Garrison Support are missions granted to commanders with a level 3 garrison and are granted two at a time. However only one of these garrison support missions can be completed completed each day. These assault missions take place across Draenor and reward a large number of Apexis Crystals. Solo-category quests grant 800 Apexis Crystal while group-category quests grant 1000 Apexis Crystal.


As of Patch 6.0 these quests are quite popular and at prime time many people want to do them. It is quite easy to use the Premade Groups tool to join or create a team to work on the quest. It is not unusual to end up in a 40-man riotous herd mowing down enemies like weeds in a plaza, carpeted in the corpses of hapless mobs.

Often times the hardest task is making your way from the outskirts of the quest area to the active mosh pit, since some quests take place in areas infested by mob groups which are difficult or impossible for a solo player to vanquish. When staring down a particularly difficult pack it is sometimes best to wait for another new raid recruit or three to join you and then move toward the main mosh pit as a team.

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