Glopgut's Hollow

The Glopgut is a group of ogres at Glopgut's Hollow within the Twilight Highlands. They are led by Brogg Glopgut and Thog.

After antagonizing the Thundermars for years,[1] they kidnap Fanny Thundermar[2] who frees herself during a raid to rescue her by killing her captors with her bare hands.[3] They also used to cause many problems to the inhabitans of Humboldt's Stead before the town was destroyed by the Twilight's Hammer.[4]

Not yet having joined the Twilight's Hammer,[5] the Twilight's Hammer gave the Glopgut  [The Light of Souls] as a gift to root out infiltrators, though it seems to have been used as a nightlight.[6] Perhaps ironically, the ogres were attacked by a member of the Horde disguised as a member of the Twilight's Hammer, probably starting conflict between the two groups.[7]




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