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AllianceGnome Engineering
Start Alliance Lilliam Sparkspindle <Expert Engineer>
End Alliance Tinkmaster Overspark <Master Gnome Engineer>
Level 47 (Requires 20)
Category Engineering
Experience 420
Next The Pledge of Secrecy

This is the first quest of the series needed for Alliance engineers to specialize in Gnome Engineering.

This quest is only available to engineers who have not already specialized, and who have a minimum 200 skill in Engineering.


If you wish to learn more about Gnome Engineering, take the Manual of Engineering Disciplines to Tinkmaster Overspark in Ironforge.


Engineering at the expert level breaks into two disciplines: gnome and goblin. Gnome engineering represents by far the superior of the two! It's about the construction of wonderful gadgets and devices that make life better!

<Name>, read this manual. If you want to learn more on gnome engineering, then take that manual to Tinkmaster Overspark in Ironforge. Remember - membership is permanent and prevents joining the other discipline, so make sure you are sure before finishing his task!


You will receive:


Yes, yes, what needs of yours might I address today? Clearly, I have the time to do such since all I do is stand here while our beloved city lies in a cloud of irradiated death.


Ah, a young engineer interested in pursuing the one, true discipline of engineering! Well forgive my melodrama, friend. While our situation remains dire, it still is always a good day to see another engineer respond to the clarion call of true engineering!


  1. A Engineering [47] Gnome Engineering / A Engineering [47] Gnome Engineering / A Engineering [47] Gnome Engineering
  2. A Engineering [47] The Pledge of Secrecy
  3. N Engineering [47] Show Your Work
  4. A Engineering [47] Membership Card Renewal

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