AllianceGeneral Bret Hughes
Image of General Bret Hughes
Gender Male
Race Human (Humanoid)
Level 100 - 110 Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Stormwind Army
Occupation General
Location Sword of Dawn
Status Alive

General Bret Hughes is a human officer located on the Sword of Dawn prior to the battle for the Broken Shore and prior to the battle for Lordaeron above the Seething Shore. He trained the novice adventurers transported by the gunship.


<Name>, we're launching a full assault on Broken Shore. Before we hit the shore, we need every soldier to be combat ready.

Are you ready for your combat training?

Intro Legion
Welcome aboard! King Wrynn needs every hero of the Alliance at their best when we face the Legion. As we journey to the Broken Shore, let's use the time to brush up on your battle skills. Let me know when you're ready to get started.
Intro Battle for Azeroth
Welcome aboard! King Wrynn needs every hero of the Alliance at their best when we face the Horde.
As we patrol Silithus, let's use the time to brush up on your battle skills.
Let me know when you're ready to get started.
Death Knight
As an unholy death knight you command the powers of disease and death.
Disease wears your enemy down while your strong melee attacks finish them off.
But your greatest ally is death itself. Raise Dead will animate a corpse to serve as your ghoulish minion.
You should always try to have a minion with you.
Use Raise Death to summon your minion.
Very good.
The best way to start a fight is to infect your enemy with a host of diseases from a distance.
Outbreak will deal damage over time and unleashes a Virulent Plague that spreads to nearby enemies.
Use Outbreak on the target dummy.
Now that your enemy is reeling from a miasma of plagues, it's time to strike up close.
Festering Strike deals damages and inflicts Festering Wounds on your target.
Use Festering Strike on the target dummy.
Oh, that looks like it hurts! After infecting your target with Festering Strike, you are ready to burst the lesions you've caused with Scourge Strike!
Festering Strike followed by Scourge Strike is a one-two punch few enemies can withstand.
Try to only use Scourge Strike when your target is effect by Festering Wounds.
Use Scourge Strike on the target dummy after it is infected with Festering Strike.
Your attacks builds Runic Power that can be used to cast Death Coil, a spell that hurls a blast of unholy energy at your target and restores energy to your ghoul minion.
Use Death Coil on the target dummy.
Your attacks sometimes allow you to cast Death Coil without costing Runic Power. Take advantage of this when you can.
When taking excessive damage in battle, Death Strike can help even the odds.
Its dark power damages your foe and recovers a portion of your health.
Use Death Strike on the target to recover some of your health.
Some foes would prefer to keep you at arm's length.
Death Grip allows you to reach out to a distant target and pull them toward you. No enemy can escape your icy grasp!
Death Grip can be used from a good distance away. Try moving farther away from the target and using it.
Use Death Grip to pull my soldier to you.
Being able to call upon the powers of death means you rarely need to be outnumbered.
Army of the Dead raises a swarm of ghouls to attack anything and everything near you.
Use Army of the Dead now to summon in your minions.
This powerful ability cannot be used often, so save it for emergency.
Demon Hunter
As a Havoc demon hunter, you have sacrificed much to wield the fel power of demons.
With unmatched agility, you choose where and when to engage your enemies.
Use Fel Rush to dash towards the target dummy.
Now that you're in range, it's time to lash out with vicious strikes.
Demon's Bite is a damaging attack that builds Fury.
Use Demon's Bite on the target dummy.
Chaos Strike channels your Fury into your blades for a brutal attack.
This is one of your most powerful attacks. Use it often to prevent wasting Fury.
Use Chaos Strike on the target dummy.
In addition to physical attacks, you can call upon the raw power of fel magic.
Eye Beam melts your enemies with the demonic chaos burning inside you.
Though costly, this is your most powerful attack, and should be used as often as possible.
Use Eye Beam on the target dummy.
Unable to match your power, your enemies will often attempt to overwhelm you through sheer numbers.
Blade Dance is a rapid flurry of attacks that strike all nearby foes.
Use Blade Dance to take out this group of enemies.
By unleashing the demon within, you can temporarily gain terrifying power to wield against your enemies.
Metamorphosis transforms you into a demon, empowering your Chaos Strike and Blade Dance.
Use Metamorphosis while attacking the target dummy.
Druid (Balance)
As a balance druid the sun, moon, and stars are your allies, enabling you to unleash these primal powers upon your enemies.
You can shapeshift into Moonkin form, which increases both your damage and defense.
Use Moonkin Form and assume the form of a wildkin.
You wield the very power of night and day against your foes. Moonfire and Sunfire represent that power.
These attacks deal their damage over time, and either makes an excellent start to a battle.
Both of these attacks deal damage over time. Once cast, you don't need to cast them again until their effect on the target has expired.
Use Moonfire and Sunfire on the target dummy.
Once your enemy is taking damage from your other attacks, it's time to unleash Solar Wrath.
Solar Wrath is a ranged ability that deals damage and generates Astral Power, a resource used to fuel more powerful attacks.
Use Solar Wrath on the target dummy.
A balance druid is well equipped to face multiple opponents at once.
Lunar Strike deals damage directly to your target, but also deals damage to nearby foes.
Use Lunar Strike to dispatch this group of enemies.
One of your most potent attacks, Starsurge unleashes a surge of stellar energy at your target.
Starsurge costs Astral Power, so use Solar Wrath to build up your reserves.
Use Solar Wrath on the target dummy until you have enough Astral Power to cast Starsurge.
You also have the ability to call on the powers of nature for a variety of other skills, like healing!
After you've taken damage, use Healing Touch to restore your health.
Sometimes you need an enemy to stay put so you can close the distance to them... or make a hasty retreat.
Entangling Roots will cause plant roots to spring from the ground and hold the target in place for a short time.
Use Entangling Roots to root my soldier to the ground.
Druid (Feral)
As a feral druid your main weapon is shapeshifting. In Cat Form, your claws and fangs rip and bleed your opponents.
Soon they'll be weak enough for you to go for the throat with a mighty finishing move.
Use Cat Form and assume the form of a cat.
As a cat you can move with uncanny stealth, allowing you to approach your enemies undetected. Prowl puts you in stealth mode.
Use Prowl to enter stealth.
Stealth lasts until you cancel it, attack, or take damage.
Once you've reached your prey in stealth, it's time to ambush them.
Rake will cause your target to bleed, wounding them over time.
Your Shred ability also deals extra damage to bleeding targets, so these are great abilities to use together.
Use Rake on the target dummy.
Rake inflicts its damage over time, so you don't need to use it again until your target is no longer affected by it.
Your primary attack is Shred.
Though powerful on its own, using Shred on a bleeding target increases its damage, so try keeping rake up.
Use Shred on the target dummy while it's bleeding from Rake.
Both your Shred and Rake abilities generate combo points which can fuel powerful finishing moves.
Ferocious Bite is a finishing move that deals increased damage the more combo points you have.
Try to use it when you have a full 5 combo points.
When you have 5 combo points, use Ferocious Bite on the target dummy.
Tougher enemies may require a diverse set of abilities to overcome.
As an alternative to ferocious bite. Rip can be used to deal bleeding damage over time to your target, and is a good ability to spend combo points on early in a fight.
Like Ferocious Bite, Rip is a finishing move and is best when you have 5 combo points.
Use Rip on the target dummy with five combo points.
Ever needed to quickly get out of a sticky situation? You excel at doing this.
Dash increases your movement speed significantly for a short time. It can't be used often, so save it for when you really need it.
Practice using Dash to increase your movement speed.
Hunter (Beast Mastery)
Beast master hunters possess a deep bond with their pets, calling and bolstering them in battle while striking at foes with ranged attacks.
Alongside your trusty pet, you are the master of your environment. Summon Pet will call your pet to your side.
Use Call Pet to bring your pet to battle.
Sending your pet to attack and distract an enemy gives you more time to line up your ranged attacks.
Don't worry, your pet is resilient! Using Kill Command will cause your pet to perform a strong attack, and is also a great way to initiate a fight.
Use Kill Command multiple times on the target dummy.
Now let's see what other forces of nature you command.
Dire Beast will allow you to summon a nearby beast to join the fight and attack your target for a short time.
Use Dire Beast on the target dummy.
Good work!
I'm sure you're ready to join in on the action. Cobra Shot is your primary ranged attack, pummeling your enemy while your pet keeps their attention.
Use Cobra Shot on the target dummy.
When in combat, Bestial Wrath sends you and your pet into a frenzy of rage that increases your damage for a short time.
While under its effects, using Dire Beast will shorten the time before you can trigger Bestial Wrath again.
Use Bestial Wrath while attacking the target dummy.
Sometimes you'll find yourself outnumbered. When you do, you can unleash destruction upon a host of adversaries at once!
Multi-shot allows you to fire a spread of projectiles hitting several enemies near your target.
Using this attack causes your pet to cleave multiple enemies as well.
Use Multi-Shot to dispatch all the enemies.
Even the greatest adventurers sometimes find themselves in over their heads.
When facing certain defeat, use Feign Death to trick your enemies into thinking you're no longer a threat.
Use Feign Death to trick my soldier into stopping his attack.
Hunter (Survival)
Survival hunters thrive in close quarters combat, they use combination of tools to viciously overwhelm their prey.
Your enemies will find that once you have them in your sights they are unlikely to escape.
Using your Harpoon ability you can snag your enemy and propel yourself towards them.
Use Harpoon against the target dummy.
Now that you have closed the distance to your prey it's time to wear them down with a wound they will have trouble recovering from.
Lacerate will cause your target to bleed, dealing damage to them over time.
Use Lacerate on the target dummy.
Remember to use Lacerate whenever your target is not affected by it.
It's time to team up on your target!
Flanking Strike is a coordinated attack between you and your pet that can do crippling damage.
Use Flanking Strike on the target dummy.
Now that your target is bleeding and your pet is engage, it's time to unleash your own fury.
Raptor Strike is a quick but strong attack that you can use whenever you have the focus to do so.
Use Raptor Strike on the target dummy.
Your most powerful tactic is to get your opponent reeling and then steadily increase your damage until they are defeated.
Mongoose Bite is an attack that gets more powerful each time you use it.
Store up charges of Mongoose Bite, then unleash them all at once for maximum effect.
Use Mongoose Bite on the target dummy.
Sometimes you'll find yourself outnumber. Don't worry, you can unleash destruction upon a host of adversaries at once!
Carve will sweep your weapon in front of you dealing damage to all targets in its path.
Use Carve to dispatch all the enemies.
As a frost mage you excel at controlling the battlefield by freezing enemies in place as ice and hail pummel them into submission.
Your mastery of ice allows you to call forth a water elemental pet, so we'll start there.
Use Summon Water Elemental to summon your pet.
Your most fundamental and reliable attack is Frostbolt.
This long-range attack will damage and slow your enemies, and has a chance to empower other attacks.
Use Frostbolt on this target dummy.
Now we'll take a look at Ice Lance. It's similar to Frostbolt, but can be cast instantly, albeit for less damage.
Ice Lance's real power lies in using it against a frozen target, which greatly increases its damage.
Use Ice Lance on the frozen target dummy.
There is one more way that Ice Lance can be used to maximize its power.
Frostbolt occasionally triggers the Fingers of Frost effect, which gives a huge boost to Ice Lance damage. Let's test it out.
Use Frostbolt on the target dummy until you trigger Fingers of Frost. While the effect is active, use Ice Lance.
Use Frostbolt on the target dummy until it trigger Fingers of Frost. Then use Ice Lance.
Another potent spell you can wield is Frozen Orb. Cast this spell whenever it is available, as it can make your Ice Lance more powerful.
Be careful, though, as it hits all enemies in its path, not just your target.
Use Frozen Orb on the target dummy.
The battlefield can be a dangerous place, so moving about is crucial to your survival.
But using your legs is so mundane! Fortunately, you have a spell that befits a master of the magical arts.
Blink allows you to teleport a short distance to avoid danger or close in on an enemy.
Practice using Blink.
What if you could freeze foes in their tracks, preventing them from even reaching you?
Frost Nova freezes nearby enemies in place, allowing you to move away and destroy them safely. For now, let's just practice freezing them in place.
Freeze my soldier using Frost Nova.
You are master of dealing damage to many enemies at once.
You can pelt a target location with shards of ice by using a potent spell called Blizzard. Great name, don't you think?
Use Blizzard to dispatch this group of enemies.
As a windwalker monk you use your fists and your speed to overcome enemies.
This builds up Chi, a resource that allows you to unleash your most powerful attacks.
Start by using your primary attack, Tiger Palm, to deal damage and generate Chi.
Use Tiger Palm on the target dummy.
Starting combat with Tiger Palm gives you enough Chi to unleash the powerful Rising Sun Kick, an attack that uses 2 Chi and deals substantial damage.
Use it whenever it is available.
Use Rising Sun Kick on the target dummy.
While not as powerful as Rising Sun Kick, your Blackout Kick still packs a punch... or, uh, a kick!
It hits much harder than Tiger Palm, so use Blackout Kick to spend your extra Chi.
Use Blackout Kick on the target dummy.
You have an abundance of attacks at your disposal, windwalker! Fists of Fury costs 3 Chi and does a lot of damage.
It will also hit additional enemies near your target. Use Fists of Fury whenever it's available, or if you face multiple enemies.
Use Fists of Fury on the target dummy.
You are fast and agile, able to zip around the battlefield at will.
Your primary means of mobility is Roll, which causes you to quickly roll a good distance in whatever direction you are moving.
Practice using Roll a few times.
Taking damage is part of the battle, but you can tap the spiritual mists to heal yourself or an ally. Use Effuse to heal your wounds.
Use Effuse to replenish your health to full.
As a retribution paladin you are a stalwart protector of the weak, a bringer of punishment to the unjust!
Your attacks are a mix of ranged spells and melee that build up and unleash Holy Power.
Your devotion to the Light empowers you to hurl a mighty hammer of judgement at your foes.
Use judgement on this target dummy.
Judgement can be used on enemies at a distance or up close whenever it is available.
As your enemy closes in, unleash a potent mid-range attack called Blade of justice.
Use Blade of Justice on this target dummy.
Blade of Justice is an excellent tool to deal damage as your opponent approaches.
Once your foe has closed to striking range, unleash your weapon using Crusader Strike.
Use Crusader Strike on this target dummy.
Using Blade of Justice and Crusader Strike in combat builds up Holy Power.
Unleash this divine magic through Templar's Verdict, a powerful melee attack that infuses your weapon with the strength of the Light.
Build up Holy Power by using your attacks, then use Templar's Verdict on this target dummy.
When you are facing multiple foes, Divine Storm is an excellent ability to rely on.
When used, all enemies near you will be hit by a storm of holy energy.
Divine Storm requires three Holy Power to cast.
Very good!
You will face many dangerous situations, and preparation can be the key to your survival.
Divine Shield prevents incoming attacks from harming you.
Use Divine Shield to make yourself temporarily invulnerable to all damage!
Divine Shield protected you from the mage's first attack, but the second attack has left you wounded.
Divine Shield will completely protect you from all attacks for a short period of time. So save it for emergencies.
Your conviction allows you to heal yourself and your allies. Flash of Light is a cornerstone of your healing arsenal.
Use Flash Light to heal your wounds.
Discipline priests draw upon the opposing forces of Light and Shadow, choosing when to heal and when to inflict damage.
Shadow Word: Pain taints your foes with shadow energy, wounding them slowly over time.
Use Shadow Word: Pain on the target dummy.
Once your target is afflicted with Shadow Word: Pain, you don't need to cast it again until your original spell is close to expiring.
The Light is a formidable ally, capable of restoring your friends or striking down foes.
Penance is a potent spell that deals damage to your enemies. Use Penance whenever it is available.
Use Penance on the target dummy.
The power of the Light allows you to Smite any enemy that stands before you!
It is your most frequently used damage spell, best used when Penance is not available.
Use Smite on the target dummy.
In some battles you will face multiple opponents at the same time.
Fortunately, you are not defenseless in such cases. Psychic Scream terrifies nearby opponents, causing them to run away in fear.
Use Psychic Scream to prevent this group of enemies from hitting you.
As a follower of the light, you have many ways to protect and restore health.
One of your most useful defensive abilities is Power Word: Shield, which absorbs all damage from attacks when active.
Always remember to maintain your shield during fights.
Use Power Word: Shield to prevent this incoming damage.
Power Word: Shield protected you from the mage's first attack, but the second attack has left you wounded.
This presents no problem for you however. The Light gives you the power to restore the health of yourself or your allies.
Use Plea to heal your wounds.
As an assassination rogue you specialize in striking from the shadows, dispatching foes with a variety of poisons and bleeding attacks.
Before we get started we need to apply poison to your weapon.
Use Deadly Poison to coat your weapon with poison for one hour.
Assassins favor trickery and cunning. And what's trickier than attacking before your target sees you coming?
Stealth makes you invisible to most enemies. When in Stealth, you can close the distance to enemies undetected.
Use Stealth to fade from view.
As an assassin, you weaken your enemies before finishing them off.
The best way to start a fight is with Garrote, a debilitating bleeding attack that causes your enemy to take damage over time.
Use Garrote on this target dummy.
Always remember to use Garrote to keep your enemies bleeding.
Your main attack is called Mutilate. It deals damage as well as generates combo points that can be used for powerful finishing moves.
Use Mutilate to attack the target dummy.
Now that you've built up 5 combo points, it's time to use Rupture.
Whenever you use Rupture with 5 combo points, you will do a strong bleeding attack that damages enemies over time.
Use Rupture with 5 combo points.
Rupture is not your only finishing move.
If your target is already affected by Rupture, then using Envenom with 5 combo points deals good damage and maximizes the effect of your poisons.
Use Envenom with 5 combo points.
There's just one last thing you need to learn.
Sometimes a strategic retreat is necessary so you can live to fight another day.
Use Vanish to evade my soldier.
Shaman (Elemental)
As an elemental shaman you commune with ancient spirits and command primal elemental forces.
Your Flame Shock ability will set your enemies ablaze, burning them while you cast other spells.
Use Flame Shock on the target dummy.
Why stop with fire? Once your enemies are burning, you can hurl molten lava at them.
Using Lava Burst while your enemies are affected by Flame Shock increases its damage.
Use Lava Burst on the target dummy.
Hurling lightning from your hands is your main weapon for overcoming enemies.
Use Lightning Bolt whenever other abilities are not available.
Use Lightning Bolt on the target dummy.
Earth Shock is one of your most powerful spells. Casting it require Maelstrom, a resource generated by the other attacks.
Use Earth Shock on this target dummy.
Ever wanted to turn someone into a frog? Hex allows you to do just that!
Your target won't attack you while it's a frog, but the effect is temporary. The enemy will revert back to its original form if attacked.
Turn my soldier into a frog!
There are times you'll face multiple opponents on the battlefield. Fortunately, you have a potent ability called Chain Lightning.
When you strike an enemy with Chain Lightning, it jumps to additional foes near your target, damaging them all.
Use Chain Lightning against several enemies at once.
You've taken damage, but this present no problem for you.
Just as the elements can destroy, they also have the power to restore.
Use Healing Surge to replenish your health to full.
As a master of the elements, you are able to coalesce primal elemental forces into physical form to aid you in battle.
Use Fire Elemental now to summon your elemental!
Shaman (Enhancement)
As an enhancement shaman you channel the elemental forces directly into your weapons to make yourself a furious melee combatant, beating down your foes with the power of flame, earth, and storm.
The first attack we'll try is Flametongue, which emblazes your weapons and scorches your enemies with fire.
Use Flametongue on the target dummy.
Now that your weapons are burning, you can focus on your primary attack.
Rockbiter empowers your weapons with the forces of earth to deal damage.
Use Rockbiter on the target dummy.
Using Rockbiter generates Maelstrom, a resource that powers stronger attacks.
Lava Lash uses Maelstrom to charge your off-hand weapon with lava, allowing you to deal a mighty blow.
Use Lava Lash on the target dummy.
Your most power Maelstrom-fueled ability is Stormstrike.
This attack costs more resources, but deals more damage as well. Thankfully, your melee attacks have a chance to trigger Stormfury, decreasing the cost.
Try to use Stormstrike whenever Stormfury triggers.
Use Stormstrike on the target dummy after Stormfury triggers.
You share a kinship with animal spirits such as wolves.
Should you find yourself in trouble during combat, you can summon two feral wolf spirits to fight at your side.
Use Feral Spirit now to summon these spirits.
Affliction warlocks use shadow magic and disease to wear down their enemies, then drain their very life essence to empower themselves.
Your command of dark magic enables you to summon a demon servant to do your bidding.
Use Summon Voidwalker to summon your demonic minion.
Agony is an appropriate name for your first attack ability.
Agony deals more and more damage over time, making it a great way to start a fight.
Use Agony on the target dummy.
Once you cast Agony, you don't need to cast it again until your original spell is close to expiring.
You will inflict suffering on anyone foolish enough to fight you.
Corruption is a spell that inflicts its target, dealing shadow damage as long as the affliction lasts.
Use Corruption on this target dummy.
Once you cast Corruption, you don't need to cast it again until your original spell is close to expiring.
After afflicting your target with Agony and Corruption, you can begin to drain the very life from them.
Drain Life is the most frequent attack you will use, healing you as it damages your foe.
Use Drain Life on the target dummy.
As Agony damages your enemy, it has a chance to generate a Soul Shard. You can use these shards to empower new abilities.
Unstable Affliction is a powerful spell that deals damage over time like Agony and Corruption, but uses a Soul Shard to deal more damage.
Use Unstable Affliction on this target dummy.
While Unstable Affliction deals damage over time, every re-cast increases its potency. Use this attack whenever you can!
Many spells have a heavy mana cost. You have a clever way around this problem.
Life Tap allows you to steal your own life force to replenish your mana. Don't worry, you can always drain the life from your opponent to heal.
Use Life Tap to replenish your mana reserves.
At times you may find yourself overwhelmed by multiple enemies, or a single target that is too strong for you.
To force a foe to stop fighting for a time, utilize fear itself to strike terror into their heart.
Use Fear to frighten my soldier.
While greater demons like Infernals and Doomguards cannot be controlled for long, you can summon one to your side for short periods of time to fight for you.
Use Summon Doomguard now to summon this demon.
Arms warriors are the ultimate physical combatants, using martial skill and weaponry to crush those who stand against them.
But you cannot defeat an opponent that's out of reach. Fortunately, you have a skill to solve this problem.
Use your Charge ability to cover the distance to this target dummy.
Once you reach your target you will perform basic attacks automatically, but a skilled combatant unleashes a variety of advanced abilities to defeat a foe.
Mortal Strike is such an attack. Use it whenever it is available.
Use Mortal Strike on the target dummy.
Dealing damage to your enemy builds up Rage, which fuels your attacks. Use Slam to spend Rage and deal damage to your enemy.
Use Slam on the target dummy.
One of your most devastating attacks is Colossus Smash. Always use it as soon as it becomes available and no foe will stand against you for long.
Use Colossus Smash on the Target Dummy.
Well done!
After you defeat an opponent, your heart will sing with the glory of victory!
Your Victory Rush ability can only be used during this time, restoring health as you strike a new enemy.
Eliminate an enemy, enabling Victory Rush to be used on your next opponent.
Your opponents may try to overwhelm you with numbers, but they underestimate your true might!
Whirlwind allows you to swing your weapon in wide arcs, cutting a swath of carnage into all enemies around you.
Use Whirlwind to take out this group of enemies.
In the heat of battle there will be times you need to move quickly to avoid danger... or confront it!
Heroic Leap allows you to bound across the battlefield to accomplish either goal.
Practice using Heroic Leap.
Now that you have all your primary attack abilities, we will see how they work together!
Practice using your attacks on this target dummy.
Excellent work!
Practice ends
Target practice is over, hero. It's time to prove your mettle. Combine all the lessons you've learned and use them to defeat my men in combat.
  • Show me you've mastered the powers of darkness! Unholy
  • Show me that you can harness the power of the universe itself! Balance
  • Show me your fight with savagery and cunning! Feral
  • Prove to me you have the necessary skill and cunning required to hunt any prey! Beast Mastery
  • Prove to me you have the experience and instinct required to take down any prey! Survival
  • Show me the raw power and superiority you wield! Frost
  • Show me the power and agility of windwalking! Windwalker
  • Show me your courage and zeal in the heat of combat! Retribution
  • Command the forces of Shadow and Light to achieve victory! Discipline
  • Show me you've got the stuff, hero! Assassination
  • Unleash the elements to achieve victory, hero! Elemental
  • Show me that you've fight for the fury of the elements! Enhancement
  • But please, don't hurt them too badly. I need them for later. Affliction
  • Show me you fight with fearlessness and ferocity! ArmsHavoc
Wraping up
Good work! Now demonstrate your skill against two foes at the same time.
You learned well! Next we will see... Hold on, is that...? To arms! The Legion is attacking! Legion
Well done! Next we will see... Hold on, is that...? To arms! The Horde is attacking! Battle for Azeroth
Well done, hero! You are now prepared to do battle.
When you feel ready, explore your spellbook and the talent tree for additional abilities you can learn.
For the Alliance!


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