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HordeGaze of the Loa: Pa'ku
Gaze of the Loa Pa'ku
Start Gonk
End Pa'ku
Level 40-70
Category Zandalari Troll
Experience 17,850
Rewards 23g 40s
Previous H [40-70] Gaze of the Loa: Gonk
Next H [40-70] Gaze of the Loa: Bwonsamdi


Complete Pa'ku's trial.


Two more loa have declared their intent to test Talanji. The next is Pa'ku. She awaits you both at the top of these steps.

I need not warn you about her tempestuous nature, nor her love for watching others fall from great heights.

Good luck, <name>.


You will receive:

  • 23g 40s
  • 17,850 XP


I am not yet satisfied, <name>.


<Pa'ku wipes a tear from her eye using her wing-claw.>

That was a beautiful demonstration of commitment. Your hair looks lovely.

<Pa'ku cackles.>


Upon accept
Gonk says: Pa'ku will offer the next trial. Remain strong, Talanji.
Gonks jumps away.
Princess Talanji says: Greetings, Windmother.
Pa'ku says: Hello, my wingless child. Come to me. I would have words with you.
Speaking with Pa'ku
I wish to test Talanji's determination. I already know you possess a great deal of it, but it will amuse me if you participate.
Are you prepared to begin?
Gossip I am ready.
Pa'ku uses Mighty Winds, blowing Talanji and the player down the stairs. Talanji struggles to go up the stairs through small tornadoes.
Pa'ku says: This storm stands between you and your crown. Ascend, Talanji!
Princess Talanji says: I expected nothing less!
Princess Talanji says: I can barely see... are you still with me, <name>?
Pa'ku says: Having trouble?
Princess Talanji says: Gah!
Pa'ku says: The tree that stands rigid in the wind will snap its branches. Bend, my child.
Princess Talanji says: I cannot fight de winds of change... but I will endure dem.
Pa'ku says: I like your spirit, little one.


  1. H [40-70] A Royal Occasion
  2. H [40-70] A Queen's Entourage
  3. H [40-70] The Rite of Kings and Queens
  4. H [40-70] The Instigator Among Us & H [40-70] Quelling the Masses
  5. H [40-70] Talanji's Mercy & H [40-70] Heresy! & H [40-70] Breaking the Faith
  6. H [40-70] The New Zanchuli Council
  7. H [40-70] The Council Has Spoken
  8. H [40-70] Gaze of the Loa
  9. H [40-70] Gaze of the Loa: Krag'wa
  10. H [40-70] Gaze of the Loa: Gonk
  11. H [40-70] Gaze of the Loa: Pa'ku
  12. H [40-70] Gaze of the Loa: Bwonsamdi
  13. H [40-70] Queen of the Zandalari
  14. H [40-70] Allegiance of the Zandalari

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