The Gates of Valor.

The Gates of Valor[67, 65] (also called the Gates of the Valor)[1] is a large plateau complex found in southeastern Stormheim. Sitting high above its surroundings, the gates have long served as the traditional entryway to the Halls of Valor, the home of Odyn and the Valarjar. As such, it remains sacred among the region's vrykul, and represents one of the most prominent locations in Stormheim.

Ornate as they are imposing, the gates themselves consist of a multi-tiered plateau on the outside, along with a number of inner hallways. The latter grant access to both the Halls of Valor, as well as Odyn's Trial of Valor. The only other means of reaching the halls of Odyn are with the aid of a Val'kyr.


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During the third invasion of the Burning Legion, Stormheim would be assaulted by a force of demons accompanied by their Felskorn allies. Leading the traitorous vrykul was the self-proclaimed God-King Skovald. Intent on securing the Aegis of Aggramar for the Legion, Skovald would eventually mount a direct assault on the Gates of Valor in order to reach the Halls within. A defense was led by the Thorignir storm drakes, Odyn himself, and one of his chosen champions. After occupying much of the plateau, the demons' advance was gradually halted, and their portals destroyed to prevent reinforcement.[2]

Ultimately, Skovald himself was confronted at the very top of the Gates. Defeated and almost slain, he would charge forward alone into the Halls of Valor in search of the Aegis, closely pursued by his adversaries.[3] After a final battle in the Halls, the God-King was finally slain and the Aegis of Aggramar secured, thus crushing the demonic assault.

During the war, the monks of the Order of the Broken Temple were tracking the Tideskorn at the Gates of Valor.[4] With the help of the adventurers, Brann Bronzebeard retrieved  [Chipped Titan Disc Fragment] from the area.[5]

At one point, the Felskorn have assembled at the gates of the Hall of Valor, including a massive brute named Cleaver Northamel. The Order of the Silver Hand sent their troops to kill them and collect the blood of the demon.[6]

As the war continued in other parts of the Broken Isles, the Burning Legion would eventually once more turn its attention to Stormheim. During this assault, the Gates of Valor were targeted by Lord Commander Alexius following a successful feint at Shield's Rest. Alexius's command ship heavily bombarded the gates, as mortal champions fought on to board the vessel and desperately drive back the attack. The death of Alexius in the subsequent battle marked the failure of the overall assault, and Odyn himself delivered the final blow by plunging his spear into the command ship, destroying it.[7]


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