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In Azeroth, players will encounter many different factions throughout the world. By completing certain quests or killing certain creatures, players are able to gain favor with some of these factions. Gaining reputation with certain factions allows players to purchase items or undertake quests that are unavailable to other players.

Argent Dawn

2004 Game Guide's Banner for the Argent Dawn Reputation

Some say that it is always darkest just before the dawn. Whenever darkness falls, the light of hope will drive away the shadows; wherever the forces of evil work in secret, the brave men and women of the Argent Dawn will be there to thwart their dark designs. The Argent Dawn is an organization that makes no distinction between Alliance or Horde, but instead tries to unite the people of Azeroth in the fight against evil. Though the agents of the Argent Dawn are always wary of the sinister and the wicked in all their various disguises, they have recently focused their efforts on a region of Azeroth where evil has run unchecked for a long time: the Plaguelands of Lordaeron. Detachments of the Argent Dawn are guarding the entrances to the Plaguelands at the Bulwark between the Tirisfal Glades and the western Plaguelands, and at Chillwind Point, a narrow pass leading south from the Western Plaguelands to the Alterac Mountains. They have also gained a foothold deep in the eastern Plaguelands at the Light's Hope Chapel, east of Corin's Crossing.

The Argent Dawn is always looking for more fighters to join their cause, and the numbers of those wearing the Argent Dawn Commission, the organization's insignia, are growing each day. Adventurers seeking to aid the Argent Dawn by rooting out the Scourge's corruption in the Plaguelands and taking on the Lich King's powerful servants in the Scholomance and Stratholme will be well rewarded; the organization has many powerful enchanters among their ranks who craft special enhancements that provide the wearer with added protection against all forms of magic attacks. The Argent Dawn also offers those who have proven their dedication to their cause insight into their craftsmen's designs, enabling these adventurers to craft the armors the Argent Dawn created in their ongoing campaign against evil.

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Brood of Nozdormu

2004 Game Guide's Banner for the Brood of Nozdormu Reputation

In the lives of most mortals, time is nothing more than a simple hourglass, its sands quietly trickling away. Only few ever realize that in truth, time rages like a storm, untamed and chaotic. When the Titans first descended on Azeroth, vanquishing the Old Gods and bringing order to the world, the Highfather of the Pantheon himself empowered the great dragon Nozdormu with some of his own cosmic powers, enabling the dragon to guard time itself and police the ever-spinning pathways of fate and destiny. And so, the stoic, honorable Nozdormu became known as the Timeless One. Ever since then, Nozdormu's Brood has guarded the timestream from all who would seek to disrupt its flow, guided by the Timeless One's wise, all-knowing counsel.

Now, the bronze dragon Anachronos has returned outside the Caverns of Time in the Tanaris desert, the Bronze Dragonflight's home and province. Events have been set in motion that will shape the future of all of Azeroth, as the attention of the Brood of Nozdormu is focused on Ahn'Qiraj, the fortress city of the Qiraji. It is there that those who are brave enough to heed the dragon's call should travel. A terrible darkness is building up beyond the Scarab Wall, enough to give pause even to the Timeless One himself. The dragons are rallying their champions to descend into the nightmarish hives beneath Ahn'Qiraj and to finish what they have begun.

The fated hour draws near...

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Cenarion Circle

2004 Game Guide's Banner for the Cenarion Circle Reputation

War is brewing in the distant lands of Silithus. All over the world, men and women are gearing up for one final push into the heart of the Qiraji empire to end the threat which has been lying in wait, barely contained behind the barrier erected by the Night Elven druids and the mighty dragon Anachronos during the climactic battle at the end of the War of the Shifting Sands. Ever since that fateful day, the members of the Cenarion Circle have kept a close watch on the wastes from their base at Cenarion Hold at the center of northern Silithus. There, the Night Elven and Tauren disciples of the magnificent demigod Cenarius have been waiting for the time when a hero would step forward to unleash the might of all the mortal races against the sinister Qiraji and their innumerable legions of Silithid minions. But the druids have not been idle during their long watch; they have crafted formidable weapons, armors and enchanted ornaments to assist all those who will brave the terrors of Ahn'Qiraj. Adventurers who have proven their worth in battle against the Qiraji forces beyond the Scarab Wall will be granted access to the ancient order's arsenal.

At last, the long watch has ended - the hero has risen, to mend that which was broken, to unite those who were divided. But the true test is yet to come. When the gates of Ahn'Qiraj open, will the mortal races stand united once again and face the onrushing terror� or will they fade silently into the darkness that has risen once again in the distant lands of Silithus?

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Darkmoon Faire

2004 Game Guide's Banner for the Darkmoon Faire Reputation

A gathering of the exotic from around the world and beyond, Silas Darkmoon has brought together the Darkmoon Faire as a celebration of the wondrous and mysterious found in Azeroth. While the Faire spends most of its time in parts unknown, they do stop by some major cities each month. The Faire rotates between Terokkar Forest, Elwynn Forest, and Mulgore, in that order. You can consult the Events Calendar for the current schedule

When the Faire is on its way, barkers will stop by Shattrath City, Orgrimmar, or Ironforge to announce its arrival. The Faire's workers begin setting up at midnight, three days prior to when the Darkmoon Faire opens. Upon commencing, the faire will begin early in the morning and last for seven days.

2004 Game Guide's Silas Image in the Darkmoon Reputation Article

Step right up! Step right up! Greetings my friend. I'm Silas Darkmoon and I want to welcome you to the greatest show on Azeroth!
It's the Darkmoon Faire friend, and it's your lucky day! Sparing no expense, we've gathered wonders and treats from around the world for your delight. Whether you're young or old, rich or poor, the Darkmoon Faire has it all!
Amaze at the wonders that the Darkmoon Faire has uncovered in this vast and mysterious world! We have spared no expense in bringing you excitement that children of all ages will delight in!
We have it all... delicious food, strong drink, exotic artifacts, fortunes read, amazing prizes and excitement without end!
And, don't forget to turn in your Darkmoon Faire Prize Tickets! All it takes is five or more and you're on your way to the most wondrous prizes on all of Azeroth. Everybody is a winner!

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Thorium Brotherhood

2004 Game Guide's Banner for the Throium Brotherhood Reputation

The Searing Gorge is home to a group of exceptionally stout dwarves who have split from the Dark Iron clan. On the cliffs overlooking the region called the Cauldron, in the far north of the Searing Gorge, the dwarves of the Thorium Brotherhood have established a base of operations, Thorium Point. From here, they keep a close eye on the Dark Iron dwarves' activities in the Searing Gorge and beyond. Adventurers seeking out Thorium Point will find that the dwarves of the Thorium Brotherhood hold great rewards for those who aid them in their neverending struggle against their former brethren.

The Thorium Brotherhood comprises many exceptionally talented craftsmen, and the blacksmiths of the Brotherhood are rumored to be among the finest Azeroth has ever seen. They possess the knowledge required to make the arms and armaments of Ragnaros, the Fire Lord, but lack the manpower to obtain the materials required for the crafting. It is rumored that one member of the Thorium Brotherhood has been empowered to trade the dwarves' fabled recipes and plans with those who can prove their loyalty to the Brotherhood. Of course, proving one's loyalty at some point may include venturing to the heart of the Molten Core, the domain of Ragnaros, the Fire Lord himself, to supply the dwarves with the rare raw materials found there. A daunting task, no doubt, but gaining access to the Thorium Brotherhood's secrets should prove to be a reward well worth the effort.

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Timbermaw Hold

2004 Game Guide's Banner for the Timbermaw Hold Reputation

When the corruption of the Burning Legion crept into the sacred forests of Kalimdor, it was the creatures of the wild who first felt its monstrous power. Once gentle animals were transformed into abominable, rabid killers; their flesh rent and their spirits desecrated, they quickly succumbed to the demons' influence. Soon after, the furbolgs, the ursine children of the forest, suffered the same fate, as their entire species was driven mad by the surrounding corruption. However, amidst the chaos and the madness, one furbolg tribe escaped the darkness that had fallen on Kalimdor. In the safety of Timbermaw Hold, the furbolgs of the Timbermaw tribe weathered the storm, yet they were forced to watch helplessly as the forest they had loved so much was slowly turned into a twisted, festering perversion of its former self. When the spirits of the forest spoke to them no more, the Timbermaw knew that their home was gone... possibly, forever. The corruption had sunk in deep, so that even long after Illidan the Betrayer had consumed the source of the corruption, a powerful warlock artifact called the Skull of Gul'dan, and vanquished the demons' leader Tichondrius, the taint on the woods still remained.

With the Burning Legion defeated, the Timbermaw furbolgs have recently taken their first, careful steps outside of the safety of Timbermaw Hold. They are wary of all strangers, fearing that they may mistake them for their corrupted brethren and attack. However, the Timbermaw are painfully aware that they will not last on their own; adventurers who seek out Timbermaw Hold in northern Felwood and prove themselves as friends of the Timbermaw will learn that the furbolgs value their friends above all else. Though they possess no fine jewels or any worldly riches, the Timbermaw's shamanistic tradition is still strong. They know much about the art of crafting armors from animal hides, and they are more than happy to share their healing talismans with friends of their tribe. The Timbermaw's main concerns are putting an end to their corrupted brethren's suffering and finding a cure to heal the wounds the corruption of Felwood has inflicted upon the land, so that one day, the ancient forests will once again resound with the peaceful chants and the soft laughter of the children of the forest.

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Zandalar Tribe

2004 Game Guide's Banner for the Zandalar Tribe Reputation

The Zandalarians were the earliest known trolls, the first tribe from which all tribes originated.

Over time two distinct troll empires emerged- the Amani and the Gurubashi. They existed for thousands of years until the coming of the Night Elves, who warred with them and eventually drove both empires into exile.

Following the Sundering, the defeated Gurubashi grew ever more desperate to eke out a living. Searching for a means to survive, they enlisted the aid of the savage Blood God Hakkar, also known as the Soulflayer. Hakkar grew into a merciless oppressor who demanded daily sacrifices from his devotees, and so in time the Gurubashi turned on their dark master. The strongest tribes (including the Zandalar) banded together to defeat Hakkar and his loyal troll priests, the Atal'ai. The united tribes narrowly defeated the Blood God and cast out the Atal'ai... despite their victory, however, the Gurubashi Empire soon fell.

In recent years the exiled Atal'ai priests have discovered that Hakkar's physical form can only be summoned within the ancient and once-deserted capital of the Gurubashi Empire, Zul'Gurub. Unfortunately, the priests have met with success in their quest to call forth Hakkar— reports confirm the presence of the dreaded Soulflayer in the heart of the ruins.

And so the Zandalar tribe has arrived on the shores of Azeroth to battle Hakkar once again. But the Blood God has grown increasingly powerful, bending several tribes to his will and even commanding the avatars of the Primal Gods— Bat, Panther, Tiger, Spider and Snake. With the tribes splintered, the Zandalarians have been forced to recruit champions from Azeroth's varied and disparate races to battle, and hopefully once again defeat, the Soulflayer.

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Other Factions

  • Steamwheedle Cartel
  • Bloodsail Buccaneers
  • Hydraxian Waterlords
  • Wintersaber Trainers


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