NeutralGatekeeper's Challenge: Mastery
Start Vigilant Quoram
End Vigilant Quoram
Level 110 (Requires 110)
Category Mac'Aree
Reputation +150 Argussian Reach
Rewards 14g 60s
Previous N [110] The Longest Vigil
Next N [110] The Defiler's Legacy


Defeat Grand Vizier Jarasum, Arc-Consul Velara, and High Wakener Aargon.


Archimonde was an individual consumed by the pursuit of power. Only those who could match his lust would fare well under his tutelage.

You will fight what remains of Archimonde's greatest pupils. These three once held such power in their own disciplines that the Conservatory remembers them now.

Their echoes will try to kill you.

Best all three with all your limbs intact and I will recognize your strength.


You will receive: 14g 60s


Not afraid of a little magic, are you?


I must admit, I am impressed.



Accept all Gatekeeper Challenge quests
Archmage Y'mera says: Great. We will be on our way.
Vigilant Quoram says: You, Y'mera, will have no part in this. But I will not deny you the opportunity to watch <name> fail.
Y'mera sasses him back.
Archmage Y'mera says: So generous of you.
Archmage Y'mera whispers: I may not be able to assist you directly, but I have information that could be of interest.
I know who you will be fighting.
Archimonde gave them each a title to acknowledge their substantial knowledge of their craft.
Sadly, all of them sided with the Legion. This is a rare opportunity to see them as the once were.

Gossip Tell me about Grand Vizier Jarasum.

Ah, the Grand Vizier.
He acted as the Arc-Consul's second and oversaw much of the day to day operations in the Conservatory.
When discipline was needed, it was often his voice that would ring out. He was not well liked, but he was respected nonetheless.
It is my understanding that he changed his name to Jaraxxus when he took the Legion's fel magics for his own.
Beyond that, I know nothing of his fate.

Gossip Tell me about Arc-Consul Velara.

Arc-Consul Velara answered only to Archimonde himself.
She was a focused and quiet individual, as I recall. Parallel to the Wakener's guild, she led the Consulate in the pursuit of the powers of creation.
Under her tutelage we vastly expanded our ability to summon creatures of the arcane. The familiars that linger here still bear marks of her expertise. She was also largely responsible for cultivating the shield technology that we use even now.
She took the name Velysra and the title of Archmage when she joined the Legion.
I hope you shall never meet her, <name>.

Gossip Tell me about High Wakener Aaargon.

High Wakener Aargon. Where to start?
He ascended to his position only after his predecessor Thal'kiel was banished. That is a story for another time, if you are not familiar with it.
Needless to say, he was... an opportunist.
Under his influence we delved deeply into the mysteries of soulbinding. The constructs that roam these streets are his doing. They represent but a fraction of what the Wakeners could do.
Under the Legion, he became Aargoss.
To the Army of the Light he was known as the Soulcleaver. Where soul engines operated, Aargoss was never far away.

Gossip Tell me about the others.

Grand Vizier Jarasum
Speak, stranger.

Gossip I challenge you to a duel.

Grand Vizier Jarasum says: You face Jarasum, Grand Vizier of the Conservatory!
Grand Vizier Jarasum says: Your arrogance will be your undoing.
Grand Vizier Jarasum says: I am unimpressed.
Grand Vizier Jarasum says: Hmph. It is finished then.
Jarasum bows.
Arc-Consul Velara
<Velara looks over you impassively.>

Gossip I challenge you to a duel.

Arc-Consul Velara says: I will not restrain myself.
Arc-Consul Velara says: Bear in mind that your performance reflects upon all of us.
Arc-Consul Velara says: You could stand to do better.
Arc-Consul Velara says: Enough. You have proven your worth.
Velara bows.
High Wakener Aargon
You will bow when addressing the High Wakener.

Gossip I challenge you to a duel.

High Wakener Aargon says: A fool's errand, but I will indulge you.
High Wakener Aargon says: Your efforts thus far are... lacking.
High Wakener Aargon says: Continue like this and you may well scrape by.
High Wakener Aargon says: I suppose that qualifies as a victory.
Aargon bows.


  1. N [110] A Floating Ruin
  2. N [110] Mac'Aree, Jewel of Argus
  3. N [110] Defenseless and Afraid & N [110] Khazaduum, First of His Name
  4. N [110] Consecrating Ground
  5. N [110] The Path Forward
  6. N [110] Not-So-Humble Beginnings
  7. N [110] Conservation of Magic & N [110] Invasive Species
  8. N [110] The Longest Vigil
  9. N [110] Gatekeeper's Challenge: Tenacity & N [110] Gatekeeper's Challenge: Cunning & N [110] Gatekeeper's Challenge: Mastery
  10. N [110] The Defiler's Legacy
  11. N [110] The Sigil of Awakening

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