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Title Lorekeeper
Gender Female
Race Orc
Class Shaman
Affiliation(s) Frostwolf clan, Horde
Occupation Lorekeeper of the Frostwolf clan
Location Draenor
Status Alive
Relative(s) Durkosh (father-in-law), Garad (husband), Durotan (son), Draka (daughter-in-law), Go'el (grandson), Zungal (father), Kerzug (paternal grandfather)
Companion(s) Singer (wolf mount)

Family tree.

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Geyah is the orcish Lorekeeper of the Frostwolf clan that reside in Frostfire Ridge in Draenor. She is the mate of Garad and her son is Durotan. She has a wolf companion named Singer.[1]


Dying Draenor

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Geyah, as Lorekeeper, would be present and over see the parley between the warlock Gul'dan and her mate Chieftain Garad, though Garad would refuse to join Gul'dan's Horde. Sometime after Gul'dan left Garad would become increasingly ill and Geyah would be greatly concerned and distressed that Drek'Thar would not be able to discover why, though unknown to all Gul'dan secretly poisoned Garad with the ceremonial dagger giving to him at the end of the parlay. Garad would die in battle against the Redwalker clan and after laying Garad to rest, Drek'Thar would ask the spirits to bless their new chieftain Durotan. Even as Geyah began making the preparations to move out of the Chieftain's hut, both Drek'Thar and Durotan (who was approved of by the spirits) would realize that something was off with the spirits.[2]

Over time the Redwalkers would grow bold and directly attack the Frostwolves but would be repelled and with the death of their hunting party the Redwalkers would retreat north. While leaving a few scouts to watch over the Frostwolves the Redwalkers would through unknown means take their strength from the spirits, all the while anticipating that the Frostwolves would come to their aid.[3] The weakening of the spirits would prevent the likes of Drek'Thar to hear their warnings and the clan would be caught off guard by the eruption of the volcano. While the bulk the clan would be spared, the Frostwolves would be forced to find a new home. The destruction of their home would have a profound Geyah, who would be able to save only a few of the sacred scrolls, and as such her ability to contribute to the clan had come under a devastating blow.[4]

Following Gul'dan's second attempt to gain Frostwolf allegiance for his Horde, Geyah would be outraged at his refusal to end the parlay as per tradition when the warlock was refused. Sometime later the spirits would be able to get a message of sorts to Drek'Thar and Durotan would decide to lead a party north to aid the spirits, while leaving leave Draka and Doomhammer in charge of the village. With Durotan and his war party gone the opportunistic Red Walkers strike out against the Frostwolves in order to wound them and use them as a food supply. Meanwhile Drek'Thar would be used a vessel in order to speak with Geyah and both were stunned and horrified that the spirits were weak and would be no more. However the spirits had enough energy for one last gift and while Durotan and the rest of the party rushed south to help save the clan, Drek'Thar would remain behind to keep their dying frost wolves company.[5] To Geyah's deep sorrow her wolf companion Singer was too gone for the spirits to resurrect.

The Redwalkers would ultimately be destroyed and Geyah would support her sons decision for the clan to join the Horde.


WoW-novel-logo-16x62.png This section concerns content related to the Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.

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