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Gimbolt Surehammer
Image of Gimbolt Surehammer
Gender Male
Race Dwarf
Status Unknown
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This article contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

Gimbolt Surehammer was a dwarf, and possible member of the Silver Hand. He traveled to the hut of the witch doctor Zul'ajik, along with his companions the blood elf Maer-thiss, and the goblin Ziggler. They visited the troll in order to hire him to perform a ritual to contact spirits which would lead to the Demonwell. Because of Zul'ajik's hatred for goblins, Ziggler chose to stay outside of the camp and tinker on his clockwork dwarf. While under the influence of blue mushrooms, Ziggler interrupted the ritual when he piloted the clockwork dwarf through the camp and trampled both the troll's tent and Maer-thiss. Gimbolt decided to flee with Ziggler, while Maer-thiss and Zul'ajik decided to kill them both.[1]


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