Getting Down to Business

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NeutralGetting Down to Business
Start Image of Wind Trader Marid
End Shrouded Figure
Level 70 (Requires 68)
Category Netherstorm
Experience 12650
Rewards 4g 40s
Previous N [70] A Not-So-Modest Proposal
Next N [70] Formal Introductions

Wind Trader Marid is hoping you will be Getting Down to Business and start making him some profit.


Gather 8  [Nether Dragon Essence], then return to the Ethereal Teleport Pad area. Nether Dragon Essence may be obtained from Nether Drakes or Nether Dragons.

You will need:


As you've no doubt seen, the area is teeming with nether dragons in various stages of growth. All nether dragons, young and old, contain an essence that's highly desired by K -- err, by a client of mine.

Most people aren't willing to risk their lives to gather it, so we've got the place to ourselves. You can start by gathering the essence from any of the creatures out here, but it's imperative that we start building a supply right away. Return to me once you have the first batch.


I'm certain you have many questions, all of which will be answered in due time.


And to think, that wretched ethereal was going to sell these essences to the blood elves like so much candy...


You will receive:

  • 4g 40s


  • The Drakes are easier to defeat but the Dragons have double the essence drop rate than the Drakes.
  • You don't complete this quest with Marid. You complete it with the Shrouded Figure hiding behind the crystals near the Teleport Pad.
  • If you have been recently working on your reputation with the Nethrdrakes you will not need to fight any of the dragons.


  1. N [70] A Not-So-Modest Proposal
  2. N [70] Getting Down to Business
  3. N [70] Formal Introductions
  4. N [70] A Promising Start
  5. N [70] Troublesome Distractions
  6. N [70G] Securing the Celestial Ridge

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