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Fighting the garn

Durotan and Stormfang fighting a garn, as seen in Lords of War.

Garn are a species of massive, black wolves that are native to Frostfire Ridge on Draenor. According to Maraad, they are amongst the most vicious and cunning predators on Draenor. They always hunt in packs.[1][2]

Explorers in Frostfire Ridge should be wary of the frostwolf's undomesticated cousin, the dangerous garn. These enormous beasts, twice the mass of an Azerothian bear, are identified by their massive jaws and jet-black fur. Even the Frostwolf orcs fear the unruly and wild garn.[3]

The garn are primarily known for their ferocity, but they are only slightly lesser well known for their sumptuous furry pelts.[4]

The Mag'har clans had brought their domesticated garn from an alternate Draenor to the planet Azeroth within the main universe, for many were shown to be riden by Tenacious Garnriders.


As a mount[]

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  • The garn were specifically created in World of Warcraft for their role in Lords of War.[5]
  • The word "garn" is likely inspired by Garm or Garmr, the guard dog of the underworld Hel in Norse mythology.
  • "Garn" also means "yarn" in several Nordic languages, as well as being an obsolete English term for yarn.


This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.

Several dark wolves seen in the ranks of the Old Horde (Darkwolves), Shadow Council (Dark Worgs) and Iron Horde (Ironmarch War Wolves) might have been other domesticated garn.

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