General Jakra'zet (object)

For the character, see General Jakra'zet.

General Jakra'zet is a tablet found in Zanchul in Dazar'alor.


General Jakra'zet

A decorated Sandfury soldier, Jakra'zet joined the coalition of forces under the banner of the Prophet Zul during the Pandaria campaign. Despite the outcome of the campaign, Jakra'zet's skills in strategy and tactics could not be denied.

Eventually, the great Prophet Zul petitioned to promote Jakra'zet to the role of general.

Of the Zanchuli Council, Yazma and Vol'kaal voted with Zul for the appointment. Raal and Loti objected, but were overruled by King Rastakhan, who was curious at what Jakra'zet could accomplish.

And thus, Jakra'zet became the first of the Sandfury Tribe to hold the rank of General of the Zandalari army.

May he bring victory for Zandalar.

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