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Garona Halforcen
Image of Garona Halforcen
Title The Survivor,[1]
The Outcast[2]
Gender Female
Race(s) Half-orc, Half-human[3]
Class Assassin
Affiliation(s) Horde
Location Azeroth
Status Alive
Relative(s) Medivh (father),[4]
orc mother
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Garona Halforcen[5] is a half-orc, half-human warrior, and respected member of the Horde. Once the slave of the warlock Gul'dan, Garona was freed by Durotan, and formed an unexpected alliance with the humans of Stormwind, fighting alongside them against the Horde.

When the human forces were betrayed by Medivh, King Llane Wrynn requested Garona kill him in front of the other orcs, securing the honor of his death for herself, in the hopes of one day bringing peace between their peoples. Her reluctant actions won her freedom and acceptance within the Horde, but at the price of the death of her friend, and her betrayal in the eyes of the man she loves.


Garona was born to an orcish woman who had mated with a young Medivh, for which the mother was burned alive. The child would have been killed, too, had not Gul'dan intervened, taking the child as a slave. A half-breed, small and weak in comparison to the other orcs, the warlock would give her the name "Garona", meaning "Cursed". Gul'dan did however also give Garona one of her mother's tusks to remember her by.[6]

Garona was present when Gul'dan was visited by what he called a "demon", later described by her as having a voice "like fire and ash", although she did not see its face.[7] The demon taught Gul'dan about the Great Gate, among other things, making the invasion of Azeroth possible.[7][8]

Dying Draenor

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Garona, as Gul'dan's slave, was present when Gul'dan sought to gain the support of the Frostwolf clan for his Horde and witnessed Garad's refusal to join.

Garona accompanied Gul'dan when he approached Durotan again, two years later. Although the young chieftain was tempted, he rejected Gul'dan's offer, convinced that accepting would make them the warlock's slaves. In her surprise Garona used the draenei tongue to warn the Frostwolves that Gul'dan was dangerous. Draka (who had learned the tongue in her exile) informed Garona that they knew, and lied to Gul'dan when he demanded to know what had been said, telling them that Garona had called the clan fools for rejecting Gul'dan's offer.[9]


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Garona was at her master's side during the preparations for the opening of the Great Gate.