Gilnean was the planned native language of the Gilneas humans. The language appeared for a brief time during World of Warcraft: Cataclysm beta, but the ability to speak it did not make it to the live game. Instead, Gilneans speak Common.


The language itself was reminiscent of cockney, with the words spoken by the player being various cockney phrases jumbled together, alongside other words that are commonly associated with the British. "Tea", "kettle", "pot", "tiddlywink" and other such phrases. It remained in the game until the final beta patch of Cataclysm, though was removed when the expansion was pushed to live with no explanation given.[citation needed]  The NPC Lieutenant "Foxy" Topper speaks cockney rhyming slang, which may have at one point been intended to be speaking Gilnean.

At one point in development, the language was instead worgen, which consisted of various growls and dog noises to other players who could not speak the language.


  • Captain Brent the Black says "E e e e e" in Gilnean when aggroed by a player. He is meant to say "You think you know savagry?", which is spelled incorrectly.

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