HordeGhost Walker Post
Desolace cataclysm1.jpg
Ghost Walker Post, after the Cataclysm.
Type Tauren camp
Last known population 1,250
Leader(s) IconSmall Tauren Female.gif Gurda Wildmane
Race(s) TaurenTauren Tauren
OrcOrc Orc
ForsakenForsaken Forsaken
Language(s) Taur-ahe, Orcish
Faith(s) Shamanism
Affiliation(s) Horde Horde
Location Central Desolace
Status Active
Trainers Undone.gif Class
Done Profession
Sources: Lands of Mystery, pg 31-32

Ghost Walker Post is a small tauren outpost established in central Desolace directly adjacent to the Kodo Graveyard. It is one of two Horde outposts in the region, though Ghost Walker Post is much more exposed to danger compared to Shadowprey Village and its relatively secure location. It is from Ghost Walker Post that the Horde wages its war on the Burning Blade and their servants in Desolace as well as the various centaur tribes. The leader of Ghost Walker Post is Gurda Wildmane, a tauren shaman. Gurda and the other shamans ease the nearby kodo into their next lives and sometimes communicate with the spirits of dead kodo. There is also a contingent of orcs here, sent by Thrall.[1] Ghost Walker Post is home to only the bare necessities of adventuring in Desolace, lacking so much as an inn or a wind rider master. The village has become part of the Cenarion Wildlands.


Guards: TaurenTauren Horde Ghost Walker Brave






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