HordeGillian Moore
Image of Gillian Moore
Title <Leather Armor Merchant>
Gender Female
Race Forsaken (Humanoid)
Level 30
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Undercity
Location Rogues' Quarter, Undercity
Status Active
Relative(s) Arthur Moore, Joseph Moore

Gillian Moore is a Forsaken leather armor vendor located in the Rogues' Quarter in the Undercity.


Pointer repair on 32x32.png This vendor offers a repair service.

Item Cost
 [Cuirboulli Belt] 26s 82c
 [Cuirboulli Boots] 40s 7c
 [Cuirboulli Breacers] 27s 1c
 [Cuirboulli Gloves] 27s 10c
 [Cuirboulli Pants] 48s 94c
 [Cuirboulli Vest] 53s 15c
 [Cured Leather Armor] 33s
 [Cured Leather Belt] 16s 48c
 [Cured Leather Boots] 24s 90c
 [Cured Leather Bracers] 16s 54c
 [Cured Leather Gloves] 16s 78c
 [Cured Leather Pants] 33s 13c
 [Reinforced Leather Belt] 92s 90c
 [Reinforced Leather Boots] 1g 39s 33c
 [Reinforced Leather Bracers] 93s 95c
 [Reinforced Leather Cap] 1g 48s 90c
 [Reinforced Leather Gloves] 94s 30c
 [Reinforced Leather Pants] 1g 85s 45c
 [Reinforced Leather Vest] 1g 84s 4c
 [Rough Leather Belt] 3s 42c
 [Rough Leather Boots] 4s 85c
 [Rough Leather Bracers] 3s 43c
 [Rough Leather Gloves] 3s 27c
 [Rough Leather Pants] 6s 53c
 [Rough Leather Vest] 6s 55c
 [Studded Belt] 48s 44c
 [Studded Boots] 65s 97c
 [Studded Bracers] 44s 48c
 [Studded Doublet] 95s 98c
 [Studded Gloves] 44s 65c
 [Studded Hat] 71s 36c
 [Studded Pants] 87s 44c
 [Tanned Leather Belt] 9s 70c
 [Tanned Leather Boots] 14s 28c
 [Tanned Leather Bracers] 9s 73c
 [Tanned Leather Gloves] 9s 63c
 [Tanned Leather Jerkin] 19s 30c
 [Tanned Leather Pants] 19s 22c

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