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The Tune-O-Tron 5000 at Lunarfall
The B.O.O.M. Box at Frostwall

The Garrison Jukebox, known as the Horde B.O.O.M. Box or Alliance Tune-O-Tron 5000, is a feature added in patch 6.1, that allows players to change the music that plays in their Garrison.

Unlock the jukebox by completing B [100] Bringing the Bass, which requires gathering five items from all over Draenor. After gathering the five items, the jukebox is built and players are handed seven music rolls. Interact with the jukebox to have it play the requested song instead of the default garrison music while at the garrison.

For the sophisticated character who cannot stand silence while out and about, a  [Portable Audiophone] toy is awarded for completing the [Azeroth's Top Twenty Tunes] achievement, which requires learning 20 music rolls.

Music rolls

Completing the initial quest rewards the  [Stash of Dusty Music Rolls], which contains seven music rolls for the character's faction:

Other rolls

Many other rolls are found all over Azeroth, Draenor, and Outland.

Roll Zone Coords Comments
 [Music Roll: A Siege of Worlds][hint 1] Blackrock Foundry Blackhand (Not 100% drop chance)
 [Music Roll: Angelic] Cape of Stranglethorn [46.2, 26.2] Gurubashi Arena chest
 [Music Roll: Cold Mountain][hint 2] Ironforge [46.8, 14.3] Alliance only: Fished up in the Forlorn Cavern
 [Music Roll: Darkmoon Carousel] Darkmoon Island [51.5, 75.1] Sold by Chester (90 Darkmoon Prize Ticket)
 [Music Roll: Faerie Dragon] Tirisfal Glades [17.6, 67.5] Faerie Dragon Nest during Fey-Drunk Darter event (every 15m)
 [Music Roll: Ghost] Duskwood [22.8, 37.7] Find the Forlorn Composer while dead in Raven Hill Cemetery
 [Music Roll: Heart of Pandaria][hint 3] Terrace of Endless Spring Sha of Fear (Not 100% drop chance)
 [Music Roll: High Seas][hint 4] Krasarang Wilds [89.5, 33.5] Alliance only: Proveditor Grantley at Lion's Landing (500 Domination Point Commission)
 [Music Roll: Invincible] Icecrown Citadel [50.0, 50.0] Lich King (Not 100% drop chance)
 [Music Roll: Karazhan Opera House] Karazhan [19.2, 34.9] Opera event boss (Not 100% drop chance)
 [Music Roll: Lament of the Highborne] Undercity [58.1, 93.9] Sylvanas' Strongbox in Royal Quarter
 [Music Roll: Legends of Azeroth][hint 5] Blackwing Descent [47.5, 70.0] Nefarian's End (Not 100% drop chance)
 [Music Roll: Magic] Ashenvale [56.4, 49.3] Lost Sentinel's Pouch west of Raynewood Retreat
 [Music Roll: Mountains] Winterspring [68.0, 73.9] Frozen Supplies in Owl Wing Thicket (above ground)
 [Music Roll: Mountains of Thunder] Halls of Lightning [19.2, 52.2] Loken (Not 100% drop chance)
 [Music Roll: Mulgore Plains] Thunder Bluff [25.8, 24.4] Horde only: Fished up in the Pools of Vision
 [Music Roll: Shalandis Isle] Darnassus [43.0, 75.7] High Priestess' Reliquary in Temple of the Moon
 [Music Roll: Song of Liu Lang] Vale of Eternal Blossoms [82.2, 29.3] Tan Shin Tiao at Seat of Knowledge (80g)
 [Music Roll: The Argent Tournament] Icecrown Requires Exalted Champion with one of the racial cities (25 Champion's Seal)
 [Music Roll: The Black Temple] Shadowmoon Valley (Outland) [57.2, 47.2] Warden's Scroll Case in Warden's Cage (entrance: [57.4, 49.7])
 [Music Roll: The Burning Legion][hint 6] Black Temple [53.2, 57.8] Illidan (Not 100% drop chance)
 [Music Roll: The Shattering][hint 7] Dragon Soul [32.7, 79.0] Madness of Deathwing (Not 100% drop chance)
 [Music Roll: The Zandalari] Zul'Gurub [49.0, 39.8] Horde only: Jin'do the Godbreaker (Not 100% drop chance)
 [Music Roll: Tinkertown] Gnomeregan [63.6, 67.9] Alliance only; inside a  [Sparklematic-Wrapped Box]
 [Music Roll: Totems of the Grizzlemaw] Grizzly Hills Find Remington Brode wandering the roads and answer his four questions
 [Music Roll: War March][hint 8] Krasarang Wilds [10.6, 53.6] Horde only: Ongrom Black Tooth at Domination Point (500 Lion's Landing Commission)
 [Music Roll: Wrath of the Lich King][hint 9] Naxxramas [37.8, 14.3] Kel'Thuzad (Not 100% drop chance)


The quest-giver next to the jukebox also gives some (faction-appropriate) hints.

  1. ^ A Siege of Worlds: You're already leading a campaign against the Iron Horde. Might as well take Blackhand's music roll collection while you're at it.
  2. ^ Cold Mountain: Got a rod and reel handy? I hear there's an artist leaving her work in creative places in Ironforge.
  3. ^ Heart of Pandaria: Conquering fear itself will help you glimpse the Heart of Pandaria, musically speaking, of course.
  4. ^ High Seas: Lion's Landing has a track as fresh as the sea. Watch out for sharks!
  5. ^ Legends of Azeroth: Deep in the heart of Blackrock Depths is a track so legendary, it takes two dragons to protect it.
  6. ^ The Burning Legion: Up for a journey into the Black Temple? You still won't be prepared for the hard hitting bass of the track you'lll find.
  7. ^ The Shattering: Finding classic tracks takes hard work, and sometimes that means flying on the back of a colossal, cataclysmic dragon. Them's the breaks.
  8. ^ War March: Feeling a song of war? Domination Point in Pandaria used to shake with heavy drum beats
  9. ^ Wrath of the Lich King: Face his wrath, in that flying fortress, with that icy weather? All for new music? You're crazy!


  1. [Ten Hit Tunes]
  2. [Azeroth's Top Twenty Tunes]

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