NeutralGet a Clue
Start Reshad
End  [Iskar's Tome of Shadows]
Level 40 (Requires 40)
Category Garrison Campaign
Experience 3,770
Rewards 15g 40s
Previous B [40] Friends Above
Next N [40] Dark Ascension


Search the Ruins of Kra'nak for clues.

  • Clue #1 Found
  • Clue #2 Found
  • Clue #3 Found
  • Final Clue Found
  • Iskar's Tome Clue slain


Aktar mentioned that in the ruins he's seen Sethekk, ogres, even demons, but no sign of Iskar.

We're going to have to go in there if we're to find any clues and I'd prefer someone strong like yourself to lead the way.

Well, what do you say?


You will receive: 15g 40s


The binding is dirty yet the pages are still in good condition. Upon the bottom of the binding is written "Property of Iskar."


This tome looks like the one Iskar used to carry. What could have caused him to leave it?



On accept :

Reshad says: Let us proceed, <name>.

Upon finding clue #1 :

The scroll is addressed to Iskar. You quickly show it to Reshad.
Reshad says: Ah Interesting... "Come to Tanaan. Assist me, and I will return you to the skies."
Reshad says: Who wrote this message? Come, let's continue the search.

Upon finding clue #2 :

The shrine has been brutally defaced.
Reshad says: A shrine to Terokk! The Sethekk revere the Talon king, why would they deface their own shrine? Hmm... we must continue to investigate.

Upon finding clue #3 :

The glyph is covered in fine writing in an unknown language. A large portion of it appears to be missing.
Reshad says: Ah, this is written in the language of the Apexis. "... buried... evil... forbidden..." Without the other half of this fragment this is all I can discern. We must carry on.

Upon finding the Final Clue :

Reshad says: What's this? This book looks... familiar.



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