Ghost Wranglers

Neutral 32.pngGhost Wranglers
Shadowmoon Burial Grounds
Level 100 (630)
Duration 8 hours
Followers 3
Mission Type Combat
Enemies IconSmall VoidRevenant.gif Nhallish
IconSmall Ner'zhul2.gif Ner'zhul
Cost 30 Inv garrison resource.png
Follower XP 1,500
Bonus Chest Garrison weaponupgrade.png [Weapon Enhancement Token]


The spirits of the burial grounds are restless. Seek their knowledge and their power to end Ner'zhul's scheming once and for all.


  • Type: Achievement boss zuramat.png
  • Nhallish: Spell nature reincarnation.png Spell shadow shadowbolt.png
  • Ner'zhul: Spell shaman earthquake.png Spell deathknight armyofthedead.png


  • 1,500 follower XP


You will receive:
Garrison weaponupgrade.png [Weapon Enhancement Token]

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