NeutralGeneral Tiras'alan
Image of General Tiras'alan
Gender Male
Race Draenei (Humanoid)
Level 70 Elite
Resource Mana
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Shattered Sun Offensive
Occupation General
Location Buried near Theramore's ruins (lore)
Terrace of Light, Shattrath City (WoW)
Status Deceased (Lore)
Alive (WoW)

General Tiras'alan is an elite quest giver located near A'dal at the Terrace of Light in Shattrath City. He reports the progress that Shattered Sun Offensive archmages have made with the three gates of Sunwell Plateau.


Burning Crusade

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Tiras'alan was critical of the Blood Knight matriarch, Lady Liadrin, and questioned A'dal's decision to allow her an audience. He is present to hear Velen's vision regarding Liadrin and her race, and offered her a Shattered Sun Tabard after she agreed to fight her twisted prince alongside the newly-formed coalition of the Aldor and the Scryers, the Shattered Sun Offensive.

For his part in the conversation between A'dal and Lady Liadrin, see her article.

Tides of War

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After Jaina Proudmoore asked the Council of Six for help defending Theramore Isle against the Horde, Tiras'alan and other draenei were sent by A'dal[1] to protect and defend the city.[2] It's likely that Khadgar asked A'dal to help the Lady.[3]

He was killed when Garrosh Hellscream detonated a mana bomb, which destroyed the city.[4]




Should Kil'jaeden rise up through the Sunwell our world will be thrown into a war like the likes of which has not been seen for 10,000 years!


  • Although General Tiras'alan died during the Theramore bombing (Jaina saw his body), he appeared in the Sanctum of Light during Legion's early alpha testing. He was eventually removed.

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