Glyphic Parchment (quest)

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HordeGlyphic Parchment
Start Gornek [42, 68]
End Acrypha [42.4, 69]
Level 3 (Requires 3)
Category Mage
Experience 125
Reputation Darkspear Tribe +75
Repeatable No
Next Arcane Missiles

This is the first class quest you will undertake as a mage. It's purpose is to introduce you to your class trainer.


Read the  [Glyphic Parchment] and speak to Acrypha in the Valley of Trials.


Ah, while you were gone a parchment came for you, <name>.

Read it when you have time. If I'm not mistaken, it came from the mage trainer Acrypha. She would have words with you when you're ready.


Acrypha is located just outside the entrance to the Den, to the right.


What? Who are you? Get away!

Oh, you're the other <class>, the new one, the one with the big arms. Come on, let's get to work.


Ahh, where to start... introductions! I'm Acrypha - the one who sent you that parchment - I've spent the last several years in an Undercity library, my head in a book. I learned everything I could about the arcane, and now I've returned home to share it with grunts like yourself.

Shall we begin?


  1. H [1 - 60] Your Place In The World
  2. H [2 - 60] Cutting Teeth
  3. H [3] Invaders in Our Home/H [3] Galgar's Cactus Apple Surprise
  4. H [3] Sting of the Scorpid
  5. H [4] Lazy Peons
  6. H [4] Vile Familiars
  7. H [5] Hana'zua (optional)
    1. H [5] Sarkoth
    2. H [5] Back to the Den
  8. H [5] Report to Sen'jin Village

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