Garrosh's Landing.

Garrosh's Landing[32, 53] is a dock area on the western shore of Borean Tundra near Warsong Hold where an orcish destroyer ship is moored. The remains of a second ship can be seen nearby. One part of the beach was made into a kennel or animal pen. Mobu had a hut here. The kvaldir have taken over the area.

There is a great hall and a watch tower here. Around the time of Lich King's fall, the landing was retaken by the Horde but soon again attacked by the kvaldir.[1]


  • When the call to arms was sounded, Garrosh Hellscream was quick to pick up his axe and head for the frozen shores of Northrend along with his fellow members of the Horde. Garrosh's Landing is the name used to describe the place where his fleet first landed.[citation needed] 
  • There appears to have been an entire encampment, judging from the various buildings situated at the site. However, nowadays a purple fog caused by the kvaldir covers the shore. One rarely visits this place anymore and Garrosh has retreated his forces to Warsong Hold.



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