Gaval Moch

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This article contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

Gaval Moch is an old human castle in the Silverpine Forest. The old ruined castle is constructed of heavy masonry blocks. The castle is falling into ruin and decay as the forest reclaims its stones. It lies about ten miles northeast of Deadhollow.

Gaval Moch squats in a depression in the spongy forest ground. The castle may once have been impressive but is now a ruined hulk. Turrets and battlements have fallen away, and masonry blocks lie scattered on the ground like children’s toys. The second story is missing its roof in most places, and its walls have crumbled. The ground floor looks in better condition, possibly repaired recently. One large, solitary tower still stands. The remains of the outer wall and a few outlying buildings are barely visible lumps in the foliage. The obvious entrance is a pair of oaken double doors that stand ajar, revealing a shadowed interior.

Unusual creatures were said to roam the ruins of Gaval Moch. Mael Shelub's undead performed routine maintenance and had repaired the doors and strengthened the walls. The rooms’ only light come from sickly sunbeams that enter through the windows, providing shadowy illumination. At night, Gaval Moch is pitch black.[1]


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