NeutralGao-Ran Battlefront
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Leader(s) IconSmall Pandaren Male.gif Gao-Ran the Tempered
Race(s) PandarenPandaren Pandaren
Location Southeast Townlong Steppes

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The Gao-Ran Battlefront comprises the eastern half of the southern border of Townlong Steppes with the Dread Wastes. Gao-Ran the Tempered has set up camp underneath the boughs of one of the great trees, which provides two natural choke points for mantid streaming north from the Dread Wastes: the battlefront itself and the Shallowstep Pass to the east. However, the constant streaming of mantid pouring in towards the chokepoints have been tiring the pandaren defenders both day and night and need the help of adventurers to push them back. Immediately to the north is the Dampsoil Burrow, while further to the northeast is Hatred's Vice. The battlefront overlooks the Ambermarsh to the southwest, while the Dusklight Hollow is further along the path to the west.

Krik'thik Limbpincers are swarming up the actual battlefront, only to be blown up by dragon cannons used by cannoneers, shot by marksmen, frozen by magi, or killed by blackguards.

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  • During the beta, it was named Gao-Ran Blockade.

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