NeutralGathering of the Storms
Start Consular Celestos
End Consular Celestos
Level 45 (Requires 45)
Category Shaman Campaign
Rewards [Farseer's Raging Tempest]
19g 40s
Previous N Shaman [45] Carried On the Wind


Speak with Consular Celestos to begin the Gathering of the Storms scenario. Complete the scenario and return to Celestos.

  • Speak with Consular Celestos
  • Gathering of the Storms Scenario Completed


Thunderaan has asked me to send you to the Throne of the Four Winds to assist him with a situation.

Speak with me again when you're ready to leave, Farseer.


You will learn: [Farseer's Raging Tempest]

You will also receive: 19g 40s


I'm sure the Windlord's problem won't be too difficult for you to assist with.


Now that the council is reunited, the plane of air shall flow as one again!

I believe Windlord Thunderaan has a reward waiting for you.


Speak with Consular Celestos to be sent to the Gathering of the Storms scenario.

Gossip Send me to the Throne of the Four Winds.

Stage 1: The Lords of Wind

Thunderaan apprises you of the situation.

Thunderaan says: I'm grateful for your aid, Farseer <name>. I have no doubt you will resolve this issue swiftly.
Thunderaan says: The winds carry my will to the far corners of this plane, but even I cannot be everywhere at once. Here in Skywall, certain of my subjects have not fully grasped the totality of my ascension.
Thunderaan says: They foolishly believe Sarsarun to be the rightful heir to the throne. I need you to convince them otherwise.
Thunderaan says: Good luck, Farseer <name>. I have faith you will not fail me.

With Anshal, the encounter mainly consists of add control. He periodically summons Ravenous Creepers that will hurl poison onto the ground area, eventually causing you to run out of room to fight with if you don't kill plants. They can be one-shot with a [Lightning Bolt] as they spawn.

The other add is Zephyr of Rejuvenation, which will proceed to siphon health from the player. While not an immediate threat, it would be wise to keep their numbers in check.

A mechanic to be mindful of is Anshal's Healing Swell, which places a stacking curse debuff on the player that increases their health by a percentage. Upon reaching 10 stacks, however, it unleashes an energy wave that will heal your foes. Use [Cleanse Spirit] as needed if your DPS is not good.

Anshal says: You've impressed me with your vigor, Farseer, and I trust that your faith in Thunderaan is not misplaced. I shall grant my allegiance to his.

For Nezir, avoiding AoE is the main focus. Stay behind Nezir when you see him beginning to cast Freezing Gale, a channeled frontal AoE that also rotates around the area. When he is channeling Tempest of Frost, do not stand in the frozen areas.

Nezir says: The winds have blown in your favor this day, Farseer. I shall reconsider my allegiance to Thunderaan.

Rohash mostly fights as Nezir does, with his Stinging Vortex creating circles of AoE damage. The major difference here is Sandstorm, a channeled spell that attempts to push the player off the platform. Use [Ghost Wolf] to prevent that from happening.

Rohash says: You have fought well, Farseer <name>. I see Thunderaan chooses his champions wisely. I will bow to his power.

Final Stage: The Skylord Returns

  • Listen to Thunderaan's Speech

Stand on a nearby whorl of wind to look on as Thunderaan speaks with the subdued djinni on the main platform.

Thunderaan says: I see the Farseer has edified your allegiances in my direction. Good. Let me clear away any doubts still polluting your minds.
Thunderaan says: I am the Windlord now, and all of you bluster about within my domain. But let us not leave this council with a whiff of foul air.
Thunderaan says: Divided, we are scattered to the winds. But united, we are a cyclone of power. Let this council never dissipate again.
Thunderaan says: Farseer <name>, I will return you to the Heart of Azeroth. Depart with my thanks.
Thunderaan says: Once there, I shall present you with a gift to show my appreciation. May it serve you well.


  1. N Shaman [45] Carried On the Wind

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