Gem Perfection (Warsong Hold)

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HordeGem Perfection
Start Geba'li
End Geba'li
Level 60 (Requires 50)
Category Jewelcrafting
Experience 3,400
Rewards [Gem Perfection]
 [Small Velvet Bag]


Return two Huge Citrines, two  [Dark Jade] and two Shadow Crystals to Geba'li in Warsong Hold.


Welcome to de cold, mon. Dis place may not be so good for keepin' me bones warm, but I have learned how to cut me de perfect gem. All I be needin' is some gems to do me work on.

Bring me some gems and I be teachin' you the skill of gem perfection. Dis will allow you to sometimes cut a perfect gem with increased bonuses when cuttin' an uncommon quality gem from Northrend.


You will learn:

You will also receive:


Dey be perfect mon'. Here is the art of gemcutting perfection for ya.

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