Gem Chip

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  • Gem Chip
  • Crafting Reagent
  • Sell Price: 22s 50c

Gem Chip is a crafting reagent used in Legion cooking, and as a Jewelcrafting-only quest objective. There are colored variants that are not used in any profession recipe, but are used to predict the next rare-quality gem (of matching color)[1] from prospecting Felslate Ore.


This item is looted from:

As an ingredient


As a quest objective


The colored versions of Gem Chip only appear in the loot window while prospecting the ore; they are changed to colorless when deposited in the player's inventory. The only exception to this rule are gem chips looted from Found Sack of Gems. Colored (ruby, amber, etc.) gem chips have no use or value beyond what a vendor NPC will pay for them.

Be careful to purchase only the colorless Gem Chip from the Auction House.

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