Gladius (quest)

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For the swords, see  [Gladius] and  [Serrated Gladius].
Level 45 (Requires 45)
Type Rare World Quest
Category Antoran Wastes
Reputation +75 Army of the Light
Rewards Varies



Grand Artificer Romuul says: Forces inside Antorus must see they are not safe from our attacks. Take a warframe and hit targets of opportunity behind their lines!


Grand Artificer Romuul says: A successful strike and a warframe returned to me in one piece? It truly is a miracle!



Note that kills will not start counting until the first criteria is complete, by reaching Collector's Hovel. Think of them as shooting practice, if you like.

Lightforged Warframe

<The warframe hisses with energy, ready to be taken into battle.>

Gossip Begin attack run on Antorus.

Kill: Fel Shriekers, Immortal Netherwalkers, Felsworn Myrmidons, and Antoran Guardians.

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