Get Out Of Here, Stalkers

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AllianceGet Out Of Here, Stalkers
Start Forba Slabchisel [57.4, 71.6]
End Forba Slabchisel [57.4, 71.6]
Level 21 (Requires 18)
Category Wetlands
Experience 1650
Reputation +250 Ironforge
Rewards 13s
Previous Drungeld Glowerglare
Next A [21] Onwards to Menethil


Kill 7 Cave Stalkers and 7 Leech Stalkers.


Thelgen Rock's an important site here. We need to use it to study the bedrock formations an' such.

Of course, it can't be that easy, so Thelgen Rock's also full of giant cave stalkers. Big as a dwarf and twice as hungry. Like I said, these fancy-lads are researchers, not warriors, so if I want them to get anything done you're gonna have to help me clear the filthy bugs out.

Kill as many of the blighters as you can and I'll make it worth your while, <name>.


You will receive: 13s


I can still see the bloody things skitterin' around from over here. Are you plannin' on havin' a picnic with them? Get back out there and kill more!


Good job. I wouldn't be surprised if the horrid things had eggs in there somewhere, but it'll do for now.

Notes and trivia

Before leaving camp, pick up A [21] Down In Thelgen Rock and A [21] Incendicite Ore to do at the same time. Thelgen's Rock is the cave to the northwest with spiders all around the outside. Kill the Leech Stalkers outside. Inside the cave are the Cave Stalkers and Incendicite Ore. Go to the very back of the cave where there is a large pool to find the seismograph.

The name of the quest is a reference to the game S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and its infamous "Get Out Of Here, Stalker" quote.


  1. A [20] Checking on the Boys / A [20] Hero's Call: Wetlands! (optional breadcrumb to Dun Algaz)
  2. A [20] The Stolen Keg & A [21] Cleaning Hovel
  3. A [20] Keg Run (optional breadcrumb to Slabchisel's Survey)
  4. A [20] Fight the Flood & A [20] Sedimentary, My Dear & A [20] Thresh Out of Luck
  5. A [20] Drungeld Glowerglare & A [20] A Dumpy Job & A [20] Fenbush Berries
  6. A [21] Get Out Of Here, Stalkers & A [21] Down In Thelgen Rock & A [21] Incendicite Ore
  7. A [21] Onwards to Menethil (optional breadcrumb to Menethil Harbor)

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