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World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King features more new dungeons for you and your friends to explore. Most of these dungeons have several different wings, so you can choose your own pace - either try to do them all in one session, or take your time and explore them one by one. And if you want to step up the challenge, you can also pick two different dungeon difficulty level settings. Raid dungeons now also feature either 10 player or 25 player options. Adventure at your own pace!

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Utgarde Keep

2004 Game Guide: Image for the Utgarde Keep Dungeons

Utgarde Keep was long thought to be abandoned, a relic of a lost civilization among the central cliffs of the Howling Fjord. Yet in recent days something has roused the fortress' slumbering residents, the vrykul. Feared to be allied with the Scourge, the savage race now terrorizes nearby settlements. With ferocious proto-dragons at their command and unparalleled prowess in battle, the vrykul pose a direct threat to Horde and Alliance campaigns in Northrend. Perhaps the only way to break the will of Utgarde's denizens is to defeat their revered leaders. Heroes have been dispatched to accomplish this harrowing task, but it remains to be seen whether they will return victorious or become mere war trophies to line the ancient halls of the vrykul fortress.

Utgarde Keep

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Among the cliffs of the Daggercap Bay in the Howling Fjord stands Utgarde Keep, an impervious fortress occupied by the savage and enigmatic vrykul. Long thought to be abandoned, Utgarde has only recently returned to occupation after millennia of disuse. Now the half-giant vrykul pour endlessly from within the keep's battle-scarred walls to assault the nearby settlements.

Fanatically loyal to the still-slumbering King Ymiron, the vrykul seem to live for the thrill of battle. Inside Utgarde, the vicious Dragonflayer clan builds massive weapons of war in ever-burning forges. Although rumors persist that the followers of Ymiron may have allied with the Scourge, the denizens of the Howling Fjord have all seen the Dragonflayers' most common allies: proto-dragons. These bestial creatures seem to have little in common with their better-known brethren in the five dragonflights. Nevertheless, the vrykul have trained the fearsome proto-dragons to serve as mounts. Under the command of Ingvar the Plunderer, the dragon riders revel in slaughtering their enemies from above without warning.

With mysterious, foul magic and proto-dragons at their command, the vrykul of Utgarde Keep pose an imminent threat to both the Alliance and the Horde. Only the bravest would dare to strike against Ymiron's faithful and delve into the heart of the vrykul's primeval home.

Utgarde Keep Bio

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2004 Game Guide: Image for the Azjol-Nerub Dungeons

Azjol-Nerub was an empire of great strength when the Lich King arrived in Northrend. Despite ferocious resistance, however, Scourge forces managed to overtake the subterranean kingdom and slaughter its inhabitants, the nerubians. Scarred by years of war and abandonment, this vast domain is now occupied on two fronts. In the Upper Kingdom, undead nerubians patrol the ruins of their homeland, guarding clutches of eggs that will one day bring forth a new generation of Scourge warriors. Meanwhile, in the depths of the Old Kingdom, Ahn'kahet, another enemy stirs: the faceless ones. Little is known of these horrifying creatures, but rumor has it that they answer to an evil power lurking beneath Northrend. Destroying the undead nerubians and their tainted eggs will deal a great blow to the Lich King, but eliminating the mysterious faceless ones is also crucial to reclaiming the fallen empire.


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The surface of Northrend is not the only battleground in the war against the Lich King. Another front lies deep within the subterranean empire of Azjol-Nerub, a vast network of passageways and caverns stretching beneath the icy landmass. The kingdom's highly intelligent founders, the nerubians, established their underground lair in the north of ancient Kalimdor before the Sundering splintered the massive continent. In the ages that followed, the spider-like nerubians kept to themselves in the darkness of their homeland, largely uninterested in the affairs of surface dwellers. By the time the Lich King arrived in Northrend, Azjol-Nerub had developed into a vast empire of great strength.

Determined to bend the inhabitants of Northrend to his will, the Lich King rained destruction upon the continent, dispatching his undead army, the Scourge, to crush any who stood against him. The nerubians fought back, igniting a savage conflict known as the War of the Spider. Azjol-Nerub's last known king, Anub'arak, led the resistance against the Lich King's forces. The brutality and fearlessness of the spiderlord and his warriors made it difficult for the Scourge to overtake Azjol-Nerub, but eventually the endless numbers of undead prevailed.

Small groups of survivors managed to escape, fleeing deep underground, but most nerubians were not as fortunate. Those slain while defending Azjol-Nerub were raised into undeath and forced to serve the Lich King. Even Anub'arak could not escape this grim fate, and so he went on to claim the nerubian stronghold of Naxxramas for his new master.

Years of war and abandonment have left the kingdom broken and scarred. The ruins of Azjol-Nerub cast dark shadows that conceal deep cracks and fissures, making it perilous for explorers to traverse the landscape. Undead nerubians patrol the area, guarding clutches of eggs that will one day bring forth a new generation of Scourge warriors to bolster the ranks of the Lich King's armies.

Defeating Anub'arak and his followers will deal a great blow to the Scourge. The destruction of the tainted eggs scattered throughout the kingdom is also crucial, as only then will the Scourge's evil presence truly be purged from Azjol-Nerub. Once that happens, the remnants of the nerubian race can set about restoring their empire and exacting revenge on the one responsible for this dark chapter in their history.

  • 5 Player limit
    • Azjol-Nerub (72-74)
    • Ahn'kahet: The Old Kingdom (73-75)

The Nexus

2004 Game Guide: Image for the The Nexus Dungeons

In order to reestablish his dominance over magic, the blue Dragon Aspect, Malygos, has launched a ruthless campaign to sever the link between mortals and the arcane energies coursing through Azeroth. To this end, his blue dragonflight is redirecting the ley lines of the world to the Nexus, Malygos' towering lair. In response to the blue dragons' offensive, the Kirin Tor, the elite magi of Dalaran, have allied themselves with the red dragonflight, who are charged with the preservation of life. Their combined forces are subverting the blue Aspect's offensive, but time is running out. The only question that remains now is... can Malygos be stopped before his crusade reaches its cataclysmic finale?

The Nexus

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The blue Dragon Aspect, Malygos, was charged ages ago by the titans as the guardian of magic. More than ten millennia ago, he watched in horror as Deathwing all but wiped out the blue flight. Maddened by grief, Malygos withdrew to his lair and paid little heed to the rest of the world. Only in recent times did Malygos fully return to his senses. Upon reviving, he quickly assessed the state of magical affairs in Azeroth and reached the grim conclusion that magic was running amok throughout the world. He blamed this dangerous development on the mortal races and their reckless pursuit of magical power.

Determined to forestall a catastrophe, Malygos decreed that the world's unbridled magic must be reined in by any means necessary. And so the great Aspect turned to the Arcanomicon, a map of the world's ley lines, and used it to locate and tap into these sources of raw power, diverting the magical powers that course beneath the earth to his home base in Northrend, the Nexus. Once harnessed, the energies are focused through the Nexus' ascending rings and blasted into the Twisting Nether. Malygos's redirection of the ley lines has carried disastrous consequences, however, splintering the world's crust and opening unstable rifts: tears in the very fabric of the magical dimension.

Malygos' siphoning of the world's magic has not gone unnoticed by the mortal races. The weakening members of the Kirin Tor, the elite magi of Dalaran, have sworn to fight Malygos to the bitter end. In fact, the magi have used their waning powers to transfer the entire city of Dalaran to float above Northrend. From this vantage point, the magi prepare for the next step in their battle against the Lich King, and for the inevitable confrontation with Malygos.

The blue dragonflight's increasingly militaristic methods have been condemned by the red dragonflight. Charged with the preservation of life, the red dragonflight has vowed to neutralize Malygos at all costs. To this end, they have formed a council with the Kirin Tor, and the two groups have begun actively subverting Malygos's devastating campaign.

The sides have been chosen; the battle lines have been drawn. The only question that remains now is...

Who will win?

The Nexus Bio

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Drak'Tharon Keep

2004 Game Guide: Image for the Drak'Tharon Keep Dungeon

Drak'Tharon Keep once served the Drakkari trolls as a formidable outpost at the edge of their kingdom, Zul'Drak, but a recent Scourge invasion has delivered the fortress into the Lich King's hands. The keep's fallen defenders are now the Lich King's undead minions, and they are advancing into the heart of Drakkari territory. Even the most formidable ice troll warriors have failed to retake the conquered fortress. Neutralizing Drak'Tharon as a threat to Zul'Drak's future will be a task requiring immense bravery, and unless it is done soon, the entire empire, along with the power of its wild gods, may fall to the Scourge.

Drak'Tharon Keep

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North of the Grizzly Hills' verdant forests stands Drak'Tharon Keep, an ancient stronghold of the Drakkari empire. The fortress once served the ice trolls as an impenetrable outpost at the edge of their kingdom, Zul'Drak, but a recent assault has delivered the keep into the hands of a new master: the Lich King.

In a quest to seize the power of the trolls' wild gods, Scourge forces are advancing into the heart of Drakkari territory. Overrun and converted into an undead garrison, Drak'Tharon is the most troubling defeat yet suffered by the ice trolls. The Drakkari corpses that litter the keep serve as a chilling omen of the fate that may await the entire empire. Many of the fortress' slain defenders are now minions of the Lich King, patrolling the stronghold's outer perimeter and ambushing any living kinsmen who stray too close.

Bands of ice trolls enraged by Drak'Tharon's fall have attempted to retake the fortress, but thus far their bold attacks have failed. Few would-be liberators ever manage to breach the keep's outer defenses, and those that do must confront a perilous array of enemies. Ghouls feast on the slain; abominations prepare for their next offensive on Zul'Drak; and undead Drakkari defend the keep, no longer for the glory of their empire, but for a much darker end. Deafening roars echo from the outer courtyards of the stronghold, the cries of an immense beast--or so the rumors say.

Yet these terrors pale in comparison to the prophet Tharon'ja, who is known for ripping the flesh from the bones of some of the most formidable ice troll warriors. From the upper tiers of the fortress, Tharon'ja watches as waves of undead trolls pour from the keep's corridors to bolster the Scourge ranks in their assault on Zul'Drak. Cleansing Drak'Tharon of its evil will require immense courage, and unless it is done swiftly, the whole Drakkari empire, along with the ancient deities within, will fall to the Scourge.

  • 5 Player limit

Caverns of Time

2004 Game Guide: Image for the Caverns of Time Dungeons

Prior to his unthinkable merger with the Lich King, Arthas waged war against the Scourge, bent on eradicating the plague of undeath that had spread throughout Lordaeron. After Arthas watched villages succumb to darkness and saw his fallen subjects transformed into hideous undead creatures, fear and hate engulfed his mind. Upon discovering signs of the plague within Stratholme, he knew it was only a matter of time before the residents of the city were reborn as Scourge agents. For Arthas, there was only one course of action: purge the city. Yet within the Caverns of Time, deceptive magic permeates Stratholme. The infinite dragons and their agents have targeted Arthas and his quest to cull the city, seeking to alter history. Fearing the temporal disruption might jeopardize Azeroth's very existence, the bronze dragonflight has called upon mortals to assist Arthas and ensure that the purge is carried out successfully. Regardless of how vile the event might seem, the keepers of time maintain that what was, must always be.

Caverns of Time

2004 Game Guide's Banner for the Caverns of Time Dungeons

Within the labyrinthine corridors of the Caverns of Time, mortal perceptions of good and evil have little influence. Whatever the consequences of Azeroth's past events, Nozdormu and his bronze dragonflight maintain that what was, must always be.

However, the infinite dragons do not share the same principles of balance and preservation. Hoping to sabotage the past, present, and future, these reckless dragons and their agents have launched assaults on Azeroth's timeways. One of their most insidious attacks targets Arthas and a grisly act that led the former prince of Lordaeron on his path to betray humanity.

Prior to merging with the Lich King, the prince waged war against the Scourge, intent on eradicating the plague of undeath that was ravaging Lordaeron. Desperately fighting the plague's spread, Arthas watched villages succumb to darkness and saw his fallen subjects transformed into hideous undead creatures.

Fear and anger engulfed the prince's mind. Upon discovering signs of the plague within Stratholme, Arthas knew it was only a matter of time before the residents of the city were reborn as Scourge agents. He decided that there was only one course of action: purge the city. Many allies turned their backs on the prince, distancing themselves from the drastic undertaking, but others remained loyal to Arthas and aided him as he unleashed his hatred of the Scourge upon the people of Stratholme.

Yet within the Caverns of Time, deceptive magic now permeates the city, subtly disguising evidence of the plague that once influenced Arthas' fateful decision. Even the powerful dreadlord Mal'Ganis, lurking within the walls of Stratholme, might be unaware of the infinite dragons' cunning efforts to avert the prince's attention.

The bronze dragonflight now asks any mortals who fathom the disastrous impact of the temporal disruption to assist Arthas and ensure that the culling is carried out with success. If the infinite dragons' initial efforts to deceive the prince are thwarted, the keepers of time fear that more overt, violent measures might be taken.

Hidden amidst the undead minions ravaging the city, powerful warriors of the infinite dragons await Arthas, bent on ending the prince's maddened quest. They will stop at nothing to alter the course of history, even if it means striking Arthas down.

If the sinister infinite dragons complete their mission, and the prince of Lordaeron strays from his terrible destiny, then the timeways -- the very fabric of the universe -- may unravel at the seams.


2004 Game Guide: Image for the Gun'Drak Dungeon

Desperate to save their kingdom from collapse, the trolls of Zul'Drak have turned on their ancient gods. The wild deities are now considered a source of untapped power, their potent blood providing the means to repel the Lich King's minions, who have overtaken parts of the troll nation. Heroes have recently journeyed to the beleaguered region to strike at the savage Drakkari and their maddened prophets.

Even so, the greatest threat to the region is rumored to lie undisturbed within the capital of the ice trolls' empire, Gundrak. In the depths of the city, the most sacred shrines are said to be steeped in the mojo of slain gods. Surrounded by this dark energy, twisted Drakkari high prophets grow in power, infusing their followers with incredible strength. If left undisturbed, the trolls of Gundrak may soon unleash their burgeoning might, plunging the entire region into chaos.


2004 Game Guide's Banner for the Gun'Drak Dungeon

Desperate to save their kingdom from collapse, the trolls of Zul'Drak have begun sacrificing their ancient gods. Once revered, the deities are now considered a source of untapped power, their potent blood providing the means to repel the Lich King's minions, who have overtaken parts of the troll nation. The gods' weakened state, brought about by the corrupting presence of Scourge forces in the region, has allowed the Drakkari to imprison their deities within the sacred altars of Zul'Drak. In these cold stone cells, the gods languish in chains, helplessly awaiting their fate at the hands of maddened Drakkari prophets.

Argent Crusade outposts in the west of the empire have become wary of the Drakkari's growing hostility and recklessness. Although the Argent Crusaders are locked in a ferocious struggle to drive the Scourge from Zul'Drak, the savage ice trolls view any intruders on their land as a threat, regardless of their intentions. Thus, it may be only a matter of time before Drakkari warriors, empowered with the mojo of their fallen deities, overrun the Argent Crusade's encampments.

Concerned with the events unfolding in Zul'Drak, representatives of the Zandalar tribe have ventured to the kingdom. Their goal is to observe and chronicle what they believe to be the fall of an empire. These wise trolls hope to use what they learn to educate future generations so that they will not repeat the Drakkari's mistakes. While the Zandalari themselves have avoided direct intervention in the region, they have offered guidance to recently arrived heroes. The trolls seek to aid anyone brave enough to strike at the tormentors of Zul'Drak's wild gods, a mission that would also eliminate the danger the Drakkari pose to the beleaguered ranks of the Argent Crusade.

Despite the efforts of valiant adventurers, thus far the greatest risk to the region lies undisturbed within Gun'Drak, the capital of the ice trolls' empire. Outsiders know little about the ancient Drakkari city, but it is reputedly filled with the spoils of the kingdom's long and violent history. As the gods are slain on the grounds of Zul'Drak, their mojo is said to flow into the halls of the citadel, infusing Gun'Drak's residents with unbridled strength.

In the depths of the capital, among the most sacred shrines, twisted high prophets relentlessly siphon the energy of their fallen deities. Their insatiable lust for power threatens more than just the future of the Drakkari kingdom. If the rituals taking place inside Gun'Drak are left unchallenged, the burgeoning might of the trolls will soon flood across the entire region, and any chance of victory for the heroes battling the Scourge will be swept away in a torrent of chaos.

  • 5 Player limit

Violet Hold

2004 Game Guide: Image for the Violet Hold Dungeon

Among the ornate spires and enchanted streets of Dalaran, a dark presence stirs within the mighty walls of the Violet Hold. Long used to restrain threats to the city, the tower holds row upon row of deadly inmates, and it has been diligently watched over by the Kirin Tor. However, a sudden assault has tested the integrity of the hold, putting at risk the safety of everyone outside the prison's walls. Using the dungeon as a means to breach the city, Malygos and his blue dragonflight have begun to chip away at the Violet Hold's defenses, hungry to reclaim arcane dominance over Azeroth. Only the brave souls of those protecting the prison stand between the continued existence of Dalaran and the city's utter annihilation.

Violet Hold

2004 Game Guide's Banner for the Violet Hold Dungeon

Among the ornate spires and enchanted streets of Dalaran, the great Violet Hold stands as a testament to the glory of the city's rulers, the Kirin Tor.

Yet within its mighty walls, a dark truth awaits.

Filled with row upon row of deadly inmates, the hold has long been used to restrain threats to Dalaran. This prison has been diligently watched over by the Kirin Tor, and even the blood elf Prince Kael'thas Sunstrider found himself confined there after forging a desperate alliance with the naga. Although he managed to escape captivity with the help of Lady Vashj, the prison has otherwise enjoyed stability for many years . . . until now.

In a sudden, violent assault, Malygos has unleashed his blue dragonflight upon Dalaran, hungry to reclaim arcane dominance over Azeroth. Utilizing a massive crack in the Violet Hold's roof, agents of the Dragon Aspect have begun pouring through portals within the prison, testing its integrity and risking the safety of everyone outside its walls.

Overwhelmed by the audacious attack, the Kirin Tor has called upon heroes of the Horde and Alliance for assistance, seeking to put a swift end to the invasion. As brave adventurers rush to aid Dalaran, rumors circulate about the escalating ferocity of the battle.

Violet Hold defenders seeking a brief respite from the ongoing offensive warn that the dungeon's vile inmates have begun escaping from their cells due to Malygos' reckless actions. And that, the guards caution, is only the beginning.

So critical is his quest to destroy Dalaran, Malygos has sent Cyanigosa, one of his most powerful lieutenants, to ensure victory and guarantee that the city is destroyed, along with any who dare defend it.

As the onslaught continues to chip away at the Violet Hold's defenses, only the brave souls protecting the prison stand between the continued existence of Dalaran and the city's utter annihilation.

  • 5 Player limit


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2004 Game Guide: Image for the Ulduar Dungeons

Upon departing Azeroth, the titans entrusted loyal protectors with safeguarding Ulduar, an enigmatic city nestled in the mountains of the Storm Peaks. Designated supreme among his brethren was the guardian known as Loken, but with the power of the titan complex in his hands, he turned to darkness and plunged the region into chaos. The reasons for Loken's treachery and the fate of the other guardians remain a mystery, but there have been whispers of a great evil at work behind the fall of the titan city. For any heroes brave enough to seek out the truth, it lies within the corridors of the ancient compound. Thus far, however, few have braved the perils of Ulduar and returned to tell of their discoveries.

Halls of Stone

For ages, the mortal races of Azeroth have sought to uncover the origins of their existence. Tirelessly scouring the far reaches of the world, many have spent their entire lives chasing the ghosts of the past.

Nestled among the frigid cliffs of the Storm Peaks, a recently discovered titan city known as Ulduar might finally expose the secrets of Azeroth's puzzling history.

Legendary explorer Brann Bronzebeard spent countless hours piecing together clues about the mysterious city while combing through artifacts scattered across the region. He deduced that a titan library might lie within one wing of the complex: the Halls of Stone. If so, the archive could prove to be his greatest discovery to date.

However, in his attempts to access the library, Brann encountered foul creatures roaming the Halls of Stone. Infused with evil and shaped from iron, crazed dwarves had seized control of the city and spread throughout the Storm Peaks. To Brann's disgust, they had even turned their weapons on Ulduar, tunneling through its walls and carving out monstrous crystal giants from the very heart of the mountains surrounding the city.

The source of these destructive iron dwarves is said to be the Forge of Wills, an incredible titan device capable of creating life itself. Rumored to have fallen into the hands of the maddened vrykul Sjonnir the Ironshaper, the forge has unleashed unthinkable evil upon Ulduar and the Storm Peaks.

If wrested from its vile operator, the titan machine could be used to purge the dark presence that has taken hold of the city, but a powerful evil watches over the Halls of Stone, ensuring that Sjonnir and the forge continue their work undisturbed.

The forge is heavily guarded by impenetrable constructs and savage monsters awakened by the iron dwarves' ceaseless tunneling, and so securing control of it will be a formidable task. Yet if the chaotic iron legions overrunning the city are not stopped soon, priceless information within the Halls of Stone may be destroyed and lost... forever.

Halls of Lightning

Upon departing Azeroth, the titans entrusted loyal protectors to safeguard the city of Ulduar. From atop the snowy mountains of the Storm Peaks, these guardians watched over the enigmatic halls of the complex as history unfolded outside its walls. Designated supreme among these guardians was Keeper Loken, but with the power of the titan city in his hands, he turned to darkness.

Repudiating his oaths and unraveling the delicate plans of his masters, the treacherous protector turned ally against ally, breaking pacts long held by the ancient races of the Storm Peaks. His deceitful schemes swept through Ulduar and afflicted the city's other protectors. Amassing a powerful force of iron dwarves, the fallen watcher ravaged the surrounding area, striking down any who opposed his dark will.

From his throne within the Halls of Lightning, Loken continues his unabated assault, brooding over a celestial image of the world.

Ulduar's loyal builders, the earthen, are struggling against the corrupted watcher, and they warn that Loken has acquired the allegiance of ferocious allies to bolster the ranks of his iron minions. While vrykul bristling with runic energy prowl the corridors of the Halls of Lightning, fierce elementals swarm around blistering forges, tirelessly churning out new followers.

Only putting an end to Loken's reign will ensure the safety of Azeroth. Although the arrival of Horde and Alliance forces has chipped away at the evil gripping the region, the true key to victory may lie with the beings long deceived by Loken's trickery, scattered among embittered enclaves throughout the Storm Peaks.

Loken's brother, Thorim, wanders grief-stricken outside Ulduar. If he can be convinced of his brother's betrayal, he may turn the tide of battle in favor of the earthen and other heroes fighting to reclaim the city.

Yet as powerful as Loken is, there have been whispers of an even greater evil at work behind the fall of Ulduar. Perhaps only with Loken's last breath will the truth be revealed.


Since discovering Ulduar in the Storm Peaks, adventurers have journeyed to the magnificent titan city in hopes of unearthing its relics and learning the secrets of the past. Yet they are not fully aware of the purpose behind Ulduar's imposing edifice. It is not merely a repository of artifacts and titan research, but also a prison.

Long ago, the titans encountered a race of horrifying aberrations known as the Old Gods. Their destructive powers threatened to unravel Azeroth, eliminating all life and order. Alerted by this danger to their central tenets, the titans went to war against the Old Gods. Ultimately the titans used their prowess in architecture and construction to imprison their foes deep underground. The Old God of death, Yogg-Saron, was shackled in the depths of Ulduar and placed under the watch of mighty guardians – Loken, Hodir, Thorim, Freya, and Mimiron. They pledged to keep the monstrosity contained there for all eternity. The watchers of Ulduar endured their vigil with fortitude, but the Old God's insidious whispering could not be ignored forever.

With time, the prison's head guardian, Loken, succumbed to the will of Yogg-Saron. Betraying his allies, he seized control of the city and began directing its forces toward deadly new ends. Armies of iron dwarves destroyed the titan safeguards in the Storm Peaks, leaving all of Northrend exposed to the growing danger. Several regions have already felt the corrupting presence of Loken's servants, complicating the war against the Lich King.

Faced with the peril of Yogg-Saron's imminent freedom, a band of mortals has established a staging ground outside of Ulduar. They are preparing to launch a sweeping assault on the city, and they have called on Azeroth's mightiest heroes for aid. Overcoming the legions of iron minions and the towering defenses at Ulduar's entrance would take tremendous strength, but even that may not be enough to conquer the madness that dwells below.

Having turned the minds of its former captors, Yogg-Saron is preparing to exert its full power. With vast iron armies to command, the Old God is nearly ready to break its last bonds. It draws ever closer to annihilating the titans' creations and sinking the world into primitive chaos.

The preservation of Azeroth depends on Yogg-Saron's defeat, but the fall of Ulduar has other grave repercussions. A silent observer has arrived within the city to survey all of the damage that has occurred on the planet since the titans' departure. His cold logic will determine whether the world will be spared or destroyed.

Only Azeroth's heroes can alter the final judgment, for despite their many conflicts and transgressions, their resolve to confront evil in all of its manifestations has earned them the right to determine their ultimate fate.

  • 5 Player limit
    • Halls of Stone (77-79)
    • Halls of Lightning (80)
  • 10/25 Player limit

Crusaders' Coliseum

2004 Game Guide's Banner for the Crusaders' Coliseum Dungeons

2004 Game Guide: Image for the Crusaders' Coliseum Dungeons

The time to strike at the heart of the Scourge is drawing close. Clouds blanket the skies of Azeroth and heroes gather beneath battle-worn banners in preparation for the coming storm. They say that even the darkest cloud has a silver lining. It is this hope that drives the men and women of the Argent Crusade: hope that the Light will see them through these trying times, hope that good will triumph over evil, hope that a hero blessed by the Light will come forth to put an end to the Lich King's dark reign.

So the Argent Crusade has sent out the call, a call to arms for all heroes far and wide, to meet at the very doorstep of the Lich King's domain and to prove their might in a tournament the likes of which Azeroth has never seen. Of course, a tournament such as this needs a fitting stage. A place where potential candidates are tested to the limits of exhaustion. A place where heroes... become champions. A place called the Crusaders' Coliseum.

Prove Your Might

The Crusaders' Coliseum will see you and your friends facing off against a series of increasingly challenging bosses, terrible monsters the Argent Crusade brought in from all over Northrend. Although the challenge is great, you will find that the prizes the Argent Crusade has to offer will make it all well worth your while.

The setup for the Crusaders' Coliseum is surprisingly straightforward. If you are familiar with the Ring of Blood quest line, you already have a vague idea of how the Crusaders' Coliseum plays out in principle. After you and your friends enter the coliseum, you will face the first of several bosses; once you've defeated a boss, you will move on to the next one. You must master the encounters one by one, until you finally face the raid's final challenge. Sound simple? That's because there is a twist.

In the "Heroic" version of the Crusaders' Coliseum, you and your raid only have a limited number of attempts for each raid lockout period, and each time your raid wipes, one of your attempts will be used up. To embark on the epic Trial of the Grand Crusader, you must first prove your worth by clearing either the 10 or 25 player version of the Crusaders' Coliseum's normal mode. After you have dealt the killing blow to the coliseum's final heroic mode boss will you be able to collect the Crusaders' Tribute, and the fewer attempts you needed to complete the Trial of the Grand Crusader, the better your reward will be.

  • 5 Player limit
  • 10/25 Player limit

The Frozen Halls

2004 Game Guide: Image for the The Frozen Halls Dungeons

Looming over the stark wastes of Northrend, the Icecrown Citadel awaits those who would see the Lich King and his Scourge brought low and the threat they pose wiped from the face of Azeroth. The heroes who venture within will face some of the greatest challenges and horrors yet seen. But before you burst in the front door of the Citadel itself, an alternate means of entry awaits you, with an epic journey into the new five-player dungeon, Icecrown Citadel: The Frozen Halls.

Icecrown Citadel will feature a massive five-player dungeon sprawling across three wings of the citadel's foundation. While the Lich King's attention is focused on the Argent Crusade and the Knights of the Ebon Blade ripping through the front gates, players will be tested as they assist Jaina Proudmoore (Alliance) and Sylvanas Windrunner (Horde) in infiltrating the citadel through an alternate entrance.

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An epic quest line will present adventurers with the task of weakening Icecrown Citadel's forces, requiring that players defeat the challenges in each dungeon wing before venturing into the next one. Normal and Heroic versions of the dungeon will be accessible to players, although each wing will be considered a separate instance; therefore, on Heroic difficulty, each wing will have its own separate lockout timer. All-new rewards -- including item level 219 (normal) and level 232 (Heroic) loot -- will be offered to those who destroy some of the Lich King's most formidable allies.

The Forge of Souls

2004 Game Guide: Image for the The Frozen Halls Dungeons

Serving as the first wing in this expansive dungeon, the Forge of Souls will quickly put players to the test of carving through the Scourge stronghold into deeper, more treacherous locations. Jaina will command Alliance forces, and Sylvanas will direct Horde forces. The goal is to ruin the twisted engines known as soul grinders found in this portion of the citadel, and then players can advance -- that is, if the Horde and Alliance forces can overcome the foes who confront them.

Bronjahm, the Godfather of Souls: An instrument of reckoning, Bronjahm watches over the engines in the Forge of Souls. He must be killed if the soul grinders are to be destroyed.

The Devourer of Souls: As the chief operator of the engines found in this wing, the Devourer stands guard over the souls stolen by the Lich King.

Pit of Saron

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Accessible only to those who have laid waste to the Forge of Souls' unholy operations, the Pit of Saron will bring Horde and Alliance forces deeper into the Lich King's domain. Players who venture here will immediately be confronted by the lord of this lair, Scourgelord Tyrannus. But defeating him will not be as easy as it seems. Before they can present a threat to Tyrannus, the adventurers, instructed by their leaders, will need to free enslaved allies who have been trapped by the Scourge. Until that happens, Tyrannus will leave all adversaries to his minions, workers of the citadel's mines. Perhaps the challenges here will lend clues as to the whereabouts of the Lich King's private chambers outside of the Frozen Throne, deep within the Halls of Reflection.

Forgemaster Garfrost: A master of Scourge weaponry, the forgemaster hauls stocks of saronite ore and other precious materials to the cold forges where the mechanisms of death are born. With a host of rime weapons and exotic alloys at his disposal, it could get cold in here.

Krick and Ick: Zombies serve as mindless muscle in the Pit of Saron's mines, stockpiling metals for Forgemaster Garfrost, and Krick -- a devious leper gnome -- supervises the operations from atop Ick, Krick's ghastly means of transportation.

Scourgelord Tyrannus: Tyrannus is a terrible force who will no doubt demonstrate his powers to those brave enough to enter the Pit of Saron. The scourgelord must die if players hope to make their way into the third and final wing of this dungeon.

Halls of Reflection

With Jaina and Sylvanas leading the way, adventurers who make it as far as these frigid halls will quickly recognize the weapon that lies ahead: Frostmourne, the corruptive, legendary device of the Lich King himself. The Lich King's private chambers are within reach, although they may be the death of anyone who ventures there.

Falric and Marwyn: Captains for Arthas Menethil in life, Scourge commanders for the Lich King in death, Falric and Marwyn will be summoned to the Halls of Reflection for one purpose: destroying all intruders.

The Lich King: Sylvanas, thirsty for vengeance against the corrupted prince who sentenced her to an existence as an undead monstrosity, and Jaina, eager to find a flicker of Arthas's soul locked somewhere within the Lich King, have brought their hand-picked allies to this final confrontation. Arthas's true power may only now be discovered. Is there any hope in this mission, or does only death await?

  • 5 Player limit
  • 10/25 Player limit


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