Ghostrider of Karabor

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MobGhostrider of Karabor
Image of Ghostrider of Karabor
Race(s) Orc soul, undead human body
Level 25-30
Class Death knight
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Shadowmoon Valley

According to a tale fabricated by a spirit who was none other than Teron Gorefiend, the remaining death knights knelt before him and offered their lives as a sign of loyalty, after which Teron killed every one of them. From the fallen death knights rose the Ghostriders of Karabor. After the ritual, Teron killed himself.[1] They currently patrol the perimeter of Shadowmoon Valley, bearing  [Gorefiend's Truncheon]. They can only be seen by equipping the  [Spectrecles] provided for the Teron Gorefiend quest chain or the helms provided as rewards for it.

The Ghostriders follow a large circular route using the available roads in the interior of Shadowmoon Valley. Additionally, the Ghostriders typically ride their route counter-clockwise. Since traveling the same direction would mean they'd have to be overtaken, the quickest method for locating them, therefore is to fly/ride the route clock-wise.


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