Garm is located in the southern foothills of Storm Peaks. The Garm magnataur and Snowblind snobolds that call Garm home are attacking K3 in vain, but dying to the defenses of Garm's Bane to the west.


Garm is primarily a cave with a small surrounding territory of snowy plains. It is adjacent to Garm's Bane and due east of K3. The cave's inside consists of a hazy red entrance chamber, followed by a pool. However, there is a spiral up around the pool, leading to an area blocked by rocks. Looking over the rocks, one can see technology similar to that in Ulduar. The entire cave has a red haze and is filled with spiked red plants, magnataur sacrificial areas, and supplies.


It is possible that the magnataur have either made an alliance with or are being used by the iron dwarves due to the technology located in the back (And unaccessible) part of the cave.

It is more likely, however, that during a collapse of the cave or otherwise digging, the hole opened up between an ancient Titan facility and is now visible from inside the cave.


  • Garmr, also spelled Garm, was an infernal hound in Norse mythology, that would allegedly participate in the divine battle of Ragnarök. He would then engage the god Týr in combat, and the outcome of the battle would be that both of them perished. It may or may not be a reference to this monster of Norse mythology.

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