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Ghostcrawler (mob)

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For the retired forum poster and game designer, see Greg Street.
Image of Ghostcrawler
Race Crab (Beast)
Level 30-35 Rare
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Abandoned Reef, Abyssal Depths
Status Killable
Pet family Spirit beast

Ghostcrawler is a rare spectral crab that patrols the entire Abandoned Reef area of Vashj'ir. It will also randomly phase in and out much like a warp stalker making locating it that much more of a challenge.

Ghostcrawler will phase out every 15 to 30 seconds, even while in combat, making defeating him solo or in a small group impossible. This is done to give hunters the ability to tame the beast without having other players kill it first.


  • Inv mace 11.png  Nerfbat 50,000 yd range — An unfair attack that reduces all skills. Instant. Reduces damage dealt and healing taken by 20%. Stacks 4 times.


  • 4,460 - 6,625 Damage
  • 11,092 Armor
  • Tameable (Exotic)


Ghostcrawler can be defeated with eight or more well geared 85 players (no specific tank or healer is needed). The short window of combat makes high burst DPS a must. He drops no gold but does drop a single tear like other intended hunter pets. Thus is certainly not worth the effort required to defeat him.


Inv misc gem azuredraenite 02.png [Crystalline Tear of Loyalty]

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