The Gift of Thenios

The gift and the scrolls

The Gift of Thenios is a chest found at [40.6, 18.9] near Thenios, the Paragon of Wisdom at his spot overlooking the Eonian Archives in northwest Bastion.

In order to unlock the chest, which requires the Proof of Wisdom, interact with either of the Path of Wisdom scrolls nearby:

Path of Wisdom

The patience needed to learn.

The knowledge needed to gain perspective.

The insight needed to choose.

The judgment needed to understand deeper truth.

This is the path of wisdom.

Interact with the Path of Wisdom anima gateway at the end of the platform to reach one of the several floating platforms in the area. The first has the Incense of Knowledge, and an Acolyte of Widsom, reading from a scroll:

"The knowledge needed to gain perspective."
What am I supposed to see?

Take the next Path of Wisdom gateway to reach the next platform, where another the Incense of Patience awaits alongside an Acolyte of Wisdom, seated on the ground, lost in thought:

"The patience needed to learn."
I need to pause and reflect. Rushing leads nowhere.

The third platform has the Incense of Insight and an acolyte, meditating on a knee:

"The insight needed to choose."
I must meditate more on this.

Finally, head to the last platform, home to the Incense of Judgment, where the acolyte is leaning against one of the pillars:

"The judgment needed to understand deeper truth."
I know I've solved the path but something here is not right. I must be overlooking the true answer.

The hints are in the order of patience → knowledge → insight → judgment, but the platforms are in the order of knowledge → patience → insight → judgment.

Therefore, the solution is to click on the second platform's incense, then loop all the way back around to the first, then the third. At the fourth, don't click on the Incense of Judgment, but the blue orb off to the side, the Path of Judgment. It will lead to the real Incense of Judgment hidden elsewhere. Interact with it, then take the last Path of Wisdom anima pad to return to the Gift of Thenios. Players will have been buffed with Inv misc scrollunrolled03b.png  Proof of Wisdom — You have passed the Trial of Wisdom  .

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