Glyph of the Aquatic Chameleon

Inv glyph minordruid.png 20
  • Glyph of the Aquatic Chameleon
  • Minor Glyph
  • Use: Permanently teaches you this glyph.

    Each time you shapeshift into an Aquatic Form, your shapeshifted form will be randomly selected.
  • Classes: Druid
  • Requires Level 11
  • Sell Price: 1 Silver.png

Glyph of the Aquatic Chameleonis a glyph for the druid ability Ability druid aquaticform.png [Aquatic Form]. It randomly selects one of your unlocked Aquatic Form appearances each time the ability is activated.

Aquatic Form appearances include the default form, the Dolphin, the Tideskipper Dolphin, and the Orca.


This item is crafted with Kul Tiran and Zandalari Inscription (1). The recipe is taught by Inv scroll 03.png  [Technique: Glyph of the Aquatic Chameleon], purchased from Roko on the outskirts of Freehold in Tiragarde Sound.

Inv inscription papyrus.png 1x [Light Parchment] Inv inscription 80 crimsonink.png 10x [Crimson Ink]
Inv inscription 80 ultramarineink.png 30x [Ultramarine Ink]

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