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For the boss encounter, see Garrosh Hellscream (tactics). For the different character from the alternate universe, see Exarch Hellscream.
MobGarrosh Hellscream
Image of Garrosh Hellscream
Title Warlord of the Warsong clan,
The Stranger,[2]
Hero of Northrend,[3]
Son of Hellscream
Warchief of the True Horde,
Warchief of the Horde,
Overlord of the Warsong Offensive
Gender Male
Race Mag'har orc (Humanoid)
Class Warrior
Reaction Alliance Horde
Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Iron Horde, alternate Warsong clan
Former affiliation(s) Warsong clan (Warsong Offensive and Warsong Outriders), Orgrimmar, Hellscream's Reach, Dominance Offensive, Horde, The Mag'har, True Horde
Occupation Warlord of the Warsong clan (Draenor)
Former occupation(s) Warchief of the True Horde, Warchief of the Horde, Founder of the Garad'kra, leader of the Warsong clan (Azeroth), the Horde Expedition, the Warsong Outriders, Hellscream's Reach and Dominance Offensive, Overlord of the Warsong Offensive, Master of Warsong Hold, personal advisor to Thrall, and chieftain of the Mag'har[4]
Location Remains in the Sanctum of Domination (lore),[5]
Status Deceased[6][7][5]
Relative(s) Golmash (grandfather), Grommash (father), Golka (mother)
Mentor(s) Thrall, Varok Saurfang
Companion(s) Malak (wolf mount)

“I answer... to NO ONE!”

— Garrosh[8]

Garrosh Hellscream was a former Warchief of the Horde chosen by Thrall to replace him in the wake of the Cataclysm, until he was succeeded by Vol'jin after the Siege of Orgrimmar. Throughout the history of Azeroth, few mortals have achieved greater notoriety than him.[9]

Garrosh grew up on Draenor in the shadow of his father, the great warrior Grommash Hellscream, leader of the Warsong clan. Grom was the first orc leader to drink the blood of Mannoroth, subjugating the orcs to the Legion's will. Before this event, Garrosh was among several orcs who had become ill with the red pox. They had been quarantined far away in Nagrand, allowing them to escape the demonic corruption. The younger Hellscream was ashamed of his father for many years until he met Thrall during the invasion of Outland and learned of Grom's heroic redemption. Garrosh has since embraced his potential as a strong leader, most notably in Northrend, where he directed the Horde advance through the Borean Tundra and won the hearts of his people. Uncompromising and fiercely proud, Garrosh intended to restore the orcs' glory by any means necessary.[10]

As the renewed Alliance-Horde war developed, Garrosh's thirst for power corrupted him to the point that he did not care about the means used to bring the orcish supremacy on Azeroth, with himself as the world's supreme ruler - going as far as to unleash the full power of the dead Old God's heart by resurrecting it using the Pools of Power, effectively destroying half of the sacred pandaren Vale of Eternal Blossoms.

Ultimately, he became the final antagonist of Mists of Pandaria's Alliance-Horde war arc. He was ultimately defeated and depowered and then captured by the coalition below Orgrimmar. He was to be tried in Pandaria as a war criminal, but managed to escape to an alternate Draenor through the efforts of Kairoz, and Garrosh's own loyalists aided by the infinite dragonflight. There, he was able to confront Gul'dan and witness his transformation into one of the first green orcs, corrupted by the influence of the fel powers, and slowly change the course of events leading to the birth of the Iron Horde.

In Warlords of Draenor, Garrosh set things in motion. Thanks to his connections with the Blackfuse Company who supplied him during the Siege of Orgrimmar, he supplied the orcish clans of Draenor with all the technology they required to build their war machines, and he influenced alternate Grommash to unite all orcish clans under one banner and reject the blood of Mannoroth. Garrosh also managed to give an idea to create a gateway between the alternate timeline and the main one in order to return to exact his vengeance on Azeroth, in a form of the Iron Horde's Dark Portal within Tanaan Jungle, using the leaders of the Shadow Council as the portal's power source and then sent the Iron Horde in order to conquer the world, as well as entrusted Warlord Zaela to arm the Iron star within Blackrock Mountain in order to annihilate Stormwind City. He could later be found as the warlord of the Warsong clan in Nagrand where he was eventually defeated and killed by Thrall in a mak'gora. Following his death, Garrosh's soul was confined to the realm of Revendreth and later the Maw for his sins. However, he remained unrepentant for his actions to the last and ultimately chose to destroy himself rather than submit.

Garrosh was one of the main characters in The Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King, and Cataclysm. He later becomes more antagonistic, serving as the main antagonist of Mists of Pandaria and the supporting antagonist in Warlords of Draenor.


Early life[]

Garrosh was the son of Grommash Hellscream and Golka[11] of the Warsong clan, born on Draenor. At some point, young Garrosh was sent to live in Garadar after he contracted the red pox. While the orcs of Garadar proudly took the name Mag'har, "uncorrupted" in orcish tongue, Garrosh was tormented by tales of his father. He feared that he, too, would lead the Mag'har down a dark path.[12]

Beyond the Dark Portal[]

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During the human invasion of Draenor, many Mag'har - the uncorrupted orcs who settled in Garadar, a stronghold in Nagrand - were ill due to the red pox. Garrosh was among them.

Kargath Bladefist visited them at Garadar in search of warriors to aid him. Garrosh asked him about his father, and wanted to fight with him, but Kargath ignored him at first, calling the Mag'har weaklings and not orcs any more, and they could do the Horde a favor by dying.[13] Later on Garrosh asked Greatmother Geyah about his father, but the answer caused him to enter a deep depression.[citation needed] 

Chieftain of the Mag'har[]

Bc icon This section concerns content related to The Burning Crusade.

Garrosh eventually rose to become an important chief among the Mag'har. He was aided by Jorin Deadeye, son of the Bleeding Hollow clan's former chieftain, Kilrogg Deadeye. When Horde heroes first met Garrosh, he was sullen, pessimistic, even depressed.[14][15] He was worried about the health of his clan's matriarch, Greatmother Geyah, who was ill. Garrosh knew that when she died, he would be expected to lead the Mag'har, and that troubled him as well. Garrosh believed himself fated to repeat his father's mistakes.[16]

Garrosh admitted that he was ashamed of his father. The last news Garrosh had of his father was that Grom had drunk Mannoroth's blood, and everything that transpired after this event was unknown to Garrosh for a long time.[16] Indeed, Garrosh did not learn of his father's heroic death until Thrall arrived in Nagrand and re-enacted the events for Garrosh's benefit. Learning that his father had eventually overcome his weakness for power – Grom gave his life so that the orcs would be free of demonic influence – Garrosh appeared to gain power and confidence, believing he is no longer fated to fail himself and his people.[17]

Thrall saw much potential in Garrosh. While he was brash and quick to anger, Thrall thought that his knowledge of orcish culture and fierce pride could serve the Horde well. He convinced him to leave Garadar and become one of his advisors.[18]

Heart of War - past[]

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Garrosh Hellscream in Heart of War.

Garrosh recalled the events of his first visit to Orgrimmar. Being the first Mag'har to set foot on Orgrimmar, many observed him with curiosity and some with awe. He encountered an old soldier from the First War who remembered serving with his father. The retired soldier told him that he was proud to see a portion of their orcish legacy remain and would gladly serve under him if he could. He told Garrosh that he would make his people proud.

Yet not all were happy to see Grom's legacy and heir. An orc woman named Krenna wasn't impressed with his lineage, as she saw Grom as the one who instilled the blood curse on her people in the first place. Nor was she impressed with Garrosh for that matter. From Krenna, Garrosh learned the harsh realities the orcs had to contend with. It is very difficult to wrest a living in Durotar. Durotar is a desert, making farming impossible. Though the markets overflow, they rely heavily on imports from distant places. Ashenvale Forest would be suitable for their people's needs yet Warchief Thrall prohibited them from settling there and any of their lumber caravans sent there are regularly ambushed by night elves. Meanwhile, the humans of Northwatch Hold and the dwarves of Bael Modan continued to contest their sovereignty over the Barrens and remnants of Admiral Proudmoore's Kul Tiras forces in Tiragarde Keep robbed Razor Hill unchecked. Such incidents caused orcs like Krenna to become bitter and frustrated with their people's leadership.

Garrosh was enraged by her contemptuous demeanor towards Thrall and Grom and threatened to assault her if she continued her treasonous attitude. Krenna's sister, Gorgonna, intervened to stop the fight before it started and urged Krenna to walk away. Krenna reluctantly stood down and walked away, leaving Gorgonna to apologize for her sister. Gorgonna explained to Garrosh that her sister didn't understand that her people lived in Durotar as a way to atone for the crimes their people committed during the First War. Garrosh was also frustrated with her attitude and countered that their people did what they needed to do in order to survive and even if they did need to atone, why should the children of the orcs who had nothing to do with the war, had to suffer for the sins of their parents? Gorgonna showed him her green skin and explained that her people bore the mark and legacy of her people just the same and that she would atone in whatever way her warchief saw fit. Gorgonna told Garrosh that he would not understand as he was a Mag'har, and because of this he was free of such a burden.

Garrosh was shocked that Thrall would ever be that unreasonable. He became irritated at Krenna's words and the more Garrosh reflected on them, the more he became increasingly frustrated and impatient. Garrosh became frustrated with Thrall's lack of action against the Alliance and the Scourge; frustrated with having to divide the orcs' resources and forces to deal with the problems of the other Horde races; frustrated to see the Scourge infect their food supplies with plague and rain death upon them while Thrall refused to unleash the full might of the Horde. Garrosh was determined to preserve Orgrimmar and restore the orcs' glory by any means necessary, even if he had to force Thrall's hand to do so.

Theramore peace summit[]

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Garrosh Hellscream comic

Garrosh in the Comic

Garrosh comic

Garrosh at the Theramore peace summit

Thrall brought with him Garrosh Hellscream back to Azeroth to be his advisor. Later on, the retired gladiator master Rehgar Earthfury also became one of Thrall's advisors. Rehgar and Garrosh used to be in disagreement with each other: while Garrosh wanted to destroy the Alliance, who he considered the Horde's enemies, and take Azeroth for their own, Rehgar wanted to remain open to diplomacy with the Alliance and conserve their treaty of non-aggression with Theramore.

When Thrall decided to go to a new meeting with the human King Varian, he brought with him his two advisors, Rehgar and Garrosh, as well as some Kor'kron. Rehgar recommended that Thrall not bring Garrosh with them, but the Warchief thought it would be a good idea as it would help Garrosh to re-think his attitude toward the humans.

Garrosh, alongside Thrall, traveled in a zeppelin to Theramore, where Varian and Thrall had a peaceful discussion with an eye toward mutual gain; though Garrosh thought it better for the Horde to take what they needed by force rather than exchange their resources. Varian had to leave early as Goldshire and Southshore were said to be under simultaneous distress by the Scourge. Upon exiting Theramore, the Twilight's Hammer cult invaded the city. After catching a glimpse of Garona, Varian thought that Thrall had sent her to assassinate him as the Shadow Council had done to his father. Garrosh accused the Alliance of plotting the attack in an attempt to lure him and Thrall into a trap while Varian accused the Horde of attempted assassination; specifically Garrosh. Though tempers flared between Varian and Garrosh, Thrall and Garrosh left Theramore peacefully. Garrosh felt that Varian had insulted the orcs' honor and that by leaving peacefully the orcs were losing face at the summit.

A Council for war[]

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Garrosh was present in Orgrimmar in a meeting with Thrall, Lady Sylvanas Windrunner, High Overlord Saurfang, Grand Apothecary Putress, and Rehgar Earthfury to discuss what to do about the Scourge. After consulting Saurfang and the spirits, Thrall favored a more cautious approach to dealing with the Scourge: an advance scouting party to the frozen continent before committing troops, as well as meeting with Jaina Proudmoore to find out what the Alliance were planning to do about the Lich King.[19] Garrosh felt that dealing with the Alliance would put the Horde in danger and wanted to take the Horde's armies and conquer the humans and then march to Northrend and crush the Scourge; advocating that the Horde should rule all of Azeroth. Thrall, irritated by Garrosh's recklessness and bold challenges to his authority, answered that the humans were not a threat[20] and that he would not underestimate the Lich King by walking blindly into a Scourge trap.[19] Thrall then provoked Garrosh to challenge him to a duel by saying that he would not make the same mistakes as his father, Grom Hellscream. Frustrated with his leader's apparent lack of action and the insults to his father, Garrosh challenged Thrall to a duel in the Ring of Valor to settle the matter.[19][20]

The two orcs fought for some time until it seemed Garrosh had gained the upper hand.[19] He began to taunt Thrall, but the battle was interrupted by a Herald of the Lich King threatening Orgrimmar with destruction.[19] Hearing this, Thrall used Spell nature chainlightning [Chain Lightning] on Garrosh[20] and both left the ring, with Thrall telling the younger Hellscream that they would settle their dispute later.[19][20] The city was attacked by countless abominations and frost wyrms[19] and a few death knights.[20]

Thrall and Garrosh led the forces of the Horde in repelling the Scourge attack, with the help of Saurfang, Sylvanas,[19] Rehgar,[20] the city defenders, and some adventurers. After the Scourge assault force had been dealt with, Garrosh asked to be sent to Northrend again. This time, Thrall agreed and ordered Saurfang to begin preparations for war.[19]

War in Northrend[]

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Garrosh in Warsong Hold

Garrosh in Warsong Hold.

Garrosh Hellscream TCG

Garrosh leads the Horde forces into Northrend.

Before they built up Warsong Hold, the Horde had Garrosh's Landing, named after him since he led the fleet of orcish destroyers that landed on Northrend's western coast. They used it as their main port after they decided to build their fortress inland.[21] Garrosh Hellscream was then named Overlord of the Warsong Offensive, the main army of the Horde Expedition, and established his command post at Warsong Hold.

Unlike his appearance in Nagrand, where he had been downtrodden and apathetic, Garrosh was much more hotblooded and reckless in his role as Horde commander in Northrend. His chief advisor, High Overlord Saurfang - who drank from the same chalice that corrupted Grom Hellscream - warned against Garrosh's savage tactics, fearing a resurgence of the bloodlust that had dominated the Horde prior to the death of Mannoroth. The two often spared over tactical decisions, particularly in regards to supply lines between the Hold and the Forsaken forces in Howling Fjord. Even if he disagreed with Saurfang, Garrosh appeared to have at least a grudging respect for the old warrior. Saurfang warned Garrosh that if he went too far against the Alliance and led their people down a "dark path", Saurfang himself would kill Garrosh. Garrosh did not challenge Varok, but snidely questioned how he had managed to survive so long without falling victim to his guilt and sense of morality.

Despite Saurfang's warning, Garrosh appointed commanders and they conducted the war in such a manner as to focus strongly on battling the Alliance. In particular, Conqueror Krenna, the commander at Conquest Hold in the Grizzly Hills, bucked completely the war with the Scourge in favor of making war with the Alliance. Like Garrosh, she was hotblooded to the point of recklessness in pursuing the Alliance, so much so that she had to be deposed by her sister Gorgonna, an underling at Conquest Hold. The commander of Orgrim's Hammer above Icecrown was also concerned with defeating the Alliance in Icecrown, and even within Icecrown Citadel, the Horde faced off against the Alliance, as the Skybreaker and Orgrim's Hammer did battle as well.

Garrosh was a firm believer of "honorable" combat; as evidence of his deprecation of the Broken Front. Though he endorsed conflict with the Alliance as much as possible, he would only permit it if it was done in a manner that fairly tests the martial prowess of the Horde. Using underhanded tactics such as poison and mind control was considered "cowardly" by his standards.[22]

Secrets of Ulduar[]

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Thrall and Garrosh were summoned urgently to Dalaran to speak with the leader Rhonin. Arriving before the human King Varian Wrynn had departed, Garrosh and the king proceeded to skirmish in the Violet Citadel, but Rhonin halted the fight with a magical shield before harm came to either. Rhonin suggested that the Horde and Alliance work together against the new threat of Yogg-Saron in Ulduar, but Garrosh and Varian were partisan to the idea and Wrynn was teleported. Garrosh expressed the opinion that a true Warchief would never partner himself with cowards.[23]

Heart of War[]

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After the events at Dalaran, Garrosh and Thrall traveled back to Warsong Hold. On the way, Garrosh contemplated the past events where Thrall first brought Garrosh to Orgrimmar (as seen above). After defending Warsong Hold from an attack from the Scourge, Thrall witnessed a report given from Icecrown about the Horde forces flanking the Alliance during their assault. Thrall watched as Garrosh dealt with the situation, telling the general from Icecrown that the Horde would fight with honor or not fight at all. Thrall, watching Garrosh, felt proud of him for his decision.[24]

Crusaders' Coliseum[]

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Garrosh in Icecrown Citadel

Garrosh in Icecrown Citadel.

Garrosh, alongside Thrall, was later in attendance at the new Crusaders' Coliseum in Icecrown, surrounded by various champions and representatives of the Horde. During the tournament, Garrosh requested that Tirion uses warriors of the Horde to challenge the heroes in the tournament in order to show the strength of the Horde. He would cheer on Horde players following their victories.

Icecrown Citadel[]

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Garrosh can be found at Light's Hammer inside Icecrown Citadel. He provides the Ability garrosh hellscreams warsong [Hellscream's Warsong] buff for Horde raiding parties. If an adventurer spoke to him and told him he is not needed, the instance will have to be reset in order to gain the buff again.

Elemental Unrest[]

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During the Elemental Unrest, Garrosh defended the Valley of Strength from invading elementals. He also assisted Horde players in the destruction of Crown Princess Theradras and Grand Ambassador Flamelash.

The Shattering[]

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The Shattering - Thrall and Garrosh

Garrosh receives Gorehowl from Thrall.

Cairne's death

Cairne is defeated by Garrosh in a duel to the death.

Cairne Bloodhoof traveled to Warsong Hold to meet with Garrosh and Varok, and though impressed with the hold's fortifications, couldn't help but compare it to the architecture seen during the previous wars. With the war in Northrend as good as over, Garrosh was recalled to Orgrimmar to experience a hero's celebration, in honor of the Horde's victories under his leadership. While on their way to a ship, Garrosh and Cairne were attacked by Kvaldir, but Garrosh revealed hidden weapons which were used against the Kvaldir. While on the route, Garrosh waylayed an Alliance carrier wrecked at sea. He disposed of most of its crew, reasoning that it is in Horde waters, though a distressed Cairne urged him to relent. Garrosh then gave the survivors supplies and rations, informing them that they had witnessed both the Horde's might and the Horde's mercy. Garrosh and his crew were satisfied with the outcome, though Cairne showed signs of concern.

Back in Orgrimmar, Garrosh and the Northrend veterans were given a warm welcome by Warchief Thrall, and Garrosh encouraged all veterans of the expedition to participate. A celebration was held in their honor, and Thrall later bestowed Gorehowl, the axe of Grom Hellscream upon Garrosh. Garrosh displayed a natural affinity for the mighty weapon, like his father before him. The land of Durotar was naturally harsh, and recent signs of elemental distress and disasters had further weakened the orcs' land. Now without reliable supply routes, and the night elves of Ashenvale refusing to allow trade with the Horde following the Wrathgate fiasco, the citizens of Orgrimmar were on the brink of experiencing a famine. Thrall, Cairne, and Hamuul Runetotem resolved to negotiate peacefully with the night elves, as Hamuul held a high position within the Cenarion Circle comprised of both tauren and night elves. Garrosh became outraged at such a notion. Viewing the Wrathgate as a tragedy to both factions, Garrosh concluded that the night elves boasted no right to stand in the way of their survival - and that the orcs should simply take what they need to survive by force. His suggestion was rebuked by Cairne, and after a heated exchange, Garrosh excused himself. Though the Northrend victory was a cause of great celebration in the Horde, a rough road seemed to await it, and Thrall called upon a meeting.

Garrosh, observing the skull of Mannoroth and lost in thought, was approached by the enigmatic Magatha Grimtotem. He immediately expressed a mild disdain for the Grimtotem matriarch, noting that hers is the only tauren tribe who had not sworn loyalty to the Horde. Magatha simply offered him words of support, ensuring him that the Grimtotem would join the Horde when needed - and that Garrosh himself would be exactly what the orcs need, precisely when they need it. Garrosh was appreciative of that sentiment at least, and the two retired.

The elemental upheaval began to increase in potency, and Orgrimmar itself was caught aflame by rampant fire elementals. No longer able to properly converse with the maddened beings, Thrall decided that action must be taken to discover the cause of this chaos, and began preparations for a journey to Nagrand. This was not an act he could undertake as the Warchief — and Thrall was forced to consider a temporary replacement. Thrall's immediate thought was Cairne, though the elderly tauren was not an orc - in times such as this, unrest would likely follow if such a decision was made. Thrall lamented the death of Dranosh Saurfang, who would have made an ideal Warchief, and this line of thought brought him to another conclusion; another orc who could keep the Horde together during his absence: Garrosh.

Garrosh was summoned to Grommash Hold, and Thrall officially named him the acting Warchief. Taken aback, Garrosh hastily mentioned that his place was on the battlefield; that he knew much of war and tactics, but little of politics. Thrall ensured him that he would not be alone in this task and that Cairne, Eitrigg, and Vol'jin would be on hand to advise him. Garrosh accepted this charge.

Now as the highest authority figure within the Horde, Garrosh began to repair the damage wrought on by the elemental uprising — beginning with the remodeling of Orgrimmar. What was once little more than a village of huts, had become an aggressive bastion of a capital, reinforced by the metals used in Warsong Hold. Garrosh reasoned that no fire would be able to spread again with this, and he and Cairne appeared to finally see eye-to-eye.

Events were set in motion outside of Garrosh's control - the peaceful meeting between the tauren and the night elves was sabotaged by agents of the Twilight's Hammer clan, posing as agents of the Horde, who brutally murdered the entire gathering and unknowingly left Hamuul as its only survivor. Hamuul, likening the agents' attitude to that of Garrosh's, informed Cairne of what had occurred.

Cairne berated Garrosh over the events that had transpired, just as Garrosh finished being ritually tattooed. Among them was the very same distinctive jaw tattoo that his father had, by an orc tattooist that had been apprenticed to, and had assisted, the orc that had tattooed Grom. Cairne accused Garrosh of orchestrating the unprovoked attack on the druids, though Garrosh informed him that had he been behind it, he would have announced it to the world. After another fierce exchange, their time as allies essentially broke down, and Cairne concluded that Garrosh was not fit to lead the glorious Horde after all - and that for the sake of the Horde, Garrosh must have been dethroned. Cairne challenged him to a Mak'gora for the title of Warchief, though Garrosh upped the stakes, forcing it to be a battle to the death in an attempt to deter his opponent. Cairne gladly accepted and informed Garrosh of the rules befitting a proper Mak'gora — the dress-code and of the shaman's blessing allowed on their weapon of choice.

Garrosh's earlier encounter with Magatha seemed to have borne fruit, and the Grimtotem matriarch offered to bless Gorehowl.

Garrosh and Cairne began the battle in the Orgrimmar Arena, their fighting styles initially canceling each other out fairly well. As Cairne began to land serious blows upon Garrosh, Garrosh was backed into a corner. Garrosh attempted a desperate strike, slicing Cairne's chest and shattering his runespear. Though a formidable blow, it did not seem to appear fatal - until Cairne inexplicitly collapsed from it. Though surprised, Garrosh quickly took advantage of the situation, and with one final glance at Cairne, dealt him the killing blow.

Unbeknownst to Garrosh, Magatha had used him as an instrument in her betrayal of Cairne. Lacing Gorehowl with poison, she had ensured that even minor blows would be fatal to the High Chieftain. Elated, Magatha began the next step of her plan: the hostile takeover of Thunder Bluff, and the death of Cairne's son and successor, Baine Bloodhoof.

Garrosh found himself dealing with mixed emotions. Though still not entirely sure of why Cairne had accused him of such a crime, he was satisfied with the knowledge that it had apparently been a fair fight. Eitrigg quickly dispelled this notion, and upon observation, the two discovered traces of the same poison that had sealed Cairne's fate. Enraged and distraught, now knowing that he had unwittingly robbed Cairne of a fair fight, and that Magatha had robbed him of his own honor, Garrosh let his rage take him.

Magatha, now in control of Thunder Bluff, requested aid from her new Warchief. Garrosh replied via letter, wishing her a violent demise, and ensuring her that no aid would be given - her life was now in the hands of the Earth Mother. Having believed she had found a useful tool in Garrosh, Magatha was infuriated by his response.

Without aid, Magatha and the Grimtotem still loyal to her were defeated by Baine Bloodhoof and his followers. Garrosh and Baine met in the Thousand Needles, and Garrosh attempted to mend his bridges with the equally betrayed new chieftain. Expecting the same challenge from Baine that Cairne had given him, Garrosh was surprised when Baine refused such a notion. Outing Magatha as the true traitor, Baine offered Garrosh the loyalty of the tauren people. Impressed, Garrosh gladly accepted.[25]

Edge of Night[]

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In the fields of Silverpine Forest, Garrosh Hellscream rallied an army of Horde forces — the bulk being of said army being Forsaken — for an attack on Gilneas. Intent on conquering the nation for a port, Hellscream was prepared to launch an invasion when two things occurred preventing him. The first was having to deal with Apothecary Lydon's suggestion and later plea to use the Forsaken plague, which was denied and the second being the arrival of Sylvanas Windrunner. While Sylvanas was able to convince Garrosh to let her run the invasion of Gilneas, he privately remarked to himself that the eyes of Hellscream were on Sylvanas closer than ever.[26]

As Our Fathers Before Us[]

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While Garrosh and Baine had been able to put their lingering animosity behind them for the good of the Horde, new conflicts began to arise around the time of the Cataclysm. With the industrious goblins making use of Azshara for the Horde's military needs, the backlash of this had resulted in Orgrimmar's water supply becoming tainted and unfit to drink. Frustrated, Garrosh made the journey to Thunder Bluff, and spoke with both Baine and Hamuul Runetotem about using shipments of water from Mulgore to rectify this problem. Though both Baine and the Archdruid were apprehensive to bow down to this demand, after some mutual haranguing Baine agreed to it. Garrosh reiterated that as Warchief of the Horde, it fell to him to keep its people safe, and left.

The shipments appeased Garrosh, and before long the people of Durotar had fresh water to drink. Garrosh's attitude towards his tauren allies resulted in a number of them feeling alienated; some even going as far as to consider leaving the Horde over their chieftain's apparent passivity and Garrosh's increasing demands of the tauren people. As Baine struggled with this, he also learned of quilboar raiding parties harassing the water supplies and killing the tauren people. Garrosh quickly discovered this, and once again made a trip to Thunder Bluff to confront Baine over it. While Baine was adamant that a peaceful solution to the situation was possible, Garrosh was outraged. He pointed out to Baine that the quilboar were attacking Horde lands and killing Horde citizens, and that he would not stand for either. Garrosh ensured him that realistic action would be taken to remove the quilboar threat once and for all.

Garrosh, together with a small regiment of 15 Kor'kron, stormed the quilboar tunnels and cut down phalanxes of the beasts. As victory appeared near, the quilboar launched a massive-scale ambush and overwhelmed the Kor'kron regiment in the hundreds. Garrosh was backed into a corner, and while he was able to take down many more quilboar, the tide turned against him and was disarmed of Gorehowl. As things looked bleak, Baine, Hamuul and several of the Sunwalkers arrived to relieve the battle. After the High Chieftain assisted in dislodging Gorehowl from the tunnel wall, Garrosh and Baine fought off the quilboar and made their escape, arriving safely at the surface of the tunnels. While Garrosh was too infuriated for words, Baine informed him that the quilboar had been lacking a water source too, and Hamuul created a river for them on the grounds that no more attacks were made against the tauren. The quilboar slunk away, and the Horde forces left triumphant.

Baine ensured Garrosh that if the tauren people required aid again, they would inform him of it, and with that, he turned his back on the Warchief and led his people back to Thunder Bluff. Having ignored good advice, severely underestimating his enemy, getting 15 elite warriors killed for nothing, and knowing that he has completely and thoroughly embarrassed himself in general, Garrosh traveled back to Orgrimmar via zeppelin without a word. Despite their misgivings, Baine later reaffirmed his loyalty to the Horde that his father helped to shape.[27]

Ashenvale offensive[]

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Shortly after the Cataclysm,[28] Garrosh personally led his troops into the neighboring borders of Ashenvale. While his Warsong Clan had made considerable progress over the course of Warchief Thrall's reign, it was a far cry from the ambitions that Warchief Hellscream desired to achieve. Garrosh planned to create a massive city in the heart of the forest, one with the potential to rival Orgrimmar in size and power. With rich minerals riped for the taking, and all of the tools needed to see his people grow, Garrosh surged viciously through the kaldorei ranks and cut a swathe of destruction straight to the Silverwing Outpost. Having brought down a number of tamed proto-drakes and magnataur captives from Northrend that he domesticated by holding their young hostage, Garrosh planned to see his dreams of expansion realized.

His attack on the Outpost resulted in a decisive Horde victory. Garrosh reflected on how the forest that gave his father such harsh resistance was falling, piece by piece, and wondered what the mighty Grom would have made of this triumph. He concluded that not even Thrall could deny his prowess at this point, and would hail him as the champion of the orcish race and the entire Horde.

Garrosh's plan was twofold - he had gained knowledge of a meeting between the leaders of the Alliance and striked at this point in order to lure out Tyrande Whisperwind. As he had expected, the priestess arrived on the scene to relieve the waning sentinels, though the Horde unleashed the magnataur upon the Alliance's ranks. In the ensuing chaos, Tyrande was struck down and wounded by orc archers. Confident in a victory, Garrosh also took the fray.

The battle was interrupted by the arrival of worgen reinforcements led by Varian Wrynn and Genn Greymane, who proceeded to fight back several magnataur. On several occasions, Garrosh and Varian clashed and did battle; with both leaders matching each other's attack, blow by blow, and killing all who interfered with their duel. Though evenly matched at first, Varian eventually gained an advantage. Varian had been fighting with an in-explicit focus and unyielding vigor. While Garrosh tired, Varian was still full of stamina, which allowed Varian to press on his attack. Garrosh was fought back at this point, and Varian succeeded in wounding him and disarming Gorehowl. A dying magnataur separated the two combatants, and Garrosh composed himself. He prepared to rush at Varian once more, though is held back by several Kor'kron; urging Garrosh to retreat. Garrosh grudgingly complied, though not before swearing to kill Varian himself.[29]


Cataclysm This section concerns content related to Cataclysm.

Garrosh Hellscream in Orgrimmar.

Following the Cataclysm, Garrosh began to take a far more ferocious stance in his war with the Alliance - leading his forces in a rampage through Ashenvale in order to secure the much sought after supplies his people need. His actions have caused the orcish people to avoid the famine that threatened Durotar prior to his ascension. He believed that if the blood of the selfish Alliance was required to give his people the essentials they need to exist, then so be it. Hellscream's ascension has been applauded by most orcs, who felt that his brash warrior instincts and unwillingness to negotiate for needed resources were more in tune with the true orc way.[30]


Warchief Garrosh Hellscream on his throne.

Garrosh evicted the majority of non-orc races from central Orgrimmar, as he believed only the orcs possessed the strength to truly defend the city. Shortly after the Shattering, he created a new army — Garad'kra — to deal with the Horde's centaur incursion problems.[31] Garrosh has paid little heed to opinions originating outside of his race and was not one for diplomacy—with the Alliance or even among the members of the Horde. Already distrustful of the other branches of the Horde, Garrosh has learned that the various leaders of these factions were more powerful than he had originally estimated. Garrosh came into conflict with the Darkspear Chieftain, Vol'jin; Garrosh's relationship with him breaking down in a similar manner to that of Cairne - culminating with Vol'jin threatening to kill him for his thirst for war. The fallout between Vol'jin and Garrosh has subsequently led to the mass exodus of the Darkspear trolls from Orgrimmar.[32] Led by a dissatisfied Vol'jin, this rift between the orcs and trolls has spread the Horde's once-concentrated military mighty thin.[30]

Following the defeat of Trade Prince Gallywix, Thrall sent goblin agents to meet with Garrosh and join the Horde. Garrosh was shown an SI:7 emblem, and noted that he knew the meaning of this all too well. The events of the aforementioned As Our Fathers Before Us appeared to take place at this point.[27]

Garrosh's thin tolerance for the Forsaken was tested further after he ordered them to invade Gilneas, as the Horde needed a port in the Eastern Kingdoms. Though Gilneas was initially conquered, the Gilneans were able to counterattack and push the Forsaken forces out of the city. Growing irritated, Garrosh sent his own forces to support the Forsaken, and a stalemate was reached. Garrosh later met with Lady Sylvanas Windrunner in Silverpine Forest, and was present during her demonstration of the Val'kyr's great necromantic abilities. Though the Forsaken were appeased enough by this solution to their plight as a people, Garrosh was disgusted. He dispensed High Warlord Cromush to "guard" Lady Sylvanas, and after an insulting exchange with her, left.[33]

Garrosh has also explicitly banned the use of the Forsaken blight, though weaker versions were considered acceptable.[34][35] Most of the Forsaken seemed to pay little heed to this, and the more powerful strains have been used multiple times since.[36]

Garrosh Krom

Garrosh dismisses Overlord Krom'gar

During the events of Ashenvale, a demon named Durak attempted to renew the orcs' dependence on fel-power. Garrosh demanded his head for this transgression.[37] Garrosh also recruited the Shatterspear tribe into the Horde in order to mount an attack on the night elves from Darkshore.[38]

Following Overlord Krom'gar's assault in the Stonetalon Mountains, Krom'gar's corrupt general arranged the murder of several neutral druids studying in the Thal'darah Grove. Krom'gar used a massive bomb to completely eradicate the Grove, though Garrosh himself confronted him for these actions. Quoting words he had heard from "a wise old war hero", Garrosh grabbed Krom'gar by the neck, and hurled him off the ledge of Cliffwalker Post, causing him to plummet to his death. He was humbled by High Chieftain Cliffwalker's talk of "mercy", and thanked him for this lesson.[39]

Garrosh later sent Warlord Bloodhilt to salvage the situation in the Southern Barrens.

Garrosh personally spearheaded the assault into the Twilight Highlands, organizing an impressive air fleet to obliterate the Twilight's Hammer cult and claim the land for the Horde. After giving an inspiring speech to this effect, Garrosh was informed of an Alliance fleet nestled below- and ordered his air support to destroy them. This backfired when - due to treachery from within - the Horde fleet was ambushed, undefended, by Deathwing and his twilight drakes. Although Garrosh was personally able to fend one such drake off, his ship itself suffered massive damage and fell into the ocean below. The remainder of the fleet suffered a similar fate, crashing down into the sea. Garrosh himself was considered missing in action.[40]

Without Garrosh's direct leadership, the Horde turned to the neighboring Dragonmaw clan to strike up an alliance. After failed negotiations with their master, Overlord Mor'ghor, the Horde forces joined a Dragonmaw rebellion led by Warlord Zaela, successfully dethroning Mor'ghor and his fel orcs. Garrosh, who had survived the crash, arrived at Dragonmaw Port and officially inducted Zaela and the Dragonmaw into the Horde.[41]

With the assault on the Highlands going well, Garrosh turned his attention inwards- and learned that the earlier ambush was a result of treachery at the hands of Sauranok the Mystic, who had thrown his lot in with the Twilight's Hammer. Garrosh quickly disposed of the treacherous Sauranok with the player's assistance.[42]

Jaina Proudmoore: Tides of War[]

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Garrosh has granted amnesty to any members of the Blackrock clan willing to swear him their allegiance. One such orc, a formidable warrior named Malkorok, has become Garrosh's own bodyguard. Malkorok went about quieting dissent through intimidation, abduction and outright murder, and gained Garrosh's tacit approval to do so. Garrosh has also successfully blockaded Kalimdor, giving the Horde a succinct advantage at sea. Perhaps most notably, Garrosh's newfound military might has allowed him to keep a far tighter leash on his more critical allies, such as the Darkspear and the tauren, whose people and land are most at risk of Garrosh's wrath should Baine or Vol'jin make any moves against him. As such, the western Horde essentially found itself held hostage for its good behavior.

With the Cataclysm over and the threat of Deathwing subsided, Garrosh has reinvigorated his plans for conquest. Garrosh aimed to forcibly expel the Alliance from Kalimdor, and claim the continent for the good of the Horde. He expressed this desire in a meeting with the other Horde leaders (Baine Bloodhoof, Vol'jin, Sylvanas Windrunner, Lor'themar Theron, and Trade Prince Gallywix, along with Malkorok and Eitrigg, the only advisor remaining from Thrall's reign), much to the chagrin of the former three. Garrosh intended to scour Theramore from the continent, and stunt the Alliance's military presence. With that done, he then aimed to take the night elves' land.

Sylvanas took an issue with this, reasoning that the Alliance would strike at the Forsaken and sin'dorei in vengeance for Theramore, though Garrosh assured her that any Alliance retaliation would be dealt with. Of his fellow leaders, Lor'themar was the only one who opted not to question Garrosh's goals or motives, Gallywix caring only so far as profit was concerned. Coupled with the regent lord's lack of sympathy towards Sylvanas, Garrosh developed something of a respect for Theron. Nonetheless, Garrosh ordered all of the leaders watched, and Theron in particular after a loaded discussion with him about loyalty.

Garrosh retained his desire for acknowledgment, believing his conquest of Theramore would earn him the respect of Baine and Vol'jin, who in turn would be rewarded for coming around. Garrosh's plans for the isle went beyond what is common knowledge: Garrosh's agents gained knowledge of the Focusing Iris, and Garrosh ordered the blue dragon escorted protecting it to be slain, the Iris itself delivered to the warchief. Garrosh also ordered the creation of another mana bomb, the formidable blood elf invention created by the Sunfury years before in Outland.

The warchief spearheaded the attack on Northwatch, using it as a stepping stone to Theramore (and an excuse for the gathered Horde warriors to have a glorious battle). He was accompanied by Malkorok, Vol'jin, and Baine, along with Gallywix. Garrosh took note of the trade prince's eagerness, though was irritated that Sylvanas and Lor'themar were not present. In Sylvanas's stead, Captain Frandris Farley and a Forsaken regiment arrived to represent her interests, while the Blood Knight Kelantir Bloodblade and two ships of blood elven warriors were sent on behalf of Lor'themar Theron and Halduron Brightwing. With each race of the Horde accounted for, Garrosh made quick work of Northwatch and marched on to Theramore.

Garrosh's allies continued to express concern for the direction their Horde is heading in. While Garrosh refused to see anyone, reflecting on his looming victory, Baine called a small council to address the unsaid concerns brimming in the more moderate Horde's ranks. Garrosh interjected this gathering, having been tipped off to the meeting's location, and angrily lashed out at his allies for daring to question him. Garrosh assured Baine and Hamuul that he was not Thrall, and wrote Thrall off as a weak "pacifist," blaming his predecessor for the Horde's problems. He also backhanded Kelantir as she attempted to interject, though quickly composed himself, and told them that they were lucky their warchief was willing to overlook this deceit.

Later, Baine and Vol'jin tried to convince Garrosh to move the army, only to be stunned by Garrosh's order - to have Horde ships pulled back.

Garrosh dispensed Malkorok to the front lines, who promptly led the Horde forces in skirmishes around Theramore Isle. Garrosh's spy, a Sunreaver mage named Thalen Songweaver (ostensibly neutral), turned on Theramore's defenders and assisted the Horde in breaking into the city. With the help of Horde soldiers, Thalen was able to escape his predicament after being captured, and the true scope of Garrosh's plan was revealed.

Garrosh ordered a full retreat, having pushed the Alliance into the center of Theramore. The mana bomb, augmented by the power of the stolen Focusing Iris, was dropped directly over Theramore. The entire isle was utterly annihilated, with such brutal force that not even an insect survived. The casualties of this swift move were colossal — many of the Alliance's best and brightest generals were killed by the bomb, Lady Jaina Proudmoore herself only narrowly escaping it.

Having achieved a total victory, Garrosh was utterly elated. He spoke of the foolishness of his enemies — that he had stolen the Iris from under the noses of the Kirin Tor themselves, and that moment nothing of Theramore stood to oppose his conquest. Many of his soldiers were similarly thrilled at this victory, though others were repulsed: Baine, horrified, fled into the swamp to get away from the carnage as Malkorok laughed in his face. Baine also thought back on the irony that Garrosh has just committed a far worse crime of dishonor than what he had executed Overlord Krom'gar over.

This victory would not be without its consequences. Jaina, having survived the attack, was warped by the traumatic experience and twisted by the residual energies of the mana bomb, swearing to destroy Garrosh. Her quest for vengeance took her to Orgrimmar itself, where she prepared to slaughter its population in a similar manner to the fate her own nation suffered, though ultimately stayed her hand. Instead, she attacked Garrosh's fleet, engaged with Varian Wrynn's own.

Garrosh engaged Varian once more, taking their duel count up to three. This time Garrosh held his ground against Varian far better than their spar in Ashenvale, albeit once more the battle was cut short. The Alliance retreated from Durotar, and took back Northwatch for good measure.

Having narrowly avoided a catastrophe in Orgrimmar, and with Northwatch retaken, Garrosh ordered his coastal blockade of Kalimdor to fall back. Baine was pleased with this decision, viewing it as Garrosh giving up his conquest. To his horror, Garrosh stated that his plan has changed: instead of expelling the Alliance from Kalimdor, Garrosh now aimed to wage a war of total genocide. After being informed that he would lose Baine's support should another Theramore happen, Garrosh merely smirks at the tauren while remarking that such information is "duly noted."

Garrosh's brutal reign has had several lingering effects on both his allies and enemies: Vol'jin, though geographically most at risk of Garrosh's wrath, has privately given up all hope for him, and fell back to the Echo Isles to plan his next move; Baine, horrified at Garrosh's drive for genocide, has similarly fled back to Mulgore, while Jaina Proudmoore (now the Kirin Tor's new leader after Garrosh indirectly killed Rhonin) — although in a far better state of mind — has resolved to see Garrosh removed from power.

Meanwhile, Varian himself gained knowledge of the burgeoning discontentment in Garrosh's ranks and planned to have these "Horde rebels" take power from Garrosh in the long run.

Garrosh made a dark proclamation: every man, woman, and child was to assist in the war effort against the Alliance, and any found shirking their duties would face the wrath of the Kor'kron.[43]

Mists of Pandaria[]

Mists of Pandaria This section concerns content related to Mists of Pandaria.

Due to the destruction of Theramore, the Alliance has become motivated to the war effort instead of crushed as Garrosh originally intended. While being informed about the various navy battles by the newly promoted General Nazgrim, the Warchief was shocked to learn that during a naval battle in the south, Alliance forces were run aground. Upon learning about this new uncharted land, Garrosh became enraged that the Alliance got there first and quickly ordered the General to gather his best men to secure the new land for the Horde.[44]

Some time afterwards, Garrosh greeted new pandaren who have sworn allegiance to the Horde along with Ji Firepaw. He instructed them of what he expects of them[45] and tested their martial prowess by unleashing his captured beasts on them in the Ring of Valor.


Mists of Pandaria This section concerns content related to Mists of Pandaria.

Garrosh Hellscream, landing with the Dominance Offensive.

Roughly two months after the initial foray into Pandaria, Garrosh himself arrived with the bulk of the Horde fleet,[46] and quickly went about removing the local Alliance presence along the shore of Krasarang.[47] Garrosh and Vol'jin had yet another clash of opinions about his warmongering at the newly-constructed Domination Point, resulting in Garrosh, long-tested by the Darkspear chieftain's criticism, ordering his rival's outright murder (under the guise of Vol'jin being sent on a mission with the Kor'kron).[48] Vol'jin survived the attempt on his life, and it was revealed that Garrosh had put the Darkspear Isles under martial law. Members of his own Horde joined forces with former Warchief Thrall to liberate the isle and take down Garrosh's men. As a deterrent, Thrall himself took up the leadership of the isles in Vol'jin's absence.

Horde heroes were instructed to report Vol'jin's death to Garrosh, and remained close to the warchief – biding their time and finding other like-minded members of the Horde to save their coalition before Garrosh's rule destroys it.

Garrosh then traveled to the Shrine of Two Moons, where he was present with Malkorok, Ishi and the regent lord of Quel'Thalas, Lor'themar Theron. He learned from Malkorok about the mogu race and took a special interest in the iron-fisted rule of the mogu and their technology (remarking to Malkorok that he had much to learn from them), being particularly attracted by their ability to create new warriors and fuel emotions to their height in order to drastically increase battle prowess. Garrosh had sent an expedition led by Fanlyr Silverthorn to Ancestral Rise and wanted to see results. He was pleased when Fanlyr revealed to him information about the Inv misc bell 01 [Divine Bell].

Some time later, Garrosh traveled to Fire Camp Bataar, which he turned into a horde camp, and was investigating any mentions about the bell with Delia Sunseeker. It was there that Agent Connelly and an Alliance adventurer spied on him and learned about the Divine Bell too.

Theron and his regiment were later sent to Mogujia but they were overpowered by the Mogu. Garrosh clashed with Theron too after neglecting to mention a strong mogu presence that resulted in several blood elven casualties. Garrosh then observed Theron and his elves at the mogu ruins in Kun-Lai. The blood elves were planning to capture a mogu leader, Shan Kien. Theron sent a horde hero along with a farstrider and a blood knight to defeat the Mogu Warlord. Garrosh arrived during the battle and threw Gorehowl at the Mogu leader, almost killing him. Garrosh then demanded information about the Divine Bell but Shan Kien only mocked at him. When Garrosh was preparing for a final blow, Fanlyr stopped him telling him that the mogu was the only key to the Divine Bell and that the blood elves would make him speak. Garrosh agreed and left telling him that should Fanlyr disrespected him once more, his head would be placed atop of a pike in Orgrimmar.

Shan Kien was captured and brought to Garrosh'ar Advance. Back in the Shrine of Two Moons, Baine Bloodhoof, too, arrived on Pandaria, and worked to undo (or clean up after) the chaos Garrosh left behind during his stay, including (but not limited to) curing sha-corrupted soldiers at the Shrine of Two Moons. Garrosh discussed the sha power with Lor'themar and Baine, and insisted that the Horde would control the power. Theron then departed to Silvermoon with a sha artifact to examine it. Garrosh then sent a Horde adventurer to Silvermoon to get information. Like Vol'jin before him, Lor'themar became increasingly wary of Garrosh's rule; and after multiple instances of his people's welfare being disregarded by the warchief (including Garrosh's demand to look into the mogu artifact resulting in a sha being released in Silvermoon), Lor'themar considers pulling Quel'Thalas out of Garrosh's Horde, and reconsidering old Alliances.

Garrosh traveled with Baine to Garrosh'ar Advance where he interrogated Shan Kien in order to find out the location of Divine Bell. Baine found a more peaceful way to extract the information, which proved successful. Shan Kien then revealed the location of a tomb, where the Bell was located. Unbeknownst to the Horde, the Alliance was spying on the interaction and also learned the location. Garrosh sent Ishi to retrieve the Bell only to find that the kaldorei entered the tomb shortly before the Horde arrived and took the bell to Darnassus. Garrosh then sent Fanlyr and some Horde champions to locate the bell in Darnassus, and successfully claim it. Jaina Proudmoore discovered that the Sunreavers played a part in the theft, and purged them from the city of Dalaran. Many fleeing blood elves (including Aethas Sunreaver) were rescued by Grand Magister Rommath; and, in the aftermath of the conflict, the Sunreavers came to hold Garrosh just as responsible for their removal from Dalaran as Jaina herself. This act put a stop to the prospect of Lor'themar joining the Alliance: by organizing a heist in Darnassus after learning of Lor'themar's talks with Varian (and focusing blame on the blood elves for it), Garrosh was able to sabotage the notion of the sin'dorei leaving the Horde.[49]

Later on, Garrosh amassed Horde forces at Emperor's Reach with the Divine Bell in tow. Garrosh spoke about the Horde's grand destiny, and how he would use the Divine Bell to erase weakness from his orcs and create a stronger Horde. Garrosh then rang the Divine Bell, which turned his Kor'kron into sha. After they were dispatched by the adventurer, Prince Anduin Wrynn intervened and tried to deter Garrosh from using the Divine Bell. Anduin's pleas fell on deaf ears, and Garrosh used the Divine Bell to infest his champion Ishi with the power of the sha, who the adventurer then had to fight. Though Garrosh encouraged his troops to master sha energy, in the end, none of his champions were able to do so. In the aftermath of the battle, Anduin used the Harmonic Mallet to turn the Divine Bell's chaos into pure harmony. This temporarily stunned Garrosh before he struck at the bell and destroyed it; causing its rubble to fall on Prince Anduin. The impact of the bell has caused Anduin's bones to shatter. Believing Anduin dead, Garrosh let the Alliance champion live to relay the fate of Anduin to King Varian; thereby illustrating the price for his continued defiance. Garrosh then flew off, maniacally laughing at the thought of the Alliance's, and particularly King Varian's, suffering. Though the Divine Bell was destroyed, Garrosh was still determined to master sha energy.

The Thunder King[]

Mists of Pandaria This section concerns content related to Mists of Pandaria.

Garrosh was preoccupied at Domination Point, and paid no mind to the events of the Isle of Thunder. Lor'themar Theron led a Sunreaver-heavy coalition against the returned Thunder King to claim his weaponry as leverage against Garrosh in the event of an uprising.


Mists of Pandaria This section concerns content related to Mists of Pandaria.

“The Horde is his army, but we are not his people. Garrosh demands loyalty, but to him that just means dying at his command. He doesn't know what loyalty is. Thrall inspired loyalty. What Garrosh wants is obedience.”

Koak admits the truth about Garrosh to Elder Anli and himself[50]

Fed up with Garrosh's warmongering, large portions of the Horde rose up against him.[51] Garrosh branded the entirety of the Darkspear tribe as traitors to the Horde, forcibly taking over their holdings while oppressing and executing their members. The already precarious racial division of Orgrimmar took another hit, as the Valley of Spirits was then dominated by the Kor'kron, and various non-orc members of the city are rounded up, chiefly among them the tauren.

This turn of events put a dent in Lor'themar and Vol'jin's collaborative plot to overthrow Garrosh, as with his people in direct danger (while Theron was finishing up on the Isle of Thunder and across the sea), the Darkspear chieftain was forced to declare the open rebellion and return to Durotar. Dubbed the Darkspear Rebellion, this first push against Garrosh culminated in the rebels claiming the Echo Isles all the way up to Razor Hill. Thrall, Baine Bloodhoof, and Chen Stormstout also threw their support behind the rebellion, and fought their way ever-closer to Orgrimmar.

Simultaneously, Garrosh also faced the threat of an Alliance invasion. SI:7 agents were sent to gain intel on Garrosh's movements and pave the way for the arrival of the Alliance's main force, and also learn of the rebellion taking place. In order to subvert the Horde further, the Alliance lends aid to the rebellion.

Garrosh had not given up on his desire to wield Pandarian artifacts, and sent a goblin excavation force to unearth the dark powers resting under the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, shipping them back to Orgrimmar and storing them in Ragefire Chasm. Horde agents speculated that Garrosh was preparing for yet another invasion, though the target was unclear.[52] Garrosh had also called in the aid of Warlord Zaela and General Nazgrim to put down the rebellion, and had conscripted mercenaries to supplement his Kor'kron force.

Siege of Orgrimmar[]

Mists of Pandaria This section concerns content related to Mists of Pandaria.

Garrosh during the siege.

After the goblin excavation team in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms discovered the sealed heart of a deceased Old God, Y'Shaarj, Garrosh traveled to observe his secured bounty. Realizing the heart was dormant, Garrosh fought his way through the Shado-Pan to submerge the heart in the vale's pools. He was confronted by the Shado Pan's lord, Taran Zhu, who attempted to end Garrosh's rampage across the continent, but was defeated when the warchief choked him with dismantled rails and impaled him upon Gorehowl. Garrosh told his defeated opponent that the other races of the world will no doubt attempt to stop him, and that moreover, he is counting on it: no matter what the world throws at him, Garrosh was confident that his newly-unearthed power would be able to prevail, and that all those against him would find themselves impaled upon Orgrimmar's spires.

Garrosh hurled the dormant heart into the pools, causing a chaotic surge of sha energy which corrupted the surrounding area. Garrosh retreated to his underground fortress, leaving behind even his father's weapon in favor of a new, Old God-forged visage of it - Xal'atoh. After moving the heart to Orgrimmar, Garrosh became crazier and more xenophobic,[53] though he was not controlled or corrupted by the Old Gods.[54]

Garrosh moved the heart into his own personal sanctum within the Underhold, a large underground complex located deep within the Ragefire Chasm below Orgrimmar. With the entire city under martial law, Garrosh issues commands from within the compound and plans to conquer the entire world for his True Horde using his newfound powers. He has also allowed the Paragons of the Klaxxi within his compound, who act as guardians of the Heart. Garrosh also gifted some of its power to Malkorok. The Alliance and Horde (under the name 'The Darkspear Rebellion') formed a coalition to stop the crazed dictator, along with adventurers freshly arrived from containing the destruction Garrosh had laid upon the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. The group laid siege to the city and successfully made their way into the Underhold and fought past all Garrosh's traps and lieutenants to find Thrall confronting Garrosh and pleading him to cease his genocidal war.

Garrosh refused to co-operate, calling Thrall weak and sadistically stating he'll take pleasure in destroying everything the Horde and Alliance had created. He even briefly tortured his old mentor physically, as his Dark Shaman had tortured the elements for miles around, thus causing them to strike out at Thrall when he attempted to call upon them. Thrall overcame this and faced Garrosh in melee combat, only to be easily beaten. Garrosh then turned his attention to the adventurers and engaged them in battle with the support of the True Horde, the iron stars, and the power of Y'Shaarj itself.

The battle took place not just in the Underhold, but also in Y'Shaarj's twisted pocket dimension, shaped to resemble places where immense Sha outbreaks had occurred on Pandaria. The adventurers held out, however, and in a last-ditch effort Garrosh became an avatar of the Old God by absorbing all the Heart's remaining power. But it still wasn't enough, and the evil Warchief, at last, collapsed from his wounds, the power of Y'Shaarj dissipating from his exhausted body, after which the Alliance, Horde and Pandaren leaders arrive to take him into custody and decide his fate.

Possible futures[]

In one of the most devastating possible outcomes — as shown by the Inv relics hourglass [Vision of Time] — Garrosh lays waste to Stormwind City, leaving the entire harbor in ruins and corrupted by Y'Shaarj's power. He also impales the corpses of all rebel Horde leaders, as well as the Wrynn family, Jaina Proudmoore, Tyrande Whisperwind and Taran Zhu to adorn a ruined stairway leading to the city proper and to serve as a dire warning for anyone that would oppose his new order. The same vision is encountered during the Heroic mode fight against Garrosh.

Another vision shows him to be defeated lying on the ground surrounded by all the leaders of Horde and Alliance. The final vision of Garrosh shows him to be caged up in the Temple of the White Tiger where Anduin Wrynn visited him, possibly referring to a scene from the War Crimes novel.[55]

Defeat and capture[]
Hellscream Defeated

Hellscream defeated.

After the Alliance/Horde adventurers defeated Garrosh and the Heart of Y'Shaarj, Garrosh was knocked to the ground and incapacitated. Thrall, leaning over Garrosh's body, told him of how disappointed he was in him, and prepared to deliver him a final blow: a death sentence carried out by the Doomhammer, but was stopped by King Varian Wrynn, who declared that Garrosh's punishment was not for him alone to decide. Thrall was also reluctant to allow the Alliance to decide Garrosh's fate. Taran Zhu and Lorewalker Cho suggested that Garrosh instead be taken to Pandaria to stand trial for his heinous crimes against the peoples of Azeroth, to which Varian and Thrall agreed. Garrosh was then taken by Taran Zhu and the Shado-Pan out of the room.

After the fall of Garrosh, the Warsong clan was shattered by what Garrosh had become.[56]

War Crimes[]

WoW-novel-logo-16x62 This section concerns content related to the Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.
War Crimes Cover art

War Crimes.

After his defeat, Garrosh was transferred to the Temple of the White Tiger where a trial would be conducted for his fate. Caged below the temple, Garrosh dreamed about his father and his home, Draenor. Garrosh wondered whether, if his father were still alive, he would be proud of his son.

When everyone had arrived, Garrosh was brought forth before Taran Zhu, the jury and the many witnesses. There he was told of the crimes he was being accused of. He merely clapped and made a mockery of the trial, comparing it to the Darkmoon Faire and causing a great commotion. Once things were settled down, he was appointed a defender from the Horde who was Baine Bloodhoof. Baine tried his best to defend Garrosh but he did nothing to help his case. Baine suggested he open up to someone unless he had a death wish. Garrosh decided he would only speak to Anduin Wrynn. While cautious at first, Anduin accepted.

Many times Garrosh and Anduin spoke, discussing many things. Anduin repeatedly tried to get Garrosh to repent and admit what he had done was wrong. Garrosh, however, would always turn things on the young boy and make him question things he held dearly. On the eve of the trial's verdict, Garrosh was extremely agitated. He did all he could to infuriate Anduin. Eventually, this worked, and Anduin nearly attacked him. Instead, he reached out and smacked the food from Garrosh's hands. Garrosh grabbed his arm and twisted it but Anduin told him the food was poisoned and he had saved his life, which made Garrosh release his arm. Before Anduin left the room, he asked the guards to remove the shackles from around the orc's legs so he could once again walk like a true warrior.

Before the verdict was given, Garrosh was given a chance to speak. He said Tyrande Whisperwind and Baine both gave great arguments. He even spoke to Anduin and said how he believed people could change. Just as Garrosh was about to admit his regrets, he stunned the room by shouting he regrets nothing and would do it all over again. Kairozdormu, who had been tinkering with the Inv relics hourglass [Vision of Time] during all of this, created a portal that allowed him and Garrosh to escape to an alternate Draenor that was set 35 years in the past. Upon surfacing, they happened to be in Nagrand.


WoW-novel-logo-16x62 This section concerns content related to the Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.

Garrosh and Kairoz eventually made their way to Nagrand, the lands of the Warsong clan. The plan was to locate the alternate counterpart of Garrosh's father, Grom Hellscream, and rally the orc clans into a different kind of Horde. But Kairoz did not intend to stop there; he intended to use the shards of the Vision of Time to find his way into many other worlds, and find other Hordes to send back to Azeroth, believing that this would give him infinite power. However, after learning that the shard would be able to take him back to Azeroth of his present time, Garrosh took the shard and stabbed Kairoz to death with it, declaring that orcs would never be used as pawns again.

Traveling to a nearby Warsong encampment, Garrosh came forward as a stranger with no clan but claimed his heart was Warsong. Speaking boldly, he declared that he had come to prevent the Warsongs from becoming slaves, and declared that Grom would have led them willingly to such a fate. As a result of this insult, Garrosh was subjected to a Mak'Rogahn, a "duel of will", to prove his honor by fighting against four members of the Warsong clan who were supposed to be on guard duty and had failed to spot him. Garrosh defeated his opponents, with the spectators commenting that the stranger fought like Hellscream. Following Grom into his tent, Garrosh spoke vaguely about the fate that awaited the orcish people, that Gul'dan would enslave their race to unseen masters by offering them a "gift", and that Grom would be the first to take it because he could not tolerate another taking it first. Revealing the shard from the Vision of Time, Garrosh described the kinds of weapons he had used as Warchief of the Horde on Azeroth, including mana bombs and iron stars. He called on Grom to rally the other orcish clans against their true enemy, and suggested taking the shard to the Stones of Prophecy to show the Warsong leader the truth of his words. Grom cautiously agreed, threatening to take Garrosh's head if he was lying; Garrosh replied that if he could not convince Grom of his sincerity, his life meant nothing.

Garrosh watched as Grom took the shard into the presence of the elemental spirits who showed him, the elements, and the shaman who watched over the stones the truth of Garrosh's words: Gul'dan's bargain with Kil'jaeden, the drinking of the demons' blood (showing that Grom had indeed been the first to do so), the First and Second Wars against the humans, their defeat at the hands of the Alliance, and the withdrawal from demon magics that left the orcish people broken. However, Garrosh intentionally hid the truth of Grom's redemption at Demon Fall Canyon by killing the elder shaman who had seen ahead and interrupting the vision before Grom could see it. When Grom emerged from the vision, he pledged that he would not allow his people to be slaves, and sent runners to the other clans to tell them of what he had learned. Grom called on Garrosh to stand at his side and fight with the Warsong, for there was a long road ahead; Garrosh proudly declared that he would fight to the death.[11]

Gul'dan and the Stranger[]

Comics title This section concerns content related to the Warcraft manga or comics.

Garrosh as "The Stranger"

Gul'dan sent a message to the orcs promising them untold power. In reply, Grommash Hellscream sent Garrosh, disguised as a messenger, to Gul'dan wishing to know more about the cruel orc's intent. Gul'dan replied that he had seen a vision, and a Legion wanted the orcs as their vanguard. Much to Gul'dan's surprise, Garrosh knew serving this Legion meant drinking the blood of Mannoroth and enslaving the orcs to the demons. Angered at Garrosh's accusations of slavery, and proclaiming himself to be a god, Gul'dan had his guards remove the messenger from the premises. In response, Garrosh slew the guards. Gul'dan told Garrosh that in three days the orcs would drink from Mannoroth's blood on a mountaintop and from there march to victory. Garrosh lowered his hood, revealing his identity, and told Gul'dan that in three days Grommash will stand on the mountain as well and lead the orcs to embrace their true fate.[57]

Warlords of Draenor[]

Warlords of Draenor This section concerns content related to Warlords of Draenor.
Garrosh prof

In the Warlords of Draenor cinematic

On the fateful day when the orcs were poised to drink the blood of Mannoroth and become slaves to the Legion, Garrosh accompanied his father to confront Gul'dan and give the warlock the Warsong clan's answer to his offer of power. However in this universe, Grom rejected Gul'dan's encouragement to drink the blood, and Garrosh coordinated an ambush on the warlock and Mannoroth himself using the orcs' new technology. Garrosh's Iron Star was launched at Mannoroth, distracting him for long enough to allow Grom to execute the demon. Garrosh pushed his father out the way of Mannoroth's dying explosion, saving Grom from the fate that felled him in the prime timeline. Pulling a stunned Gul'dan to his feet, Garrosh then drew a fel-bloodied Gorehowl from the demon's corpse and tossed it to his father, who proclaimed their victory and independence – as conquerors, never slaves - to the gathered masses. This pivotal moment was all that Garrosh's interference in the timeline had led to, and thus the Iron Horde came to be.

Garrosh gave Blackhand schematics for machinery and rose to prominence as one of the Warlords of the Iron Horde, and the leader of the Warsong clan while his father holds the position of Warchief over all clans. He also enlisted Pauli Rocketspark and the Blackfuse Company to build necessary technology for the Iron Horde's infrastructure within Grimrail Depot and issued orders for the capture of Gruul. He had also been present when Grommash "convinced" Ner'zhul and his Shadowmoon clan to join the Iron Horde. Khadgar and Chromie too saw his vision in Nagrand's mountains. When a citadel in the heart of Tanaan began constructing, he suggested the name Hellfire.[58]

He was personally responsible for the Ironmarch's invasion of Azeroth. He ordered Zaela to claim Upper Blackrock Spire as the forward base of the invading force, where a doomsday weapon capable of making Blackrock Mountain erupt and subsequently destroy large swaths of the continent - including Stormwind - is to be built.

The draenei under Yrel blamed him for the fall of Telaar and they knew him as "the son of Hellscream".[59] Garrosh was located in Grommashar when the Horde and Alliance attacked the settlement. He began fighting with the adventurers, Durotan and Yrel, only to be stopped by Thrall who issued a mak'gora.

The pair clash at the Stones of Prophecy—the site where Garrosh had first learned of his father's redemption. As the pair traded blows, Garrosh argues that everything he did was for the Horde; Thrall replies that Garrosh "failed the Horde." In a fury, Garrosh attacks Thrall with his bare hands, yelling that Thrall made him Warchief. "You left me to pick up your pieces! You failed ME!" Having the upper hand, Garrosh remarks that Thrall "never had the strength of a true warrior." Thrall counters that his strength is not as a warrior, but as a shaman, before calling upon the elements to lash out against Garrosh. Tightly bound by the elements, Garrosh roars that Thrall made him what he is; Thrall responds that Garrosh chose his own destiny. A single bolt of lightning ends Garrosh's life.[7]


Despite his death, the effects of his actions would carry on for some time into the future. His meddling in the affairs of the alternate Draenor set off a chain of unbroken events that eventually led the Burning Legion back to Azeroth in their greatest invasion of the world yet. This war ultimately ended with the Legion's final defeat, but at the cost of Azeroth's own well-being.

The effects of his attack on Theramore and his quest for the Divine Bell left Jaina Proudmoore with deep mental scars that led to her leaving the Kirin Tor and continuing to blame the Horde as a whole for Garrosh's actions. These scars would manifest as echoes when Jaina was pulled into Thros, the Blighted Lands.

Battle for Azeroth[]

Battle for Azeroth This section concerns content related to Battle for Azeroth.

An Echo of Garrosh Hellscream is faced within the Inner Sanctum of Orgrimmar by adventurers seeking to attune a shard of the Inv relics hourglass [Vision of Time] to Draenor.[60]


Shadowlands This section concerns content related to Shadowlands.
Garrosh the Chained

Garrosh's soul imprisoned in Revendreth.

After Garrosh's death, his soul was confined to the realm of Revendreth to atone for his crimes. Due to his large amount of anima and refusal to repent, the venthyr used him as one of their reliable "workhorses" from which they could continue extracting the vital energy even as the Shadowlands began suffering from the anima drought.[61] The orc's soul was eventually thrown into the Maw[62] and imprisoned in the Sanctum of Domination, where Soulrender Dormazain continued extracting his anima to fuel the Mawsworn armies. Garrosh proved resistant to Dormazain's usual torture methods, but the soulrender looked forward to spending millennia finding his weakness.[63]

The heroes of Azeroth eventually arrived and confronted Dormazain, who continued tormenting Garrosh to unleash waves of anima against his enemies. When the soulrender was defeated, Garrosh broke free from his chains. Just as he had done during his trial in Pandaria, he declared that he would proudly make all of the choices in his life again and yelled that he would submit to no one—not Dormazain, not the Jailer, and not "that coward Thrall". He then picked up his torturer's blade and, with a final cry of "For the Horde", leapt at Dormazain and struck him, creating an explosion of anima that obliterated them both and left nothing behind of the former warchief's soul but a pile of ash.[5]

Thrall later confided in the soul of his mother Draka that he still felt responsibility for Garrosh's actions, but she told him that Hellscream had chosen his own path. Thrall insisted that it was he who had set Garrosh on that path, but Draka disagreed, saying that all Thrall had done was offer him a choice. Either way, Garrosh's path had now ended, while Thrall's continued forward.[64]


Notable appearances
Location Level range Health range
Twilight Highlands ?? 2,420,370
H IconSmall Pandaren MaleIconSmall Pandaren Female [1-20] The Horde Way ?? 1,380,704,384
Pandaria ?? 129,993,600
Garrosh Hellscream (tactics) ??
Normal +Scales
Heroic +Scales
B [35-40] And Justice for Thrall 100 178,848
Stones of Prophecy 102 9,570,000
H [50] Vol'jin, Son of Sen'jin 123 51,876,000
Echo of Garrosh Hellscream ?? 490,400
Notable appearances
Location Level range Health range
Nagrand ?? 6,986
Borean Tundra ?? 232,000
Argent Tournament Grounds ?? 34,430
Argent Coliseum ?? 1,394,500
Icecrown Citadel ?? 1,754,800
Elemental Unrest ?? 697,250
Orgrimmar ?? 17,954,400
Silverpine Forest ?? 2,072,400
Stonetalon Mountains ?? 2,072,400
H [30-35] Twilight Skies ?? 46,790


Bc icon This section concerns content related to The Burning Crusade.

Wrath-Logo-Small This section concerns content related to Wrath of the Lich King.
Removed from game The subject of this section did not make it out of the PTR stages of patch 3.3.0.
Cataclysm This section concerns content related to Cataclysm.
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Vol'jin replaced Garrosh in Warlords of Draenor for the following quests:


Removed from game The subject of this section has been removed from World of Warcraft.

The battle with Garrosh was arguably the most difficult of all the faction leaders, a major factor being his strategic position. At face value, the several entrances to Orgrimmar can seem appealing to a would-be raid, though Grommash Hold itself has been moved to the most populated area of Orgrimmar- leaving Garrosh flanked by a large amount of Horde players at almost all times. Garrosh's lack of elite guards is compensated by the Warchief's Herald that pulls with him, and the small amount of space allocated for the fight- leaving most of the raid susceptible to AOE and easy crowd control from Horde players, most deadly being chain fears on healers or tanks. It is also important to note that vanishing or stealthing into the room is almost impossible as the pair of Forsaken Delegation Deathguards in the Hold can see through stealth effects.

Grommash Hold Cata2

Grommash Hold in the center of Orgrimmar.

Garrosh has a number of powerful abilities in his arsenal. In addition to a melee Ability warrior cleave [Cleave], he possesses a Ability warrior bladestorm [Bladestorm]-like ability which slows his movement speed by 50%, dealing roughly 15000 damage to everyone in the vicinity every second, for six seconds total. Garrosh also uses berserker charge, dealing roughly 17k damage and knocking back the target by 15 yards. He also makes use of a Ability warrior shockwave [Shockwave] ability with an impressive range, dealing around 17k damage to all enemies to his front and stunning them for 5 seconds.

The fight with Garrosh is highly unpredictable due to the immediate outside interference. The near-constant threat of a large Horde defense force can make or break the attempt, and a wipe can be incredibly difficult to recover from.

The best way to deal with Garrosh is to strike at a time where Orgrimmar's player traffic will be lowest, and downing him as fast as possible within Grommash hold. Pulling him outside is ill-advised, as the Horde will become even more aware of their Warchief's predicament, and a massive wave of constant guard spawns in addition to this can prove disastrous. If the raid is successful, a quick escape is vital — like Lor'themar Theron, Garrosh is only on a 5-10 minute respawn timer.

Players must also be careful of Horde players kiting Gamon into the area now that he is a level 85 elite. Gamon will randomly charge players and use his battleshout to increase Garrosh's attack power.

Time is a factor with most city leaders, and Garrosh is perhaps the most notable example as to why.


  • Ability warrior charge Berserker Charge —  40 yrd range. Charges at an enemy, knocking it back and inflicting 16187 to 18812 Physical damage.
  • Ability warrior warcry Demoralizing Shout —  Reduces the melee attack power of nearby enemies by 20% for 15 sec.
  • Ability warrior shockwave Shockwave —  Sends a wave of force in front of the warrior, causing damage and stunning all enemy targets within 10 yards in a frontal cone for 4 sec.
  • Ability whirlwind Whirlwind —  Deals 14137 to 15862 damage per 1 sec to surrounding enemies. Movement speed slowed by 50%.


Much like his father, Garrosh is a warrior-born. Though Garrosh was once highly ashamed of his heritage, a new fighting spirit was awakened within him following Thrall's revelations about who Grom truly was. His hot-headed nature came to the test during the war in Northrend, where Garrosh was quick to dismiss the more practical concerns during war in favor of a glorious battle, believing the fighting spirit of the Horde alone was enough to bring down the Scourge. He has employed ruthless but effective tactics on the battlefield, as noted by Saurfang. Unlike Thrall, who preferred to keep discreet tabs on his more dubious allies (such as those speculated to have ties with the Shadow Council), Garrosh has no qualms about speaking his mind — making no effort to hide his low opinion on the Forsaken.

Garrosh strongly believes in the value of honor, and in a fair fight. This had led him to show a distaste for the tactics of both the Forsaken and the Alliance and threatened the life of Korm Blackscar after the events of the Broken Front. He personally executed Overlord Krom'gar for the murder of innocents and seems to have gleamed a number of Saurfang's creeds. Though he seems to have subsequently lost them.

Garrosh is well-known for his fierce hatred of the Alliance. This appears to stem from his belief that the orcish people deserve a better quality of life than Durotar can offer and views the Alliance as his primary obstacle in making this happen. To this end, he has expressed the desire for war with the Horde's rival faction multiple times, and was of the opinion that the Horde should simply take what it needs — both before and after his ascension to Warchief. His failures to easily attain whatever he wants for the Horde, the Alliance's tenacity in the war, and the doubt and disrespect the rest of the Horde show him, slowly push him towards insanity with his aggression extending to the Dragonflights and culminating in a plan of complete genocide of anything non-orc.

His disregard for a more diplomatic approach is applauded by many of the orcs, who view his uncompromising attitude in regards to securing his people a future to be inspiring. Garrosh himself is becoming aware of the tested bonds between him and his fellow leaders of the Horde, though he doesn't care, and indeed his solution to them is simply to make them enemies as well.[30]

Christie Golden on Garrosh[]

In anticipation of the Tides of War novel's release, WoW Insider had the opportunity to interview the author behind the novel, Christie Golden:

Garrosh's personality in game and out has done a lot of shifting back and forth. We see him get a lot darker in Tides. How did you go about developing his character?

"I think Garrosh has, at his core, a weak personality. He was very hostile about his father and ashamed of his father, and it took Thrall to say, "Hey, look, you know your dad did some pretty amazing things despite everything." He had to get that validation externally. He also had to prove himself in battle externally. And now he is surrounding himself with some very bad and dangerous advisors, externally.

Because I think that at the core, he doesn't really know. He wants to do well. He wants to preserve the orcs and their pride and their history. But I think he is actually a rather malleable person whose opinions can change. He doesn't have a strong core.

I think the main difference -- Jaina has a very strong core. And when adversity and disaster and personal torment rip her down to nothing but that core, that core is still intact. It's hurt, but it's intact. And Garrosh doesn't really have a strong core. So what he believes kind of changes depending on what the situation is and who's talking. And I think that does not a good strong leader make."[65]


In his first appearance in the Burning Crusade, Garrosh used a generic Mag'har model with scars across his cheeks, a calm expression, and a topknot likely intended to reference his father's long hair. Grom's model was also depicted like this in the vision shown by Thrall due to model limitations. His trading card game model was an exact illustration of his in game model. In Garrosh's next appearance in the comic "Threat!", Garrosh was shown with a huge body and small head as all orcs were depicted in that issue. In Cataclysm, Garrosh's model was changed to a hulking yellow-eyed orc with a smaller sized head (likely in reference to the comic), his jaw was tattooed, and his head was now fully shaved.

Ultimately, Garrosh's appearance (bulky with a shaved head) had become practically the inverse of Grom's (lean with long hair).

Garrosh's use of the sha during the Siege of Orgrimmar left scars on his skin in the form of dark tracings resembling webby fingers.[66]

Garrosh's armor[]

Mannoroth's skull has been moved to Grommash Hold in Orgrimmar's Valley of Strength. There, the skull can be seen as part of Garrosh's throne. Part of the tusks were cut off and fashioned into Garrosh's new shoulder armor.[67] The skull on Garrosh's left shoulderpad originated from a huge predator slain by the orc himself.[68]



Comics title This section concerns content related to the Warcraft manga or comics.
"Kalimdor should be home to the orcs, Rehgar. All of Kalimdor!"[69]

Wrath of the Lich King[]

Wrath-Logo-Small This section concerns content related to Wrath of the Lich King.
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Scourge Invasion[]

Valley of Honor, Orgrimmar

My arms grow restless, anxiously waiting to drive my axes into the skull of the Lich King. Thrall would have us wait and let the Scourge continue to grow in strength. I will not have this!

If we are to end the threat of the Lich King, we must sail to Northrend and give him the full might of the Horde! Our forces are ready and willing to exact revenge for the deaths wrought by the plague and invasion.

The time to strike is now!

Gossip in Warsong Hold[]

The razing of Orgrimmar was not just an attack against orcs, it was an affront to the Horde. An assault against our very existence!

The Lich King sought to sow the seeds of fear.


<Garrosh points to the fortified walls that surround him.>

This is the result of Arthas's campaign.

The Horde fears nothing...

Dialogue with Saurfang[]

This is the full transcript of the dialogue between Garrosh and Saurfang:

Varok Saurfang turns around to speak with Garrosh.
High Overlord Saurfang says: We are surrounded... Our enemies press in from all sides, young Hellscream.
Saurfang walks to the central and Borean Tundra portions of the hide map of Northrend on the floor, kneeling to point them out, then walks off the map to stand before Garrosh.
High Overlord Saurfang says: The Scourge descends like locust from the north.
High Overlord Saurfang says: The Alliance holds the only secure shipping lane in this region, and even that is at risk of being lost to those dreaded mists.
High Overlord Saurfang says: Our only viable port for resupply is held by the Forsaken on the other side of this blasted continent!
High Overlord Saurfang says: Anything our zeppelins cannot haul must be brought in by ship and travel the length of Northrend to reach us.
Saurfang walks back to his usual spot.
Garrosh Hellscream grunts.
Garrosh walks up to the map and kneels.
Garrosh Hellscream says: Shipping lanes... supplies... You bore me to death! We need nothing more than the warrior spirit of the Horde, Saurfang! Now that we are firmly entrenched in this frozen wasteland, nothing shall stop us!
High Overlord Saurfang says: Siege engines, ammunition, heavy armor... How do you propose to shatter the walls of Icecrown without those?
Garrosh stands.
Garrosh Hellscream says: Propose? I will show you what I propose!
Garrosh crushes the figures and flag indicating Valiance Keep on the map.
Garrosh Hellscream says: There... Now we now have a shipping lane.
Garrosh crushes the figures and flags indicating Valgarde and Westguard Keep.
Garrosh Hellscream says: And just for good measure...
Garrosh walks back to his usual spot.
High Overlord Saurfang says: So the prodigal son has spoken!
High Overlord Saurfang says: Your father's blood runs strong in you, Hellscream. Impatient as always... Impatient and reckless.
High Overlord Saurfang says: You rush headlong into all-out war without a thought of the consequences.
Garrosh Hellscream says: Do not speak to me of consequences, old one.
High Overlord Saurfang says: I drank of the same blood your father did, Garrosh. Mannoroth's cursed venom pumped through my veins as well.
High Overlord Saurfang says: I drove my weapons into the bodies and minds of my enemies.
High Overlord Saurfang says: And while Grom died a glorious death - freeing us all from the blood curse - he could not wipe away the terrible memory of our past.
High Overlord Saurfang says: His act could not erase the horrors we committed.
High Overlord Saurfang pauses.
High Overlord Saurfang says: The winter after the curse was lifted, hundreds of veteran orcs like me were lost to despair.
High Overlord Saurfang says: Our minds were finally free, yes... Free to relive all of the unthinkable acts that we had performed under the Legion's influence.
High Overlord Saurfang nods.
High Overlord Saurfang says: I think it was the sounds of the draenei children that unnerved most of them... You never forget...
High Overlord Saurfang says: Have you ever been to Jaggedswine Farm? When the swine are of age for the slaughter... It's that sound. The sound of the swine being killed... It resonates the loudest. Those are hard times for us older veterans.
Garrosh Hellscream says: But surely you cannot think that those children were born into innocence? They would have grown up and taken arms against us!
High Overlord Saurfang shakes his head.
High Overlord Saurfang says: I am not speaking solely of the children of our enemies...
High Overlord Saurfang pauses.
High Overlord Saurfang says: I won't let you take us down that dark path again, young Hellscream. I'll kill you myself before that day comes...
Saurfang turns away and looks at the map instead.
Garrosh Hellscream says: How have you managed to survive for so long, Saurfang? Not fallen victim to your own memories?
Saurfang turns around for a moment to answer.
High Overlord Saurfang says: I don't eat pork...
High Overlord Saurfang spits.

Icecrown Citadel[]


With the Warsong Offensive here in Icecrown Citadel, victory is within our grasp! The death of the Lich King will bring glory to the Horde!

Gossip Northrend requires your attention Overlord Hellscream. We will deal with the Lich king and his minions without your aid.

Heart of War[]

WoW-novel-logo-16x62 This section concerns content related to the Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.
"Beat them back! Remind these vermin what it means to assault the Horde! Lok'tar ogar!"[70]


Cataclysm This section concerns content related to Cataclysm.
  • I will show no mercy! (Removed in Legion)
  • Lok'narosh! (Removed in Legion)
  • "Only the strongest may dwell in Orgrimmar."
  • "Live by these words: Lok'tar ogar. Victory...or death."
  • "Hellscream's eyes are upon you."
  • "You will serve the Horde...or be crushed beneath it!"
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Letter to Magatha Grimtotem[]

In The Shattering: Prelude to Cataclysm, during the Grimtotem uprising, Magatha sends a letter to Garrosh requesting his aid against Baine's forces. Having learned of the circumstances that led to him killing Cairne, Garrosh sends this reply:

Unto Elder Crone Magatha of the Grimtotem,
Acting Warchief of the Horde, Garrosh Hellscream,
Sends his most sincere wishes for a slow and painful death.
It has come to my attention that you have deprived me of a rightful kill. Cairne Bloodhoof was a hero to the Horde and an honorable member of a usually honorable race. It is with disgust and anger that I discover you have caused me to bring about his death through accidental treachery.
Such tactics may work well for your renegade, honorless tribe and Alliance scum, but I despise them. It was my wish to fight Cairne fairly, and win or lose by my own skill or lack of it. Now I shall never know, and the cry of traitor will dog my steps until such time as I can sport your head on a pike and point to you as the real traitor. I will not be sending any truehearted orcs to fight alongside your treacherous, belly-crawling tribe. Your victory or your defeat is in the hands of your Earth Mother now. Either way, I look forward to hearing of your demise.
You are on your own, Magatha, as friendless and disliked as you have ever been. Perhaps more. Enjoy your loneliness.

Tides of War[]

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  • "Much has transpired since I have assumed the mantle of warchief. We have faced trials and danger, threats to our world and our way of life. And yet, we persevere. We are the Horde. We will not let anything break our spirits!"[71]
  • "I am the Horde's warchief, Lor'themar. And as such, I am the Horde."[72]
  • "You are slower than the last time we met. You are growing older, Varian. Perhaps you should let that sniveling son of yours be king. I will march on Stormwind when the kraken have reduced your mighty ships to kindling. I will take your precious boy, slap him in chains, and parade him through Orgrimmar!"[73]

Mists of Pandaria[]

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  • I have no use for cowards in my army. Lately, I have been questioning the blood elves' courage, and loyalty.
  • Here on Pandaria, I see a land that the Horde deserves. We will take it for our own, and if anyone stands in our way, mogu or Alliance, we will raze them to the ground.


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"The path to the Warsongs' slavery will not come from war or defeat. Your fate will be accepted freely and gladly, and it will be you, Grommash Hellscream, who will insist on being first to tie yourself to the orcs' new masters. The rest will follow. We will never recover." (Garrosh telling Grommash about the Rise of the Horde.[11])

Warlords of Draenor[]

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Hearthstone cinematic[]

"Only strength and raw power can assure total dominance!"

In the TCG[]

  • "The Lich King sought to sow the seeds of fear. Let me be the first to show him the Horde fears nothing!" [74]

In Hearthstone[]

Hearthstone This section contains information exclusive to Hearthstone and is considered non-canon.

In Heroes of the Storm[]

Heroes of the Storm This section concerns content related to Heroes of the Storm and is considered non-canon.

Garrosh is a playable character in Heroes of the Storm.[75]

Notes and trivia[]

  • Garrosh's eye color is golden-brown.[76]
  • Garrosh is recognized by his tattoo, which is as long as his torso.
  • Garrosh's appearance (bulky with a shaved head) is practically the inverse of Grom's (lean with long hair).
  • Like Grom may have been, Garrosh's full name may also have been inspired by the god Gruumsh from Dungeons and Dragons. Gruumsh is the creator god of Orcs and leader of their pantheon. Plus, both Gruumsh and Garrosh are warlike themselves, encourage Orcs to be warlike and want Orcs to rule the world.
  • Inv misc cape 18 [Garrosh's Rage] is named after him.
  • During his tenure as a warchief, "Hellscream's eyes are upon you" became a common sentence among Horde troops, as exemplified by Rok'tar, Overlord Krom'gar, Private Sarlosk, Captain Drok and Far Seer Mok'thardin.
  • Garrosh's mount is a female worg named Malak.
  • Garrosh doesn't have a counterpart on the alternate Draenor as he was never born in that universe.
    • The character, Exarch Hellscream, is often speculated to be the alternate version of Garrosh. However, as Golka died in the alternate universe before ever having a child, it is impossible.
  • Assistant Fexfuse said that Garrosh personally promised him Stormwind.
  • Despite Garrosh's pride in his heritage, he has shown little to no knowledge of some orcish customs. This was demonstrated with Cairne Bloodhoof noting how a tauren knew more about a traditional Mak'gora than an orc.[77] Furthermore, his ignorance allowed Hellscream to be exploited by Magatha Grimtotem.[78]
  • Garrosh is shown to be literate in foreign tongues. In Wolfheart, he read a missive that the night elf Aradia Cloudflyer attempted to deliver to Darnassus. It is possible that Thrall or Eitrigg tutored him.
  • He sent Hargash to watch over the Forsaken Sashya, not trusting the Royal Apothecary Society after what happened at the Wrathgate.
  • Boss Mida affectionately calls him "Big G".[79]
  • Garrosh wielded two axes until Thrall gave him his father's Gorehowl.
  • A popular joke in the community born from the controversial Cataclysm and Mists of Pandaria story arcs is that "Garrosh did nothing wrong". Author Christie Golden stated that since all the charges against him were actual war crimes, Garrosh actually did something wrong.[80]
  • Garrosh was originally going to have a "more heroic, redemptive arc" but ultimately "became what was needed for WoW, from a story character development perspective."[81]
  • According to Christie Golden, there is a strong chance that Garrosh would have accepted his fate and tried for some redemption after Anduin Wrynn saved his life in War Crimes, were it not for Kairoz approaching him with his scheme hours later.[82]
  • The Magazine wrote that Garrosh "saw value in all the races that belong to the Horde and used them to the best of that value",[83] a sentence that contradicted both in-game depiction of the Horde[84] and other material.[85]
  • Though Thrall called Garrosh "boy" during the second Scourge Invasion. Looking at the timeline and reading Beyond the Dark Portal suggests Garrosh is actually older. The developers have not stated the year of Garrosh's birth, but it is confirmed that he is older than Thrall.[86]
  • He retains his old model in Warsong Hold and Garadar and only uses his new voice in Warsong Hold. He uses a regular orc voice in Garadar.
  • While he lived in Nagrand, Garrosh apparently used to watch the fights in the Ring of Blood.[87]
  • Garrosh saw Val'kyr for the first time during the events of Edge of Night instead of during the Silverpine quest-line.
  • Garrosh means "Warrior's Heart" in Orcish.[88] This influenced the title of the short story Heart of War.[89]
  • Interestingly, Garrosh's model in the alternate Nagrand has bandages wrapped around his body, even though his wounds from the Siege of Orgrimmar should have healed by the time of Warlords of Draenor. The Warlords opening cinematic and the B [35-40] And Justice for Thrall in-game cinematic both omit the bandages.
  • Chris Metzen said that Garrosh wouldn't have his own book because it would only contain: "KILL KILL KILL".[90]
  • Garrosh is voiced by Patrick Seitz.[91]
  • The PvE server Garrosh US is named after Garrosh Hellscream.
  • Garrosh makes a cameo appearance in Overwatch as a fighter in the Fighters of the Storm arcade game.
  • Garrosh played a role in every World of Warcraft expansion until Legion.
  • The only time Garrosh swears is when he refers to Jaina Proudmoore as "the Proudmoore bitch" in Tides of War.[92] Prior to patch 9.0.1, he also called Sylvanas Windrunner "bitch" in H [5-30] The Warchief Cometh, but the line was changed after a member of the development team who enjoyed playing World of Warcraft with his child sent feedback that "bitch" stuck out from other language in the game.[93]
  • Nazgrim believes that the Iron Horde and the return of the Burning Legion are consequences of Hellscream's pride and his loyalty to him.[94]
  • His generic name during H [15-35] The Might of the Warchief is Kor'kron Bodyguard.

Alternate timelines[]

On the alternate Draenor, Garrosh was never born.[11] This was likely one of the deciding factors which caused Kairozdormu to choose that particular timeline for his purposes.

In another alternate timeline, Warchief Garrosh, having killed Cairne, was killed by Baine. The young Bloodhoof tore Hellscream apart with his bare hands and succeeded him as the next Warchief of the Horde.[95]

According to Anachronos, the prime universe Garrosh is one of the darkest and most twisted versions of him. In most other timelines he ended up becoming the Horde's greatest leader and a true hero to his people.[96]


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