HordeGammerita, Mon!
Start Katoom the Angler
End Katoom the Angler
Level 10-30
Category Hinterlands
Experience 1,750
Rewards  [Luring Necklace]
or  [Katoom's Mask]
or  [Stomachache Belt]
or  [Snapjaw Bracers]
or  [Stomachache Cinch]


Katoom the Angler at Revantusk Village in the Hinterlands wants you to kill Gammerita and retrieve Katoom's Best Lure from her corpse.

Katoom mentioned that Gammerita hangs out on the coast with the other turtles.


Yo! There be a turtle out there not like the others. She be the Gammerita, leader of the saltwater snapjaws - a downright dirty thievin' reptile.

Mon, she stole my best lure. Snapped it right off my line! Since then, the fish just aren't biting the same.

Find Gammerita and get my lure out of her stomach.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv jewelry amulet 01.png [Luring Necklace] Inv helmet 173v4.png [Katoom's Mask]
Inv belt 87v1.png [Stomachache Belt] Inv bracer 78.png [Snapjaw Bracers]
Inv belt 87v1.png [Stomachache Cinch]

You will also receive:

  • 20s
  • 1,750 XP


Did you get it yet?


MON! This is fantastic! With my best lure and the snapjaw population down, the fish will pile up.


Revantusk Village

  1. H [10-30] Warchief's Command: The Hinterlands!
  2. H [10-30] Gammerita, Mon! & H [10-30] Lard Lost His Lunch
  3. H [10-30] Stalking the Stalkers
  4. H [10-30] Hunt the Savages
  5. H [10-30] Stomp To My Beat
  6. H [10-30] The Savage Dwarves & H [10-30] Thornar Thunderclash
  7. H [10-30] Skulk Rock Clean-Up & H [10-30] Skulk Rock Supplies
  8. H [10-30] The Fall of Jintha'Alor


  1. H [10-30] Dark Vessels
  2. Complete all of the following:
  3. H [10-30] It's Ours Now & H [10-30] Hunt the Keeper & H [10-30] Venomous Secrets
  4. H [10-30] Darkcleric Marnal

Proceeding to the common conclusion for both factions: the Shadra quest chain with H [10-30] The Eye of Shadra

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