Not to be confused with Gjalerhorn.


Vrykul working with the Scourge in Gjalerbron.

Gjalerbron (pronounced "Shalerbron")[1] is a vrykul fortress located in the mountains in the northern area of the Howling Fjord. Here, the vrykul — aided by the Scourge — conduct rituals, both to awaken long slumbering vrykul and presumably to raise dead vrykul as undead warriors. The Waking Halls can be found through an entrance on the lower tier, while Winter's Terrace can be found in the main structure. A secret tunnel is being dug to Gjalerbron from below Utgarde Keep.[2]

Notes and trivia

  • It was going to be an elite area at some point, but this was dropped.[3]
  • The Halls of the Ancestors in Icecrown is a similar facility that is also filled with slumbering vrykul.
  • In Norse mythology, the Gjallarbrú was a bridge between the world of the living and the underworld, or Hell.



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