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Gate of the Setting Sun
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Location Serpent's Spine, Dread Wastes
Race(s) MantidMantid Mantid
PandarenPandaren Pandaren
End boss IconSmall Kunchong.gif Raigonn
Instance info
Type Dungeon
Advised level 88-90
Minimum average
item level
Player limit 5

Saboteur Kip'tilak
Striker Ga'dok
Commander Ri'mok



The Gate of the Setting Sun is a dungeon in World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria. This is the gate of the Serpent's Spine, the great wall that is meant to isolate the mantid from the rest of Pandaria. Guarded by the Shado-Pan for the last 10,000 years, to their surprise the swarm of the mantid occurs ten years earlier than it is supposed to. The mantid have mustered an enormous army to lay siege to the Gate. If the Gates fall, the mantid will swarm through Pandaria, causing death and destruction. The dungeon is located within the Spine boundary between the Dread Wastes and the Vale of Eternal Blossoms.


Dungeon Journal

For generations, a massive wall called the Serpent's Spine has protected the denizens of Pandaria from periodic assaults by the rampaging, insect-like mantid. This brutal race's cycle of aggression recently began earlier than expected, catching the wall's defenders off guard. As the mightiest mantid warriors charge the battle-worn gates, Pandaria must hold back the most devastating army in the land's recorded history.


The assault upon the gate has already begun. Help everyone as you can. Go clear the bridges within the wall. Fight off Saboteur Kip'tilak to shut off his bomb operation before it's too late! There's a fire that needs clearing farther on the wall, but need to kill Striker Ga'dok to use the cannons to clear it. Get to the other side to pull the signal fire. Suddenly, a massive Kunchong named Raigonn breaks the gates! Commander Ri'mok interferes and has to be killed before killing the big bug! Everyone ready to take out Raigonn by destroying the weak point to even damaging him! After that's done, finish him and achieve victory!


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Boss Item Type
Normal Heroic
{Saboteur Kip'tilak  [Fallout Filter]  [Fallout-Filtering Hood] Spirit cloth helm
 [Pendant of Precise Timing]  [Pendant of Precise Timing] DPS caster necklace
 [Saboteur's Stabilizing Bracers]  [Saboteur's Stabilizing Bracers] Agility leather bracers
 [Grenadier's Belt] DPS plate belt
 [Pulled Grenade Pin] Agility ring
Striker Ga'dok  [Acid-Scarred Spaulders]  [Acid-Scarred Spaulders] DPS plate shoulders
 [Impaler's Girdle]  [Impaler's Girdle] Agility mail belt
 [Airstream Treads]  [Airstream Treads] Spirit leather boots
 [Bomber's Precision Gloves] Caster cloth gloves
 [Vision of the Predator] DPS caster trinket
Commander Ri'mok  [Mantid Trochanter]  [Mantid Trochanter] Agility dagger
 [Swarmcall Helm]  [Swarmcall Helm] Agility mail helm
 [Leggings of the Frenzy]  [Leggings of the Frenzy] Caster cloth leggings
 [Ri'mok's Shattered Scale] Tank plate shoulders
 [Viscous Ring] Spirit ring
Raigonn  [Carapace Breaker]  [Carapace Breaker] Spirit mace
 [Shield of the Protectorate]  [Shield of the Protectorate] Spirit shield
 [Swarmbringer Chestguard]  [Swarmbringer Chestguard] Spirit plate chest
 [Hive Protector's Gauntlets]  [Hive Protector's Gauntlets] Strength plate gloves
 [Wall-Breaker Legguards]  [Wall-Breaker Legguards] Agility leather leggings
 [Treads of Fixation]  [Treads of Fixation] Agility mail boots
 [Klatith, Fangs of the Swarm] Bow
 [Impervious Carapace] Tank shield
 [Shoulders of Engulfing Winds] Caster cloth shoulders
 [Drape of the Screeching Swarm] DPS strength cloak
 [Frenzyswarm Bracers] Spirit cloth bracers




Patch changes

  • Mists of Pandaria Hotfix (2013-06-04): The dungeon should now properly require characters to be at least level 88 before allowing them to enter on Normal difficulty.
  • Mists of Pandaria Patch 5.3.0 (2013-05-21): Now available in Normal difficulty, and accessible to level 89 characters.
  • Mists of Pandaria Patch 5.0.4 (2012-08-28): Added.

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