MobGarrick Padfoot
Image of Garrick Padfoot
Gender Male
Race Human (Humanoid)
Level 5
Class Warrior
Reaction Alliance Horde
Alliance Horde (Classic)
Affiliation(s) Defias Brotherhood
Location Northshire Vineyards, Elwynn Forest[57.4, 48.2]
Status Unknown

Garrick Padfoot was a human mob that could be found at a shack just east of the Northshire Vineyards in Elwynn Forest. He was a notorious Defias cutthroat who had gathered a gang of thugs to take over the vineyards and harrass the local farmers and merchants. Deputy Willem put a bounty on his head.

Garrick was accompanied by a single Defias Thug. Additionally, a Battered Chest could sometimes be found at the side of his shack.


  • Ability warrior defensivestance.png  Defensive Stance — Assumes a defensive stance that generates rage when the warrior is hit, as well as reducing rage decay while the warrior is out of combat. Lasts 3 min. 

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