromgarde Keep and right next to to the Circle of Inner Binding, in midwestern Arathi Highlands. This mine is the primary source of iron for Stromgarde.[1] It is also a contested foothold in the Battle for Stromgarde.

As the canonical ending to the Warfront was the Alliance victory,[2] Galson's Lode should still be under Alliance control.


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