HordeGerard Abernathy
Image of Gerard Abernathy
Gender Male
Race Forsaken (Humanoid)
Level 40
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Undercity
Location War Quarter, Undercity
Status Active

Gerard Abernathy is a Forsaken found in the War Quarter of the Undercity. He has a human mindslave named Theresa, which he shows off to his companions, Leona Tharpe and Joanna Whitehall.

Dialogue about Theresa

The dialogues will always begin thusly:

Gerard Abernathy says: Theresa, take this to Father Lankester.
Theresa walks away, bottle in hand.

After one of the random dialogues between Gerard, Leona and Joanna (see below), Theresa arrives at the temple near Father Lankester:

Theresa says: My lord Abernathy sends this to you.
Father Lankester says: Ugh! What is that scoundrel doing sending his vermin to me? Get out of my sight before I take what is left of your life. And take this with you!
Theresa says: Yes my Lord.

Walking back across the bridge, Theresa returns to her master:

Theresa says: My Lord. From Father Lankester.
Gerard Abernathy says: Why thank you, my pet.

Random scripts

A random conversation will take place after Theresa's been dispatched to Lankester. These generally operate in the following order: Gerard asking the opinions of his companions, Leona asking him a question, Gerard's answer, and Joanna applauding the results. These are the scripts:

Gerard Abernathy:

Gerard Abernathy says: Didn’t I tell you my new domination techniques would work?
Gerard Abernathy says: So what do you think of my new toy?
Gerard Abernathy says: How do you like my pet?
Gerard Abernathy says: As good as I told you it would be, yes?

Leona Tharpe:

Leona Tharpe says: Truly amazing, Gerard. How did you do it?
Leona Tharpe says: I’ve never seen anything like it. No concentration or loss of awareness while the subject is dominated. What did you do to her?
Leona Tharpe says: She retains knowledge and speech, and even the self sufficiency to perform tasks for you. Precisely what did you do?
Leona Tharpe says: Amazing! How did you manage a permanent dominate?
Leona Tharpe says: I don’t approve of your experiments, Gerard, but I must admit the results are impressive. What exactly did you do to her?
Leona Tharpe says: As good as I told you it would be, yes?

Gerard Abernathy:

Gerard Abernathy says: It was simple once I broke her spirit.
Gerard Abernathy says: Everyone has a weakness, it’s just a matter of finding it.
Gerard Abernathy says: I managed to discover that certain parts of the brain when removed or stimulated will make the subject much more docile.
Gerard Abernathy says: You don’t expect me to give up all of my secrets, do you?
Gerard Abernathy says: A little torture, a pinch of magic, and an ample helping of invasive surgery. She was conscious, of course.
Gerard Abernathy says: A little ritual torture can go a long way.

Joanna Whitehall:

Joanna Whitehall says: I am truly impressed, Gerard. I thought you were all talk, but I see I have been proven wrong.
Joanna Whitehall says: I don’t agree with your turning to alchemy to fix some of the problems, but I do agree with the results. Very well done.
Joanna Whitehall says: Bravo, Gerard, you have exceeded yourself yet again.
Joanna Whitehall says: Did you have to house train her, Gerard?
Joanna Whitehall says: An amazing discovery you have made. I would love an opportunity to look at all of the failed experiments.
Joanna Whitehall says: Impresive, very impressive. Does she do tricks?
Joanna Whitehall says: Your pet is wonderful, Gerard, but she needs a collar with a bell I think."


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He may be related to Roland Abernathy.

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