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Title Packlord
Gender Male
Race Gnoll
Affiliation(s) Redridge pack
Occupation Packlord of the unified gnoll tribes, alpha of the Redridge pack
Location Unknown
Status Deceased

Packlord Garfang was a cunning and intelligent gnoll alpha of the Redridge pack who, 75 years prior to the First War, unified the gnoll tribes and began launching bold attacks on the kingdom of Stormwind, beginning the Gnoll War.


Prior to the Gnoll War, Garfang had spent years conquering the other gnoll packs in the surrounding regions until he had an entire army of vicious raiders at his command. The gnolls now began launching vicious attacks on Stormwind City itself, but only as a distraction — while the city soldiers were busy holding off the gnoll attack, farmsteads in Westfall would burn. The numbers of raiders attacking the capital were so great that the kingdom could not afford sending troops to protect the outer agricultural areas.

King Barathen Wrynn beseeched the other human nations for aid, but received none, and so decided to take matters into his own hands. Accompanied by a small party of elite knights, the king rode east into the Redridge Mountains, where Garfang's camp was located. The camp had been left exposed and undefended; the packlord had sent nearly all of his raiders to attack the capital, but had not accompanied them himself; like other gnolls, Garfang preferred to let others do his hard work for him.

The battle between the king's knights and Garfang and his personal guards lasted for a full day and night, until King Barathen himself sank his blade into the packlord's neck. With Garfang's death, the gnolls fell to infighting. Though several new self-proclaimed packlords arose, none had Garfang's cunning, and before long the gnolls had decimated their own numbers, allowing King Barathen, known thereafter as the Adamant, to finally end the war and decimate what remained of the gnoll packs. Though pockets of gnolls would remain in the distant corners of the kingdom, they would never again rise to become a major threat to Stormwind.[1]


Preceded by:
Alpha of the Redridge pack
Succeeded by:
Unknown, eventually Yowler