Glyph of Ember Shards

Inv glyph minorwarlock.png 20

Glyph of Ember Shards is a warlock glyph that causes the player's Inv misc gem amethyst 02.png [Soul Shards] to appear above their head, burning with flames. It can only be used while in the Destruction specialization.


This item is created with Legion Inscription (1); taught by Technique: Glyph of Ember Shards, which can be looted from Spoils of the Legion's Fall in the Tomb of Sargeras raid.

Materials required:
Inv inscription papyrus.png 1x [Light Parchment] 70 inscription pigment sallow.png 15x [Sallow Pigment]
70 inscription pigment roseate.png 5x [Roseate Pigment]

Required tools: Inv misc enggizmos 19.png  [Virtuoso Inking Set]


  • The effect of this glyph cannot be seen by other players.

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