The Gilnean Stronghold is the Alliance starting point.

The Gilnean Stronghold is the starting point for the Alliance players in the Battle for Gilneas battleground, and their headquarters on the Gilnean Coast. It possesses a graveyard that will always remain in Alliance possession throughout the game. The main area is walled off with several buildings inside and a gate, as well as a well and several other objects. There is also another building outside of the walls.

The Stronghold is closest to the Lighthouse base, which is often the first to be captured by the Alliance.


  • The stronghold seems to possess an inn building with decor similar to the one in Keel Harbor. It is of course unmanned.
  • Often unnoticed, an odd tower/house building like the one found in Stormglen can be found on the mountains nearby the Stronghold, it has a path that leads oddly into the sea, but cannot be reached due to invisible barriers.
  • While it is possible to just be coincidence, there seems to be a nod to each town from the Gilneas zone in the Battle for Gilneas. The stronghold's inn is similar to that of Keel Harbor's, and the tower in the cliffs may be a nod to the town of Stormglen.


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