• Glowcap
  • Sell Price: 1s 46c

They glow brightly.

Glowcaps are red, glowing mushrooms native to Zangarmarsh. Since the sporelings use them as currency, all Sporeggar reputation rewards are purchased with Glowcaps.


Glowcaps can be found and looted in the western half of Zangarmarsh.

In addition, the following quests award 1 Glowcap per completion:

As a quest objective

Between neutral and friendly with Sporeggar, the following quests are available:

Each completion is worth +750 reputation.

As a currency

<Sporeggar Quartermaster>
Rep Item Cost Type
Neutral  [Recipe: Clam Bar] 1 Glowcap Cooking (300)
 [Marsh Lichen] 2 Glowcap Consumable
Friendly  [Tallstalk Mushroom] 2 Glowcap Consumable
Honored  [Muck-Covered Drape] 25 Glowcap Cloak
 [Petrified Lichen Guard] 15 Glowcap Shield
 [Redcap Toadstool] 1 Glowcap Consumable
Revered  [Hardened Stone Shard] 45 Glowcap One-Hand Dagger
 [Sporeling's Firestick] 20 Glowcap Wand
 [Recipe: Transmute Primal Earth to Water] 25 Glowcap Alchemy (350)
 [Pattern: Mycah's Botanical Bag] 25 Glowcap Tailoring (375)
Exalted  [Sporeggar Tabard] 10 Glowcap Tabard
 [Recipe: Shrouding Potion] 30 Glowcap Alchemy (335)
 [Tiny Sporebat] 30 Glowcap Companion

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